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With millions of visitors streaming through the famous strip every year, it’s no surprise that the Las Vegas food scene is one of the best in the world. The flow of money through the city has funded several fine dining venues and outposts for celebrity chefs to show off the best of their cuisine, so even though you’re in the middle of the desert you’re never too far from a world class meal. However, as with everything in Vegas, there’s so much choice that thinking about where to eat can become a burden, instead of the joy it should be. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some of the best eateries in Vegas for all three meals of the day, so sit back, relax, and salivate at the thought of dining in these beauties.


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Freed’s Bakery

Dessert in the desert, anyone? On at least one of your mornings in Las Vegas you have to start the day off with a sweet treat at this famous bakery. Freed’s has been serving delicious baked goods and other desserts for over sixty years, and ownership is still in the same family, so you know the recipes are as good as ever. No doubt the best place in Las Vegas to get cakes, their famous ice cream cakes are a must have in the scorching heat of the Nevada desert. Buy by the slice, or if you’re feeling gluttonous get the whole thing! They also deliver, so if you’re feeling less than fresh after a big night, you can have your choice of dessert sent straight to your room.

Echo & Rig

About a fifteen-minute drive from the strip, this butcher and steakhouse produces top quality meals at all hours but are famed for their brunch offering. Restaurateur Sam Marvin wanted to move away from the dark, masculine vibe of the traditional steakhouse and bring quality alongside accessibility to his new venture, and he’s managed that with aplomb. The result is a stunning menu, which delivers top quality meals without breaking the budget. The Farmers Market breakfast is a gut buster and delicious in every way.

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Delectable food with an old school vibe: Peppermill has everything you’d want in an authentic Vegas breakfast and brunch place. Without a doubt one of the top brunch places on the Las Vegas strip, their breakfast menu runs all hours of the day, and it’s no surprise that people often head back here during their stay; there’s a reason they’ve been running since 1972, after all. The savoury dishes are all mouth-watering, but the various French toast combinations they have on offer are out of this world, and the fresh fruit salad is the stuff of legends.


Evel Pie

Getting a good pizza in Las Vegas isn’t hard but finding the best one is a task that could take a lifetime; luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you. Evel Pie isn’t just the best pizza in Las Vegas, it’s also the most fun place to grab a slice. Kitschy yet not overbearing, you get top quality service from staff who seem genuinely excited to be working there. The restaurant was inspired by Evel Knievel’s attempt to jump the fountain at Caesars Palace and is operated by the famous daredevil’s estate, but they’re not too daring with the menu: they serve classic New York pies, and do them excellently. After all, why change a winning formula?



There are a tonne of all you can eat Sushi places in Las Vegas, but none offer the same quality and value as Sakana. Here, they don’t skimp on the fish, making sure that the protein to rice ratio is heavily in favour of our water-bound friends, and the service is excellent to boot. Also, considering their desert location, the fish taste as if they’ve just been freshly caught, which is a testament to their sourcing and more than can be said for a lot of other Las Vegas sushi places. Moreover, it’s only a short hop from the strip and open late, so you can spend that much more time indulging in the best all you can eat sushi in Las Vegas.

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace

Probably the most famous buffet on the Las Vegas strip, the Bacchanal buffet at Caesars Palace serves up a treasure trove of culinary masterpieces from all sorts of cuisines. Slightly more expensive than some of the other buffets in Vegas, this offering is worth the extra cash as they deliver fine dining experiences in a buffet setting, which is no easy task in itself. The dining sections are split into three themes: air, water, and wood. Overall, there are hundreds of offerings which are all made to the high standard you’d expect from a place like this.




Carnival World Buffet

The best seafood on the Las Vegas strip is served at this famous buffet, alongside a smorgasbord of almost any other cuisine you could hope for. Carnival World has the added benefit of being a bit more casual (and easier on the wallet) than some of the other buffets on the strip, and you can add on unlimited beer and wine for a measly USD 13. The omelettes are a particular favourite, although it has to be said the dessert section is unmatched by other buffets on the strip: some of the best slices of cake in Las Vegas are served here.

Joel Robuchon

Located in the heart of the MGM Grand, this three starred fine dining establishment offers the best of French food in Las Vegas. Unparalleled in the city when it comes to haute cuisine, the dishes are refined, yet unpretentious. If you’re celebrating a special occasion or just won big on the tables, then this is the place to be. You can sit inside or in the gorgeous garden terrace and be waited on hand and foot by the impeccable staff. The tasting menu is to die for, and changes seasonally to make sure only the highest quality ingredients are used.

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Heart Attack Grill

At the other end of the scale from upscale French cuisine, but as tasty in its own way, this themed restaurant just off the strip is a must for anybody who wants the true American dining experience. Like a lot of Vegas, excess is the name of the game here, with burgers so big they have their own gravitational pull. The hospital theme of the restaurant is hilarious and not too on the nose, but most importantly doesn’t impact on the quality of the food; portions may be massive, but they still taste amazing. Take on one of the dining challenges if you dare but remember not to go on a full stomach: you will regret it.

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