Road cutting through the jungle of the Seychelles


Gaze upon the sweeping vistas of the cerulean shores and spectacular coastline with a plethora of hidden coves to explore. But, there’s more to the Seychelles than meets the eye

The beautiful Anse Lazio beach, surrounded by trees and rocks things to do in the Seychelles

Top 6 unmissable things to do in the Seychelles

What images are conjured up when you think about the Seychelles? Picture-postcard perfect scenery giving you total wish-you-were-here vibes? If the palm-lined beaches, crystal-clear cerulean shores and spectacular coastline don’t win your heart, then maybe the spectacular coral reefs, the vibrant Seychellois culture and the World Heritage-listed nature reserves will?

Diving in the Seychelles. Snorkellling in the blue waters of the Seychelles with the green trees on the rocks as back drop

From Scuba to Snorkel: A guide to diving in the Seychelles

From experienced divers to newbies, the Seychelles offers some of the best diving in the Indian Ocean. Often described as ‘the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’, you’ll definitely find something special when you visit the Seychelles. If hitting the water is high up on the things to do in the Seychelles for you, then you won’t be disappointed.