Picturesque morning scene of Sicily, Italy, Europe.


You could come to Sicily just for its stellar beaches. No one would blame you. Sparkling coastlines lifted straight from the Caribbean colour chart aren’t to be trifled with. And Sicily’s la dolce vita certainly lends itself to a fortnight of sun-blush tomatoes, al dente carbs and a barrel of wine. There’s just one problem: The island’s practically bulging at the seams with things to do. And we’re not talking a couple of cobbled streets and some mildly interesting architecture here. No, you’re looking at cities stuffed with artefacts from every civilisation that chose to swing by. Greek, Roman, Spanish, Arab and Norman colonies all had a crack at Sicily, leaving behind one of the largest archaeological sites in the world. So that deserves a day trip. Then there’s Sicily’s quirks to contend with. A set of catacombs housing 5,000 mummified bodies is the kind of curio you just can’t help but peek at. There’s more dark tourism – necropolis, tombs and ghost towns. Which is all rather distracting on an island with an active volcano you can ski down. So by all means drop in to taste the citrus fruits, olives and unique grape varietals, just add in a few extra days – or weeks to see Sicily’s best bits.

Tischi Toschisea food restaurant in Sicily

A food and wine lover’s guide to Sicily

Brace your tastebuds for the time of their life. Vineyards in Sicily come with the chance to slurp on unique wines – and nibble on gourmet-grade tasting platters prepared by chefs passionately showing off the region’s best produce. And that’s before you’ve even considered booking a table at the best restaurants in Sicily. Restaurant and vineyard numbers run high – so you could find yourself on the wrong end of some serious FOMO. There is a solution though: food and wine tours of Sicily. They’ll get you to the best spots – and save time. Or you could take some inspo from our picks below…

Alcantara Valley views in Sicily

A-Z of the best places to visit in Sicily

Cities in Sicily vie for your attention with baroque palaces, ancient ruins or – perhaps more tactically, irresistibly crisp, creamy cannolis. But, some of the best places in Sicily deliver on all three counts. Others, swerve the historic angle and instead provide a place for you to work off the mountain of carbs you’ve inhaled in the 10 minutes after your plane landed. We’ve brought you a mix of Sicily’s top spots. Use the list for inspo or carve out an itinerary. Just don’t miss the Valley of the Temples. It’s Sicily at it’s very best.

white cliffs at a beach in sicily

Secrets of Sicily’s beaches and bays

The best beaches in Sicily come with the opportunity to spend a rather different day at the beach. Dive down to a WWII bomber, spot falcons soaring above, tiptoe through orchids or scale the many steps of a natural phenomenon. Which all suggests the trusty bucket and spade is a little redundant. Fear not. On Sicily, the beaches cater for everyone. Families can find town beaches choc-full of facilities or quieter spots to laze the day away. Not every piece of coast comes with a quirky must-see. Which might be just the ticket after a fortnight of exploring and adventure.

mummified remains in palermo

Top 10 things to do in Sicily

The question of what to do in Sicily could likely be met with near infinite responses. Which could leave you a little overwhelmed when it comes to compiling a ‘things to do in Sicily’ itinerary. Naturally, there are some must-sees – but the best things to see in Sicily are those a little left of ordinary. On this island, do expect plenty of dark tourism – along with the chance to find treasure, skip among some of Europe’s finest ruins and ski down a volcano. An eclectic mix with one constant: gourmet-level food and wine at almost every turn. Buon appetito!

family theme park sicily

A guide to family holidays in Sicily

Sicily family holidays are all about balance. Charging up the slopes of Etna might appeal to energetic tweens, but the turquoise shores will call to tired parents wanting a day in the sun. Happily, you can have it all – with a little planning. With plenty of sights to keep all ages entertained, Sicily’s family resorts provide ideal bases for all adventures. While theme parks, water parks add some thrills and spills to this historic and scenic island. We’ve hand-picked a few family-friendly favourites to add to your Sicilian holiday itinerary.