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Mykonos has a reputation or two to deal with. Yes, it can be a party venue with a price tag, but there are affordable restaurants in Mykonos too. Here, you can dine just as well on a well-priced souvlaki as you can on an elegant sushi platter with a side of sophistication. It all depends on whether your appetite leans towards a plumply cushioned chair and a sea view to go with it or a grab and go, greasy – but delicious – snack to keep you exploring.

Of course, there’s plenty of options on the menu between the two. Whether you’re looking for the best restaurant in Mykonos, the most exclusive or just some options to look out for on your travels, we’ve got you covered.  



If you’re looking for a vegan option in Mykonos, Bowl is your best bet. Serving everything in bowls has a distinct air of 2019 about it. But we’re going to let Mykonos off the hook because, as you’ll see from this list, everything seems to be a bit lagging food-trend wise. Not that it matters because Bowl brings you super-nutritious, Insta-friendly, joyful bowls to start your day. All the hipster cafe must haves are lined up, ready to fuel you for a day at the beach. Avo, kale, dragonfruitbircher muesli and, yes, there’s even some spirulina. Combine the vegan brekkie with a peanut butter smoothie and you’re good until dinner. Though, we wouldn’t blame you if you popped back to bowl for lunch. 

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Major J

Brunch really can only be improved with a view. And that’s what they’re serving at Major J’s. Perched on a hill above Platis Gialos beach, this breakfast and all-day brunch spot is worth driving to. There will be produce on your plate from their nearby plot of land, the almost compulsory quota of avocado and a seriously impressive pancake stack. Seasonal ingredients make pop up appearances – but it’s the everyday staples where Major J’s shines. Great coffee, a solid menu and reasonably priced.  



There’s no shortage of affordable beach-front restaurants in Mykonos. So Farma really is a rare gem. Set in the midst of a farm – yet still with that all-important sea view – it’s the first Mykonos restaurant to offer a true farm-to-table dining experience. Farma’s chef uses the nearby land’s produce to craft seasonal menus. Hearty and nutritious lunches aren’t the only thing on offer. The chance to escape Mykonos town’s busy beaches and buzzing centre makes this a very leisurely place to lunch. 

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Kiki’s Tavern

Tucked away on the north coast of Mykonos you’ll find a restaurant where diners queue daily for a chance to sit at their tables. Kiki’s Tavern the kind of place you’ll hear murmurs about across the island, but find it hard to track down. There’s no website to lure you in, no social media – just word of mouth and a solid reputation for great, fresh, Greek recipes. Perched on a beach, you could queue for up to an hour to tuck into a simple but flavour-packed swordfish and salad lunch combo. Rumour has it there’s a free tipple to be had while you queue. But frankly, the views of the ocean – and delicious lunches – are more than enough to make the wait worthwhile. 

Orbzii tip: You can’t book a table here and, in peak season, the queues are lengthy. Plan to get here as early as possible to secure a seat. 



If lunch in Mykonos is all about rustic taverns, sea views and home cooking, dinner has to be about fine dining, sunsets and cocktails, right? If so, Remezzo certainly ticks all the boxes – and more. Once party-central for a jet set crowd fresh off the nearby yachts, Remezzo has remodelled itself to be more than just a cocktail bar. Now you can experience fine dining as well. The cocktails, DJs and the parties are still here, but with an added gastronomic touch. Like so many destination restaurants, what makes Remezzo is the lux terrace overlooking the harbour. Perfectly placed to catch the Mykonos sunset, the twinkling lights in the bay make a nice backdrop as the night moves on. On the menu? Yes, there’s a nod to traditional Greek dishes, but the seabass ceviche and the truffle sauce over the ravioli might lure you away from the moussaka.  

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Buddha Bar Beach

Unless you’re staying at the 5-star Santa Marina you may never hear about one of the best restaurants in Mykonos. But sashay through their stylish pad and you’ll chance upon Buddha Bar. By day, there’s just a smidgen of upscale beach club elegance wafting between the rattan chairs. By night, the sunset, candles and unrelenting coastal views elevate this into the island’s top dining destinations. The soundtrack laid down by international DJs adds a certain something too. Cuisine-wise, the restaurant pitches itself as a Greek / Mediterranean fusion venue. But really it owes more than a nod to Japan. Think wagyu beef, elaborate sushi combos and more than a dash of yuzu. Though, whatever your culinary leanings, the menu’s eclectic enough to please all. 


Attica Bakeries

One word. Baklava. That’s where our Attica Bakeries shout out could really begin and end. But you’ll probably want a smidge more detail than that. This is the spot to grab those on the go snacks for exploring Mykonos Town. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their ever-so flaky baklava, grab a breakfast pastry to go or bag up a picnic for the beach. Basically, just go to this bakery and regret the calories later. Trust us, it’s worth it.  

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mykonos sakis grill
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Sakis Grill

So far, we’ve kept our Mykonos restaurant picks fairly bijou and tasteful. But, we know there are times – usually around 3-4am when you just want to get stuck into a gyro with all the trimmings – or just nibble on some fries. Luckily, there’s a 24-hour gyro joint just waiting to serve up some guilty pleasures. Sakis Grill’s menu is awash with souvlaki options, kebabs and there’s even some salads too. Yes, they are a late night option for revellers – but a genuinely viable – and affordable lunch shout, if you’re passing.  

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