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Did you know that Stockholm is one of the most exciting upcoming foodie destinations in Europe? It’s always been a foodie bucket list destination for those in the know and for those with a curious palette.

Sure, Stockholm can be pricey, but there are cost-effective bites for those who prefer casual eats to fine dining. Swedish superstars ABBA may have said ‘Thank you for the music’, but we think it’s about time we said ‘Thank you for the food’ and here’s how the team at Orbzii show their appreciation by curating our list of the best restaurants in Stockholm.


Get your ‘fika’ of the best restaurants in Stockholm


Stockholm’s top-notch cafe culture doesn’t stop at coffee; but it’s a great place to start.

Caffeine fixes aside, cafes in Stockholm have a fantastic range of both breakfast and brunch options.

From all-you-can-eat leisurely brekkies and American style diners to hipster cafes and luxury hotel buffets with views for days, here’s how to do breakfast Stockholm style at some of the best restaurants in Stockholm.

Pom och Flora

Beautiful, light and unassuming, Pom och Flora is a delightful cafe in the Södermalm district of Stockholm. They have a quarterly rotating art exhibit that adorns the walls and it’s one of the most popular choices for breakfast for locals too.

On weekends, people come from all over Stockholm to enjoy a leisurely and cosy breakfast where they can try increds’ dishes like the weekend breakfast which has become somewhat of a signature, the acai and berry smoothie bowl with cornflowers & cinnamon roasted buckwheat, fika, porridge with cloudberry jam and peanut butter and banana on rye bread.

With its great food, decor and laid back vibes, it’s easy to see why it’s widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Stockholm.

Pom och Flora is also an ideal place for coeliacs or those looking for gluten free restaurants in Stockholm as most of their dishes are gluten free or can be made gluten free.

Breakfast at Pom Oct Flora
A tasty breakfast with orange juice on the side at The Greasy Spoon Cafe

Greasy Spoon

Paying homage to a British classic, Greasy Spoon offers a modern take on the food typically found in what is somewhat of a British institution.

Don’t expect sticky formica tables and rundown decor though, despite its name, it’s one of the best restaurants in Stockholm for a casual breakfast and has a cool, laidback feel with pretty patterned vintage-style wallpaper.

You can’t book, and there are waiting lists which can be a tad frustrating if you are chomping at the bit to get some chia pudding (one of their most popular dishes) weekdays are a little quieter and it’s a great opportunity to retreat and try their smoked salmon on potato rosti – it comes with a poached egg and the most delicious beetroot hollandaise sprinkled in crushed hazelnut.


Stockholm as you’d expect is in no short supply of amazing restaurants that are fully worthy of being on our ‘best restaurants in Stockholm’ for lunch list.

Typically, lunch in Stockholm tends to be taken a smidge earlier than you might expect and if you are meeting Swedes for lunch, you could see that your lunch reservation might be as early as 11.15-11.30am, this is because some  Swedish companies allow their employees to have shorter working days in order to achieve a better work-life balance.

Orbzii Insider Tip – Stockholm can be a pretty expensive city to eat in, but hopefully, this guide demonstrates that some of the best restaurants in Stockholm are pretty cost-effective.

For those on a budget, look out for restaurants that show a sign saying ‘dagens lunch’. Essentially, this is the ‘dish of the day’ which is an affordable option for diners.

There’s normally a vegetarian or vegan option and it comes with a  salad buffet, bread and butter, as well as water and coffee.  Choose from typical Scandinavian fare as well as other cuisines such as Greek, Asian, Italian and more.

Oaxen Krog & Slip

It’s pricey (for lunch!) but the impeccable cuisine combined with the amazing views make this a firm favourite amongst locals as well as one of the best restaurants in Stockholm.

