Lake Garda view in Limone sul Garda, famous tourist destination in Italy

Lake Garda

In the realm of travel cliches, it’s all too easy to label Lake Garda a fairytale lake. But how else do you describe a place where terracotta villages creep up to the shoreline, snow-capped mountains protect the waters from the fiercest winds and fire-red sunsets cast a golden glow over green-hued waters?Monumental castles guard now glittering marinas, botanical gardens bloom with tropical plants from far away shores and the beaches? Well… some seem lifted straight from the Caribbean, rather than the shores of a European lake. But this is no fantasy world, nor an all-too-eager exaggeration from the pen of a whimsical travel diarist. This is Lake Garda. Italy’s largest and most lavish lake.

From each shoreside town to the next, you can feast on foods that are familiar yet foreign. Ravioli comes with added perch and risottos are flavoured with pike and tench. There are, of course, richer pickings, particularly in the pannacotta and tiramisu laden dessert menus. Plump lemons glisten in the sun waiting to slink into lakeside G&Ts and long drinks sparkle alongside the aperitivo conversation. A little mundane for a fairytale? Not on Lake Garda. Enjoying the simple life here feels like you’ve been given the key to a hidden world. Enjoy every second of it.

fine dining in lake garda

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Lake Garda

There are a few things to reasonably expect from Lake Garda restaurants. Views, Italian classics and perhaps a stellar gelato should all feature, but pike? Prepare your tastebuds for an earthy voyage into the world of lake fish. Grilled, steamed, creamed and made into meatballs, Lake Garda’s local resources will be memorable meals during your time here. And, as much as we should champion the 0km menus and heritage recipes, we won’t blame you if you swing by the region’s stellar gelataria for a more familiar selection of flavours.

view over lake garda

Battle of the lakes: Lake Garda vs Lake Como

At first glance, the Lake Como or Lake Garda decision is a tough one. There’s little to separate two of Italy’s best bodies of water. Mouthwatering cuisine, regional specialties, wines aged right by the lake and a crop of talented chefs does little to help matters either. To really narrow things down, take a look past the shimmering waters and a deep dive into the attractions, activities, scenery and affordability of each lake to really get the measure of these iconic, Italian holiday destinations.

renting a boat on lake garda

The ultimate guide to boating in Lake Garda

Lake Garda boat trips are one of the best ways to see this scenically stunning waterscape. Hop from one historic town to the next – via ferry. Slink into a sailing yacht for fizz and fun or skipper your own craft to a corner of the lake for sunbathing, picnics and a chic day on the lake. And, it’s worth noting that boat hire on Lake Garda opens up more than just shoreside views. Everything from wedding proposals to piano solos play out on these waters. The lake is your oyster…

Malcesine to Monte Baldo cable car

Top 10 things to do in Lake Garda

You’d imagine that most of the things to do in Lake Garda would centre around this huge – and downright gorgeous body of water. Not quite. Yes you can motorboat across it, peek around a private island or laze luxuriously on its edges. But your things to do in Lake Garda list needn’t be restricted to the aquatic side of life. There are gourmet eats in the hills to discover, castle ramparts to conquer and cable cars to see it all from. Joyous news then for those amongst us with constitutions at odds with life on the water…

Malcesine to Monte Baldo cable car view

2 days in Lake Garda 

Short breaks in Lake Garda come with a hefty dose of FOMO. With so many picturesque towns to visit, too many boat trips to choose from and plate after plate of gourmet Italian food to pass on, how do you stack your itinerary in your favour? Firstly, cast aside the question of how many days you need in Lake Garda and replace it with a list of must-sees, places to eat and nightlife essentials. We’ve gathered a few Lake Garda essentials that are all achievable on just a two day stay on Italy’s biggest – and most beautiful lake.