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If you’re the sort of person who finds themselves paralysed by the sheer variety and volume of options on takeaway apps, you may want to head to Vancouver with somebody a. bit more decisive. The culinary scene in the Canadian city is second to none, with a huge number of places to catch a bite all over the city. There’s everything from Michelin starred, dinner-jacket and paired-wines high-class eateries, to hole-in-the-wall hotdog joints that go through thousands of buns a day.  

If you are keen to eat your way around Vancouver but have no idea where to spend your hard-earned cash, then look no further. We at Orbzii have taken the required toll on our cholesterol to deliver to you the best spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the largest city in BC.


Nelly’s Grill

A stone’s throw away from the famous Sophie’s Cosmic Grill, Nelly’s is rated much higher by locals, yet has been allowed to stay under the radar of great breakfast spots in Vancouver, much to the delight of their many happy customers. Whilst long lines are the order of the day in many of the more established breakfast eateries, Nelly’s is slightly tucked away, giving it an extra layer of mystery. 

The grill serves up classic breakfast dishes as well as some local creations, their Nelly’s Pulled Pork Benny being a firm favourite and a moreish twist on the more refined Eggs Benedict. There are healthier options on show, too, and aside from the incredible food you’ll be dining in a cosy atmosphere, with some of the nicest staff in the city. A great place to start your day.

Nellys vancouver
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palate vancouver


A classy affair, Palate Kitchen is the sort of Vancouver breakfast spot you can sink the mimosas in and still feel like you’re doing something fancyThis high-end establishment is the foodie outpost of famous BC roasters Pallet Coffee, who themselves are a Vancouver institution.  

There are options for all dietary requirements here, and the meals make use of some of the excellent local produce that’s on offer in British Columbia, making this a real local affair. The more decadent diners might want to try the Steak and Eggs, although anything with the locally sourced salmon in it will be a winner too.


If you like to start your day with a bit of sugar then look no further: Honey’s in Deep Cove is a local legend, and for good reason. Serving up happy customers since 1996, you can opt for a traditional, savoury breakfast, or you can try some of their vegan and vegetarian specialty takes on breakfast sandwiches and other goods. However, the real treat – and the reason to head out of the city centre to eat here – is the variety of deep-fried and baked goods on offer.

honeys vancouver
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Their There

In a city teeming with sloppy, greasy, handheld food, finding the best burger in Vancouver is a bit like picking your favourite blade of grass on a football field, but Their There is in contention for sure. With a focus on bird meat, this hipster joint also does some of the nicest breakfast burgers in the city as part of their all-day menu (including a Smoked Meat sandwich, for those who are keen on red meat). The Hot Chicken sandwich is a local favourite, although the Turkey BLT is among the best in the city.

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benkei vancouver
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Ramen is a way of life on the Canadian west coast, and Benkei is one of the best spots to find out why. Offering up a variety of Japanese dishes, the real focus is on the filling, warming, noodle soup. Unlike many other nearby restaurants, they also cater to many dietary restrictions, which is why Benkei is also home to the best vegan ramen in Vancouver. It gets the same treatment as their regular broth: a deep, eighteen-hour boil, served alongside fresh produce expertly cookedIt’s also one of the most reasonably priced places in the city, so you can stuff yourself without too much strain on the wallet.

To Dine For

Good puns don’t always mean good food, but at Vancouver institution To Dine For, you’re sure to be impressed by the meals on offer. Home to some of the best burgers in Vancouver, To Dine For have a whole host of interesting flavour combinations to make sure you’re not stuck having yet another patty and fries. The PB&J burger is especially vaunted, with its sweet/salty combination a locally famous flavour sensation. They also sell hand cut fries to go along with the main meal and are known for having some of the best service in the whole of BC. If you’re looking for a high quality, reasonably priced burger without any of the extra frills, all in the heart of the city, there’s no better place to go in Vancouver.

to dine for
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Being on the coast and home to the largest Chinese population in the country, Vancouver was bound to produce some excellent restaurants that utilise the fresh seafood and cultural knowledge at the city’s fingertips. Dynasty is probably the best of the bunch when it comes to this, offering up some of the best Chinese food in Vancouver, which is no mean feat. 

Although a bit more expensive than some of the Chinatown affairs, the extra amount on your bill goes to putting together a truly exceptional dining experience that draws on classic recipes put together with modern techniques and twists, all of which combines to make an unforgettable experience. Although all the food is great, the seafood is particularly vaunted, especially the many crab dishes.

dynasty vancouver
forage vancouver
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The discerning, ethical foodie, once limited to the few food-waste limiting co-ops who actually used trained chefs, now has a plethora of dining options available to them, and in no place is this more true than at Forage. If you want sustainability without the drop in quality, as well as a deep dive into local produce, then there really isn’t anywhere better to get a better meal in Vancouver. 

Their ‘Best of BC’ menu varies from season to season, and is a set amount for three courses, with a wine pairing option for a reasonable price.  The A la Carte menu is also chock full of local produce, all lovingly prepared to the highest of standards, with a focus on pan-European cuisine. If you want to get stuffed without the climate guilt, then make a reservation ASAP.

Le Crocodile

A Vancouver institution, and definitely one of the fancier spots on this list, Le Crocodile has been serving up high-class, French fare for over thirty years. Utilising the best of local produce and classical French techniques, Le Crocodile provides innovative, delicious dishes to its customers, alongside outstanding service and a selection of fine wines. The seafood is, as expected, a delight, but the real stars of the show are the meat and poultry dishes, especially the duck breast and the beef tenderloin.

crocodile vancouver
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