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Mykonos has an infamous nightlife scene. This much we know. Though choosing where to party the night away into the small hours is a big deal. Mykonos nightlife can be as much about being seen at the right venues as it can be about actual partying. That said, if you want to avoid that entirely, you can have a raucous, chilled or sophisticated night just by flitting from bar to bar in Little Venice.

Because, happily, Mykonos nightlife isn’t all about clubbing and 4am stops at a souvlaki grill. Yes, there are super clubs waiting to welcome you with open arms and more than a few shots – but there are also glamorously camp bars, beach clubs and refined restaurants too. Comparisons can be made with Ibiza, particularly on the price front. But the two islands offer a very different party vibe. Mykonos might not have the sizeable super club venues, but its beach parties? The stuff of legend. 

Mykonos nightlife

Cavo Paradiso

If a club makes its way into the Top 100 Clubs list in DJ Mag – you’re going to want to drop in to see what all the fuss is about. At Cavo Paradiso, the fuss very much centres around the gorgeous cliff top location. We’re talking an open air, sunset catching, beat slinging haven of music with a sea view. For 27 years movers and shakers in the music industry have been saying nothing but good things about this to this club. Does it live up to the hype. YES. We went all caps there, because really, there’s no other place like it. Yes, it’s a super club. Yes, you will be entertained by international artists and DJs. And, if you can get yourself to one of their legendary Full Moon parties, you’ll have a night to remember. 

mykonos cavo paradiso
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mykonos paradise beach
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Paradise Beach

This isn’t just another Mykonos beach club. Yes, Paradise Beach is a club – and it is on the beach – but this is one of the top clubs in the world. Regularly ranking in the top 20, it blows Cavo Paradiso out of the water in terms of global ranking. Bringing the party to Paradise Beach for over 50 years, these guys know how to get the crowds up and dancing. This is a nightlife machine – that doesn’t just revolve around a glitter ball and some expertly spun tracks. The complex has grown along the sands to now feature restaurants, beach bars and facilities that make it one of the best clubs in Mykonos. It may have started life as a hippy hangout, but it’s grown into a place that welcomes all. Hipsters, Hollywood A-listers, suited and booted tycoons and locals looking to party. 

Jackie O’

If super clubs aren’t quite your thing, but you still want to fling yourself into the Mykonos nightlife scene, it has to be Jackie O’s. Two words. Drag. Shows. A festival of camp gorgeousness, wrapped in a must see nightlife spot. And, you’ve got a choice of venues with this one. There’s a club and bar on the waterfront of Mykonos town – or there’s the hotel, beach club and bar combo at Super Tropicana Beach. Both bring sea views and sass. There is of course a chic side to this Mykonos nightlife name. Don’t miss the chance to shop in the boutique for fabulous fashion picks and must-have brands. 

mykonos jackie o
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Mykonos beachclubs

Before you plunge into our round up of the best beach clubs in Mykonos, it’s worth pointing out that we’ve already name-dropped three of the big hitters. Cavo Paradiso, Jackie O’ and Paradise beach all have a stellar daytime beach vibe, but there are plenty more coastal hangouts to choose from. Trust us, you’ll want to book a Balinese bed here too… 


Mykonos lux life can be found at SantAnna – the island’s most exclusive and expensive beach club. Is it worth it? Having your own butler for the day on a ‘private island’ in their extensive complex is certainly appealing. SantAnna has just about everything you could want from a beach club. Headline acts, a spa, stellar sushi and not one, but four, cocktail bars. Here you can flit between the beach or the salt water pool – or just lounge casually waiting to see and be seen. 

santanna mykonos
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mykonos tropicana
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If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to personal butler territory, or even some of the mid-range Mykonos beach clubs, we’d suggest a day – and night at Tropicana. By day, this is a beach club that brings non-stop summer vibes until 4:30pm. Then, the parties really get started. A venue which really can only be described as hedonistic. Don’t expect to be in bed much before 5am. 

Hippie Fish

Feel free to question whether this one can really be described as a beach club. It’s certainly on the beach – and Hippie Fish does play music late into the night. But things never peak into full on party territory. And that’s why we like it. It’s the sort of place to start the night with a sunset cocktail, treat yourself to a gourmet meal or step off the party treadmill. Expect music, yes, But you’ll not find a headline act here. The food definitely makes the headlines at this beach club. 

mykonos hippiefish
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Mykonos club season

The best time of year to go clubbing in Mykonos is the summer. Mostly because so many of the venues are outdoor stunners that really do look their best in the pink hue of a sunset. Warm summer nights also lend themselves a smidge to dancing all night on a beach. Most of the big venues have a season that runs from April to October. Expect party season to really peak in July and August. 

mykonos summer

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