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Go shopping in Antalya. Seriously, it’s worth allocating at least a little of your itinerary to the city’s malls and markets. If vast shopping centres just aren’t your thing, we’ve picked out a couple of spots that mingle travel classics – mooching and sightseeing – with a little souvenir buying. If you do fancy taking on the malls, there are many, many to choose from. All come with at least a couple of familiar brands and Antalya’s outlet malls are quite the place to pick up a bargain. 


Terracity Mall

Four floors of global brands are waiting to welcome you at the Terracity Mall. A retail behemoth that sees itself as the largest Antalya shopping centre. Though another pick on our list might debate it. But let’s not get bogged down in square footage and store numbers. It’s massive – which is enough. Brand wise there are plenty of high street names to feel at home in – including a few odd guest appearances you might not expect. We’re looking at you, Decathlon. To gauge the impact on your wallet? Expect things to price in the GAP, M&S and Nike region – all of whom have a store within these walls. If we had to be picky? Food is fast and comes on a tray. But such is mall life. Our tip? Embrace it and try the fare at Popeyes. A US-based chicken chain that hasn’t reached our shores… yet. 

antalya terracity mall
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Mall of Antalya

This mall’s wall of neon signage isn’t perhaps visible from space, but fair play to them, they’re giving it a good go. Architecturally, it’s a far cry from anything resembling a Turkish ruin, but it’s futuristically pleasing enough. Inside, the Mall of Antalya treats us to an eclectic mix of shops. There’s nothing that leaps out as exclusive to this mall, they’ve gone for more of a ‘collect ‘em all’ approach to big name retail. Again, this isn’t a place for luxury brands and is perhaps a step lower down the high street ladder than Terracity. H&M and Lee Cooper set the tone, although there’s yet another M&S here if you’re looking for a reliably familiar pair of slacks. In the food court, Turkish cuisine is firmly on the menu, though there are fast food options if you miss a taste of home. Entertainment wise, the 11 screen cinema is something to behold, but don’t miss the art gallery. Expect to mull over thought provoking pieces from local and international painters. 



Deepo Outlet Centre

The only joy greater than finding the perfect outfit, watch or home appliance? Finding it at 50% off. Could the Deepo Outlet Centre be the best shopping mall in Antalya? Possibly. For starters there are some familiar logos waiting to welcome you – hello M&S and H&M. Then there’s the in house cinema – which happens to be Antalya’s largest complex. Shopping with little ones? They’ll love the entertainment zone. Again, Deepo are weighing in with the ‘Antalya’s largest’ tag, this time for the sheer size of their indoor children’s play area. This mall also happens to house a branch selling the best food in Antalya – do drop in to the Pikan Firin bakery, if you can find it. One of the largest malls in the Med, Deepo’s got 234 stores for you to browse. 

antalya deepo
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antalya neva
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Neva Outlet

If the sheer scale of Deepo is a tad overwhelming, drop in to one of the three Neva outlet stores. You’ll need to be determined to bag those bargains though, as they are all over an hour’s drive from Antalya city centre. The familiar names are fewer, though that comes with the chance to explore new brands and take home an entirely different souvenir. It’s worth checking the pricing here though, just to be sure you’re really getting a deal. That said, browsing brands other than the now very familiar global mall favourites makes for a much more eclectic shopping spree. Do remember though, what works in Turkey might not leave your fashion forward friends at home suitably wowed. 

Orbzii tip: If you’re planning some time Belek for a round at one of Antalya’s golf courses, it’s not too much further to travel to reach the Neva Outlets – just a smidge further east along the coast. 


Happily, shopping in Antalya isn’t restricted to sterile malls filled with brands and bargains. So, if schlepping through malls fails to fill you travel heart with wonder, pop to Kaleici instead. As the old heart of Antalya, it’s home to a pleasing mix of ancient attractions and tourist-centric gift shops for you to pick over. Snaps of fortified walls, a suitably scenic harbour and tucked away courtyards might be all the souvenirs you need from Kaleici. If we had to label it? We’d go with charming. All the clues are there. Cobbled roads, bustling shops, pavement cafes. And, there’s the Antalya toy museum, which might not bag you any souvenirs, but when it comes to things to do Antalya? Well, we’re right back in charming territory againIf you’re looking for something a little less mass market, head north, just a little. There’s a covered bazaar – İki Kapılı Han – where artisans are busy crafting, and selling, their goods. 

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Safe Shopping…

Glittery bargains are distracting. So it pays to have few tips in your back pocket for when that must have item temporarily dulls your shopping spidey senses. In Turkey, anyone selling authentic jewellery must have a licence. If you can’t spot one on the walls, you may not be buying real gold silver or precious gemstones. Antiques are another tricky area. Anything over 100 years old has to stay in Turkey – so you’ll need a water-tight certificate as proof of age, should you get stopped at customs. And, strictly speaking, anything that old shouldn’t be for sale.  

Bags for life packed – add a couple more. And while, you’re prepping for your Antalya shopping extravaganza, pop the Orbzii app on your phone too. It can’t help you wedge more souvenirs in your suitcase, but it can help you book and plan your way to shopping glory on every continent.