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It’s a little too simple to say that the best restaurants in Lanzarote are the ones who cater to anything other than the steak n chips crowd. But there’s a lot to be said for tracking down the passionate chefs creating menus that are a little bit, well … different. In certain streets, the fryers are always in full swing. So, finding a granola bowl or chia pudding feels like more of a triumph than it should. Whatever your stance on chia seeds – we’re still on the fence – there’s a breakfast, lunch and dinner for every diner in Lanzarote. Here’s the pick of the bunch. 



Suculenta Café

It’s really not hard to find a full English in Lanzarote. In fact, it’s almost impossible to avoid. And, well, you’re travel savvy enough to spot a decent fry up at 50 paces. So, we’ll clue you in on the most mythical of Lanzarote restaurants instead: a healthy breakfast spot. Now, before you flee, there are still pancakes to enjoy at Suculenta Café. And, the toast here comes piled high with smoked salmon, Iberian ham, tomatoes, hummus, goats cheese and more, though not all at once, naturally. Tortillas, scrambled eggs and waffles also hit the spot nicely. Things only tip over into über wellness when you reach the chia pudding and fruit salad menu items. Though, by that point, your bound to have plumped for the avo toast – a crunchy slice of ciabatta, topped with avo, sunflower seeds, feta cheese and a poached egg. Their healthy eating lark might just catch on… 

healthy breakfast cafe in lanzarote
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breakfast at a bakery in lanzarote
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Pasteleria Lamontagne

Tucked away in Arrecife, theres an unassuming little bakery creating masterpieces with pastry, sugar and chocolate. Yes, meringues, weighty slabs of chocolate cake and brioche are a bold start to the day, but ticking off your itinerary of Lanzarotes attractions will require some calories. Thankfully, the teas and coffees at Pasteleria Lamontagne are more than respectable, so you can keep your supply of teabags safely in your carry on. And, if a sugar hit is a little too much early doors, there are more sensible breakfast items on the menu.  

Orbzii tip: Owner, Ludovic Lamontagne, runs a few cheeky little vegan baking courses as a side gig. So, if youre plant-based and cake-hungry, get in touch to pre-order a few vegan treats to avoid any disappoint if you drop by. 



When you’re mooching around cultural experiences and you haven’t really considered lunch, Cantina is just the kind of place you hope to casually stumble across. There’s nothing too challenging on the menu for picky eaters, but it is skilfully stuffed with local ingredients, specialities and a solid tapas menu. Burgers hit the right note for a swing by and grab a bite crowd, while the ever-changing tagine of the day is the dish you’ll spy the regulars ordering. At first glance, the menu perhaps looks a little ordinary. But even the drinks menu is well planned. There’s steak, veg and potatoes for traditional diners and a confit duck burger for foodies looking for something you’ll not find everywhere. The best part? The restaurant comes loaded with an intriguing history – so you can slot it easily into a day of Lanzarote exploring, and never for a moment feel you should be ‘out there’ discovering Teguise – when there’s much to learn in these walls. 

tapas lunch at a deli in Lanzarote
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lunch with a view over the mountains in lanzarote
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El Diablo

In every corner of the world, there’s a restaurant that serves up a dilemma. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself clambering into your hire car to eat at El Diablobut come away thinking that it’s not one of the best restaurants in Lanzarote. So, what’s it doing here? Well, the views over the volcanic, lunar-like landscape are stunning. And, it’s got quite a gimmick on the go in the kitchen too. Meat, fish and vegetables are all grilled over a dormant volcano. If the geothermal blasts roasting your chicken thighs aren’t enough, the dining room is more like a Bond villain’s-lair than a swish eatery. So, you’re looking at experience over edibles here. Sure, the rustic bbq food is tasty enough, so long as you swing by knowing what to expect. 

Orbzii tip: Drop by early if you don’t want to hit the peak lunch rush. And, although you might think zipping up in the hire car will beat the queues, you might find coach tours sailing past you at the entrance to Timanfaya Park.  


Soja y Pimenton

When plant-based diners eagerly awaited the vegan revolution in Lanzarote, they didn’t expect it to arrive in the form of an Argentine bbq experience. And yet here we are. This very special Lanzarote restaurant is really nothing more than a quaint home in the mountains. But boy do they lay on a good spread – and a hearty dose of Canarian hospitality. The menu gets seasonal – as you’d expect, though there’s a high chance of sampling the couple’s seitan and vegan cheeses. Empanadaschimichurri, vegan chorizo and focaccia are just a few more highlights. Go hungry – and expect to get a tour of the garden. The two chefs are very proud of their herb garden. 

vegan restaurant in lanzarote
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Orbzii tip: No need to worry about any local language barriers. Juan and Natalia have taken two years to learn English to welcome everyone to their home. It’d be a shame to see their linguistics – and food – go to waste. 

dinner in lanzarote with a sea view
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Lani’s Gourmet Restaurant

At the opposite end of the Lanzarote restaurant spectrum, you’ve got Lanis Gourmet Restaurant. At this chic Puerto Del Carmen hotel, the clue is very much in the title. Gourmet food served with Mediterranean views. Don’t let the hotel setting put you off. Non-guests can still dine, though, of course, it’s recommended that you book first. Prices only start to climb when you reach the Chateaubriand area of the menu, and even then it’s more than reasonable – considering the venue and views. Perhaps unusually for a fine dining restaurant, the menu is bafflingly large. Though it does mean you can pair a duck confit salad with a roast shoulder of lamb or salmon and crab black ravioli or grilled lobster. Definitely not a menu for indecisive eaters, it does have something for just about everyone except vegans. 

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