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Shopping in Miami: 7 sensational places to shop

Miami has long been a premier shopping destination thanks to its glamorous reputation, an array of retail options, and sparkling sunshine that allows for everything from outdoor artisan markets to boutique pop-ups by the beach.

If you’re a shopaholic looking for somewhere new to scour for deals, or a window-shopper who adores having a browse, then you’re sure to feel fulfilled on a trip to South Florida. Sounds amazing? Then it’s time to get organised: plan your splurging itinerary by reading our guide to the very best of Miami Shopping.

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Where are the best restaurants in Miami?

With its unique blend of cultures, streets thrumming with life, and its locals’ love of the fine (and fun) things in life, it’s no surprise that Miami is a culinary mecca. With everything from high-end establishments that put out plate after plate of aesthetic goodness to hole-in-the-wall sandwich shops that produce sloppy yet unbelievably tasty goods, you can eat well for a couple of dollars or a couple hundred – but you’ll always be eating well. If you’re heading on a South Florida getaway and want to know where the best restaurants in Miami are, make sure to read ahead for our guide to sinking your teeth into Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in the Magic City.

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8 of the most exciting things to do in Miami

Candy-coloured art deco buildings that evoke memories of an unforgettable era, intriguing dishes that tantalise, vibrant nightlife, award-winning museums and glamorous boutiques. Welcome to Miami! If this city was a person, it would be the epitome of a party animal, but scratch beneath the service and you will find quieter, yet infinitely cool neighbourhoods which are the understated sisters of their wilder neighbours Miami Beach and South Beach. From the Cubanesque ‘Little Havana’ to the terracotta rooftops of Coral Gables, where you can find some of the best places to stay in Miami as well as a buzzy bar scene, Miami delivers in spades – are you ready to discover the best things to do in Miami?

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Where are the best beaches in Miami?

Miami is known for many things, but we would put money on when you think of Miami, the first thought that springs to mind is golden stretches of sands, dazzling blue waters and sweet pastel-coloured buildings nestled along the boardwalk. Of course Miami has so much going for it than just its stellar beach life, but it’s a good place to start!

Visit Miami


Welcome to Miami! From the vibrant art deco buildings that nestle against the dazzling blue backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean to the award-winning restaurants that serve up some of the best seafood in the state, Miami has a certain allure that attracts visitors who want to enjoy an impressive combo of beach and city.

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Where to stay in Singapore

There’s an easy way to answer the question: where to stay in Singapore? The answer: Marina Bay. Of course, there are other spots that’ll pull at your travel heart strings. This city is packed with stellar options for gorgeous stays. Fair warning though, the choice won’t be easy…

Jewel Changi, Singapore


Intoxicating, quirky and always innovative – welcome to Singapore! Small, yes (it is one of the smallest city-states in the world after all), but always mighty! Beyond Singapore’s instagram-perfect skyline and the bustling city centre, you will find lush greenery in the shape of parks, nature reserves and of course – the National Orchid Garden. Green really is the colour here, especially with one of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks, the stupendous ‘Gardens by the Bay’ and its supersonic Supertree Grove, with 18 (count ‘em!) vertical gardens – the tallest of which rises to nearly 20 storeys. If there’s an award going for “City in a Garden” status, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a less suitable contender than Singapore.

We’re not gonna lie, as amazing as Singapore is, it is one of the most expensive places in the world. But if we’re talking superlatives, it has to be said that Singapore is the most innovative, the cleanest, the most intriguing and, quite possibly, the most entertaining destination,not just within South East Asia, but possibly the world.

Whether you’re chasing adventure, are a foodie, solo traveller or with the family, Singapore will enthral and entertain. A melting pot of cultures, with extraordinary gardens, awe-inspiring architecture and of course some incredible shopping, if a fascinating fusion of old meets new is high on your travel bucket list, Singapore just might be the one for you!

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Singapore

There’s a real sense of culinary magic in the air on the streets of this city. The best restaurants in Singapore aren’t afraid to tear up the restaurant rule book and reinvent eating from the ground up. Yes, you’ll find a few gimmicks here and there, and a sunset dinner cruise or two. But the best chefs and cafe owners are using a global gathering of textures, aromas and flavours to wow your tastebuds. Track down some local Singapore cuisine, by all means, but be prepared to go Greek under the stars, contemplate Caribbean coconut waffles or simply take a guess at what you’re eating in complete darkness. A city for foodies, where palate-wowing is the norm and great coffee isn’t hard to find. Bliss.