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This is a sizeable city to feast in. Which makes looking for the best restaurants in Antalya a tad time consuming, to say the least. To keep you exploring the cobbles for longer, weve wrapped up the best food in Antalya and served it in the simplest way. Breakfast, lunch and dinner spots all sorted. Weve even snuffled out a small, artisan bakery chain to keep an eye out for as you wind your way through the citys many attractions.  


Pikan Firin

If youre likely to leave your hotel buffets fresh fruit platter entirely undisturbed during your Turkey trip, track down a Pikan Firin. A small chain of bakeries sprinkled across Antalya that makes an ideal brunch or breakfast pit stop. Theres even one in the best shopping mall in Antalya. Artisan sourdoughs, crisp and chewy cookies and biscotti that just has to go with one of Pikans coffees. Sit in for omelettes if you like to keep your breakfast traditional – or opt for all manner of interesting goodies on toast.   

Orbzii tip: Our pick of Pikans locations is the bakery on Old Lara Street. Yes, the outside seating is nice, but the park just a two minute walk away is ideal brunch picnic territory. Thats if you can keep away from the glorious coastline a brief trot away in the other direction. 

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Luna Garden

Dropping by a bakery is all well and good, but some days you really do just want a feast fit for a (perhaps slightly gluttonous) king. On those days, lush surroundings matter too. This is the moment you step into the waffle-scented oasis at Luna Garden. Al fresco, reassuringly plant-strewn and bustling, its a popular spot for Antalya residents to fuel up in. Excellent, strong, Turkish coffee is served with candyfloss. Dashing all hopes of leaving with your blood sugar levels intact. The croissants are flakey, the juices and smoothies are on point and the waffles? Almost compulsory. 

Orbzii tip: Brush up on your Turkish or have a sturdy translation app in your pocket to do some of the heavy lifting. Few, if any, staff speak English, but dont let that deter you. Pointing at virtually any menu item will secure a good meal. 



Vegan House

Some of the best food served in Antalya is accidentally vegan. But there are times when, no matter your dietary leanings, you want to be really sure you’re eating vegan, organic, lactose or gluten free. If that’s you – or not to be honest – skip along to Vegan House. Where the sign outside leaves you in no doubt. Vegan. Organic. Gluten Free. Simple, but effective, much like the menu. Expect vegan burgers, homemade falafel and an everchanging selection of vegan bakes. If that all sounds a little ‘meh’, don’t worry. Yes, you’ve eaten more felafel than you dare tally – but not THESE falafel served with the house speciality creamy cashew sauce. All homemade. All vegan. And all you’ll want to do is dip EVERYTHING in that sauce. 

Orbzii tip: Open from 10 – 7pm weekdays, this restaurant is shut on Sundays and Saturday openings are few and far between. Schedule this for a midweek meal and have a food container to hand to takeaway one, two or more pieces of cake.  

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Nejat Balik

For decades Nejat Baliks owners have been dishing up food at one of the best restaurants in Antalya, StellaManzaraSo you might wonder why were pointing you towards Nejat Balik instead? Its essentially a rebrand but the 20+ years of menu crafting, seasoning and skill and are still there. As are the incredible views. And really, thats the main reason weve sent you here for lunch rather than dinner. The menus well balanced, but the location – and time of the day – means youll likely lean towards the lighter seafood dishes. And youd be right to do so. The views are bound to inspire you to investigate boat trips in Antalya. Going back to the menu, regional Turkish dishes hit the spot for the well-travelled gourmets and international recipes pepper the menu for those looking for a different palate note after 10 days or more of Turkish fare. 


Vanilla Lounge

This fine dining spot in Antalyas Old Town is everything youd expect from a world class restaurant. Vanilla Lounges chic decor and delicately dressed plates tip you off to whats in store. And thats simply flavour-packed food from a chef skilled in matching classic ingredients and adding a modern twist. Happily, the wine and cocktail menu maintain the high standards. And, at this point, you may start to harbour concerns about the impact on your wallet. Fear not, for the standards at Vanilla, prices are more than reasonable. Meaning a return visit isnt out of the question if youre debating between the short rib or seafood pasta dish. Absolutely deserves its place among the best restaurants in Antalya. 

Orbzii tip: Dine indoors to experience the best of Vanilla – but dont miss a pre – or post dinner cocktail in the equally charming garden. 

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7 Mehmet vs Parlak

Eagle-eyed readers will note weve something of a standoff happening with this last recommendation. These are two of Antalyas most recommended spots. Both serve Turkish fare and both have a long, long history in the city. And here comes the dilemma. 7 Mehmet is THE place to see and be seen. A sprawling restaurant with views of sea and stars that does see well-heeled locals dining there daily.  

Theres just one problem. As a visitor, there can be the distinct sense that these regulars are treated a little differently, despite the tourist numbers certainly boosting the balance sheet. Parlak is a different beast. Rustic, bordering on basic but charming. Youll dine in a 200 year old inn, rather than a modern restaurant, and your dish will likely have been slow-roasted over embers rather than on a suitably equipped electrical appliance. Its your call, both are appealing in their own way. In fact, giving both a go seems like the best option 

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