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If we had to sum up Rhodes restaurants? We’d definitely give the scene a firm Spoilt. For. Choice. And, pleasingly, it’s in the best possible way. Dining spots are numerous, yes, but they’re also eclectic in their output. Classic Greek concoctions are to be expected, but some chefs are pushing the moussaka boundaries further than most would dare.

And, though there are no Michelin star restaurants in Rhodes, it hasn’t stopped a relentless push for perfection when it comes to plating up your sea bream in style. Even breakfast gets the gourmet treatment at one of our Rhodes restaurant picks… 

Breakfast in Rhodes...

Dali Art Bistro

When was the last time you really put some pizazz into breakfast? Cereal is tricky to plate up, toast is rarely glamorous and pancakes can be tough to top artistically. Not so at Dali Art Bistro. Their menu is chock-full of breakfast and brunch showstoppers that tend towards gourmet in the presentation – and flavour stakes.

Your setting – a chic and stylish spot a 20-minute walk from the highly recommended Rhodes Old Town restaurants. You’ll feel like you’re taking brunch in a cocktail lounge that just happens to also come with a sea view. The menu’s extensive but it would be criminal not to recommend Dali’s pancakes. 

rhodes dali
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Let’s face it, rarely will you struggle to find a full English. No matter where in the world you travel, a platter of fried goods is usually within easy reach at breakfast. But a damn fine bakery? Well, they are a little harder to find. And when you do find one? Purchase all the buttery, flaky goodness you can. Never has this been more true than at Koykos.

The handmade bread is essential for picnics, but the must savour item on their menu is the Koukos Nest. Though, frankly anything that rises and crisps in their wood ovens is a treat. Drop by with a hearty appetite and you’ll be well rewarded.


Orbzii tip: Koykos is also a guesthouse – where, should you stay, you’ll awake to the dreamy bakery scents daily. They also have a restaurant – a far safer option if your willpower’s far too flimsy for a week surrounded by pillowy carbs.

Lunch in Rhodes...

To Marouli

Vegans and vegetarians visiting Rhodes may well want to book a permanent seat in this delightful family-run restaurant. To Marouli’s mostly vegan menu is only peppered with a few veggie dishes. And, no matter your diet, the chef can tweak dishes to your needs.

Dietary worries dealt with, what’s in store? Put simply, a feast of options to carry you through a good week on the island. Here for just one meal? Do try the 7 plate tasting menu. 16 romp through a selection of dishes that showcases what To Marouli does, which is simple. They make classic Greek dishes vegan. Not plant-based? The vibrant salads and flavour-filled snacks are ideal lunch picks for a day discovering Rhodes.

rhodes vegan
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Orbzii tip: Marouli’s got another cafe – Ono by Marouli. This one’s got an Israeli twist – and is frankly just as good. Do drop in for breakfast, the croissants and homemade chocolate spread are gold standard. 

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Stegna Kozas

Depending on where you’re staying, this lunch option may need to form part of an island adventure. A 6-hour drive from the Old Town puts this firmly in road trip territory, though given the seafood theme at Stegna Kozas, we think a Rhodes boat trip may be far more apt. However you travel, just get here.

The focus is entirely on fish. And, well, every inch of this restaurant just screams sea-based antics. But there’s no hint of a gimmick. Every fishing implement that adorns the walls is genuine – no doubt donated by one of the many local fishermen that supply the restaurant – and eat here. Can there be any greater compliment? The beach views add a further touch of salty seasoning to the air and yet another reason to dine here. Mark it on your ‘must eat here’ map. 

Orbzii tip: Don’t expect to be dining at a best kept secret at Stegna Kozas. The word is very firmly out that this is the hottest seafood spot in Rhodes. But don’t let that put you off. Yes, it’s a bustling – and at times frantic – experience, but somehow it only adds to the charm. 

Dinner in Rhodes...

Platanos Taverna

There are no Michelin-star restaurants in Rhodes. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the food just leans a little towards the rustic side of things. Especially at tavernas like Platanos. Here, the chefs are too busy cooking up delights in the kitchen to start faffing about with wibbly wobbly towers of poached goods and seasonal berry jus.

So, it only seems right that we serve up a warning that nothing served here would fare well under the steely gaze of a Master Chef judge. But they would award a multitude of points for flavour. Plates are simple – but the home-cooking is as crowd-pleasing as it gets. Classic Greek food cooked to perfection. Fresh catches sit patiently waiting on a bed of ice. And the courtyard always feels cosy – despite being distinctly al fresco.  

rhodes platanos
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Orbzii tip: Make an afternoon of it and have a good mooch around Lachania before your meal. The village has ‘traditional’ written all over it. Keep your eyes peeled, you’re bound to spot many local faces at adjoining tables when you dine. 

rhodes mezzaluna
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When it comes to dining in Rhodes, Old Town restaurants are hard to beat. And then there’s Mezzaluna. Taking Greek cuisine to stellar levels in every way, the plates at Mezzaluna manage to deliver gourmet food without the pomp and ceremony. You’ll recognise just about every dish on the menu. No wheels are being reinvented here. But boy do they know what they’re doing with their Greek – and Mediterranean – flavours.

Definitely a spot for a special occasion – or just dropping in for lunch. Find whichever excuse you need to eat here and book it in to your Rhodes itinerary. And, before you considering leaving Mezzaluna for a seat at a Rhodes bar, do check out their cocktail menu. You may just want to stay a little longer… 

Rhodes restaurants come in all shapes and sizes – and we’ve barely scratched their tasty, tasty surface here. Pop the Orbzii app on your phone to plan the ultimate trip to Rhodes to uncover more gourmet spots.