Nestled on a striking waterfront location on the shores of Stockholm’s greenest city island, Djurgården, Oaxen is nautical and nice! This nautical-themed bistro can be found inside an impeccably-restored bright yellow shipyard and is made up of two restaurants:

Oaxen Krog which is all about fine-dining and is currently the holder of not just one, but two Michelin stars. From the boats that hang from the ceiling that nod to the local shipbuilding industry to the simple and elegant interior, Oaxen Krog is one of the best restaurants in Stockholm and is possibly one of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the city.

When it comes to the food, you can expect intricately presented tasting menus that make seasonality and local produce centre stage. 

Krog’s sister restaurant, Oaxen Slip offers a slightly more cost-effective option for foodies. It’s a casual brasserie where you can enjoy either sharing plates or even a Sunday roast (yes! You heard us right – a Sunday roast!) 

In fact, Oaxen Slip has a strong reputation for being one of the best Sunday roasts in the city and like its more expensive counterpart has become a firm favourite amongst the city’s foodies making it high on your list of things to do when in Stockholm.

Artistic meal at Stockholms Oaxen Krog restaurant
Meatballs and mash, a classic meal at Meatballs for the People restaurant

Meatballs For The People

Can you say you have been to Stockholm unless you have sampled some Swedish meatballs?

Forget the ones you may have tried in furniture shops in the UK, when in Stockholm, you have to try it with the classic lingonberry jam, buttery mash and a rich broth sauce.

Put simply, it’s a must-eat for any foodie visiting Stockholm. There are some great meatball joints throughout the city, but if you visit one meatball eatery whilst in Sweden, head to Meatballs for the People, one of the best restaurants in Stockholm for either classic köttbullar or something a little bit different.

They have 14 different types of meatballs made of ingredients like elk, beef, and salmon.

Either enjoy over a lazy lunch at one of the sociable wooden benches or why not take your meatballs to go? Vegetarian? There are some options if you are veggie or are adhering to a plant-based diet.

Fancy a cheeky tipple? Why not team your balls with a glass of locally-produced ale? If you are hanging out with a faithful hound, then they can get in on the action too with a portion of salmon doggy ice-cream or a serving of dog beer!


Lilla Ego

Small, but packing that all-important proverbial punch, Lilla Ego is one of the best restaurants in Stockholm for dinner thanks to its acclaimed reputation.

Such is said reputation is that you have to book 90 days in advance to secure a reservation, so if you are planning a last minute trip to Stockholm, the likelihood of enjoying a meal there is slim to none, but if you have the time to do so, we guarantee it’ll be worth it!

The food alone speaks for itself – contemporary Swedish fare in a rustic-chic setting. It’s cosy – sometimes a tad too cosy, but if you don’t mind being a smidge up close and personal with other diners, then it’s totally worth it.

When it comes to the food, expect a strong focus on Nordic seasonal cuisine and to have seafood and root vegetables on your plate.

Lunch dish at Lilla Ego, Stockholm
Caviar topped chicken at Djuret restaurant


Djuret literally translates as ‘The Animal’, and as you might expect, a pretty meat-heavy menu. It’s not just the meat ratio that’s heavy – the price is too. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive tasting menus in all of Stockholm, but the dishes, bold tastes, ambience and decor more than make up for it.

The dishes are centred around 3 key ingredients that keep the menu fresh, ever-evolving and in season from produce from both the land and sea.

Depending on the time of year that you visit, you can expect to try delicacies like reindeer saddle, Rubia Gallega beef, pan-fried pike perch fillets amongst others.

There is a vegetarian menu you can choose from, but this is very much aimed at meat eaters. Even the decor has hunting trophies emblazoned on the wall. 

If the menu prices are a little bit too much, but you are curious about what to expect at Djuret, why not head down for a glass of wine? This luxury restaurant has over 20,000 bottles in their wine cellar which is certainly more than plenty for any discerning oenophile.

Has this guide to the best restaurants in Stockholm got you working up an appetite? Let’s sate that appetite by downloading the Orbzii app to start your trip to Stockholm today.