Beautiful landscape near of Nissi beach and Cavo Greco in Ayia Napa, Cyprus island, Mediterranean Sea.

Ayia Napa

Would you believe us if we told you Ayia Napa is a zen-filled Cypriot haven of 5 star luxury, calf-testing cycle routes and turquoise lagoons? Probably not. The area’s well-deserved reputation as a legendary spot for a summer of clubbing, beach parties and shot-filled mayhem has blocked out Ayia Napa’s best bits. But, if you know where to stay, hike, eat and dive – you’re in for a blissful, sun-kissed fortnight of Greek hospitality. Expect your itinerary to include a hike of the Cape Greco park, for a forest bathing few hours of botanical rejuvenation. And perhaps a hop into a welcoming booth at one of Ayia Napa’s upscale eateries for shisha, sushi or chill out music. Maybe you’ll pop your wetsuit on to dive down to a frankly phenomenal underwater museum – or a whopping wreck, depending on your interpretation of man-made, sea-based beauty. You’ll definitely explore the old town, dig out the archaeological treasures and generally mooch your time in Ayia Napa away.

Of course, Ayia Napa’s square of garage, techno, dance and cheesy-pop filled clubs is temptingly close. But, there’s more to Napa than DJ sets and dancing. It’d be a shame to miss it.

Agia Thekla chapel views

Top 10 things to do in Ayia Napa

Prepare your very best beach wardrobe, because when it comes to prepping a list of things to do in Ayia Napa, coastal adventures take the top spots time and again. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’re not talking a fortnight flumping on a sun lounger here. No, Ayia Napa’s roster of sea, sun and sand comes with underwater adventures that go beyond spotting a couple of small crabs on the sea bed. Sculptures, cargo-filled wrecks and sea caves tick the adventure boxes, while peaceful strolls through pine woods, rock-carved buildings and carefully curated museums take care of the “I wasn’t expecting that” factor.

restaurant with sea view in ayia napa

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa restaurants straddle a strange divide. At one end of the scale, huge verandas seek to feed the carb hungry partygoers dropping in at all hours. At the other, a clutch of exclusive, fine dining spots cater to A-listers dropping in to spin a set list. Of course, the best restaurants are rare outposts that sit somewhere in between. We’ve shared the intel on Ayia Napa’s gourmet burger and sunset scene, theatrical dining and some laid back lunch spots that all keep you at the heart of Ayia Napa without succumbing to familiar chains and cheap eats that you can get back home.

olympic lagoon resort in ayia napa

The best places to stay in Ayia Napa

When it comes to Ayia Napa hotels, what’s on your wishlist? Are you looking for sleek and chic 5 star stays or a place to briefly rest your head between beach parties and long nights on the strip? Orbzii’s choice of he best hotels in Ayia Napa cater to everyone. Families can book into an all-inclusive, entertainment packed luxury pad, couples can wine and dine on starlit terraces and friends and groups can book into flexible apartments right in the heart of Ayia Napa’s nightlife scene.

pretty beach in ayia napa

Secrets of Ayia Napa’s beaches and bays

Ayia Napa beaches can be found within a stone’s throw of its legendary square. And while we’re almost always up for lazing on a town beach, there’s always the nagging feeling that there might be a more idyllic spot a little further along the coast. Which is where you’ll find Nissi Beach. Ayia Napa’s famous coastal haunt for beach parties and foam fests that keep the party going 24/7. But don’t worry, if DJ sets and daytime shots aren’t your bag, we’ve got a selection of sandy bays and beaches with a few hidden secrets up their sleeves too…

people on dancefloor at popular ayia napa club

After dark: A guide to nightlife in Ayia Napa

When you picture Ayia Napa’s nightlife, chances are, the infamous strip pops into your head. Yes, this corner of Cyprus hosts night long parties to rival anything you might find in Ibiza. But there’s a quieter side of Napa that rarely spends time in the limelight. We’ve covered the best of both worlds. For those looking to dip a toe in the bars and clubs of Ayia Napa square – we’ve got chic cocktail bars for you to quietly slip away to – or to start your night off. Truth be told, the best nights in Ayia Napa combine a little of everything.

Surfers Paradise QLD, Australia

The most unusual things to do in Australia

No two Chinatowns are cut from the same cloth and some, such as Sydney’s, are a cut above the rest.
Sydney’s first Chinese citizens stepped foot on its shores in the 1800s and today around 10% of the city’s residents claim Chinese heritage. It’s this deep-rooted culture that makes Sydney’s Chinatown particularly authentic, whether you’re slurping broth from a Cantonese hot pot or sipping on some bubble tea.

Colorful village of Assos in Kefalonia.


The Queen of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia (sometimes written as Cephalonia) is a shining emerald just off the Greek mainland, replete with stunning stretches of sandy shoreline, excellent, varied hiking trails, and idyllic fishing villages.
Like most of the Greek islands, Kefalonia has its fair share of historical treasures, from earthquake-ruined ancient towns to museums jam-packed with millennia-old artefacts. But what makes it a truly special island is the vibe. There’s something about its effortless beauty that just sets you at ease, and that feeling is well and truly embodied by the gregarious locals. The local tavernas that dot the island are a must-try, not just for their astounding cuisine but also for their welcoming atmospheres.
Making memories with new friends is all well and good for the long, warm evenings, but under the Kefalonian sun there’s too much to do to simply eat and drink the day away. You can wander through vibrant marketplaces; lounge on heavenly beaches; climb a forest-covered mountain and admire the beauty of the Ionian Sea from the top. Or you can drive from ancient ruin to even older ruin, taking in some of the best coastal views in the world along the way. Only one thing’s for sure: you won’t ever forget your trip to Kefalonia.

road by sea in kefalonia

Top 10 things to do in Kefalonia

Being the largest island in the Ionian Sea, it makes sense that there are countless things to do in Kefalonia. Whether you’re on a family holiday or escaping from everything and everyone, there’s dozens of attractions to visit, beaches to lounge on, and festivities to get stuck into. While you’re always sure for a good time on the island, there are some unmissable things to do in Kefalonia that need to make it onto your itinerary. Here are Orbzii’s top ten.