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As youd expect from an island, watersports options run to the many in Rhodes. From a fairly pedestrian cruise of the coast in a twee motorboat to a full-throttle plough through the waves on a jet ski, its all for the taking.

Those with a flair for adventure might want to try kayaking Rhodes coastal and inland waters. Or perhaps a yacht charter could fulfil your nomadic leanings? Activating your core for some stand up paddling boarding perhaps pushes things a little too far if youre planning a leisurely one in Rhodes – but then, who can resist a challenge? 

Boat trips

Lets start things off with a fairly laidback way to see the Rhodes coastline. Boat hire in Rhodes has to be the ultimate watersport. Free to cruise along, you are the master of your own destiny. From small motorboats to the luxury yachts at Yachtcharter Rhodes theres a craft to suit your sailing skills.

If being captain for a day is a step too far, there are plenty of Rhodes boat trips where you can let someone else take the wheel. Dont dismiss glass-bottomed boats for their novelty value.

If youre not keen on snorkelling or scuba diving, they are a viable way to see Rhodes sea life in style. Tours leave Pefkos and head to the Lindos Acropolis daily. Prices range from 16 – 25 – depending on which tour you choose. For a huge choice of sea-based journeys, Faliraki Sealines operates trips, tours and mini cruises.  

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Costs: Boat hire from Watersports Rodos starts at 55 to hire a 30HP boat for one hour. For a full days hire, expect to pay 250. Up the stakes to a 140HP motorboat for 100 for one hour. Yacht charters at Yachtcharter Rhodes start at 1105 for a one week hire of a 6 person cruiser. 

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Jet ski

It would almost be easier to tell you where not to jet ski in Rhodes – such are your options. If youre used to riding the waves, get your adrenaline thrills on in KolymbiaKotari or Ialysos for gorgeous coastal views.

If this is your first time on a jet ski – try a jet ski safari. Youll be riding the waves in a group – with a group leader to show you the ropes and some hidden spots on the shore along the way. Watersports Rodos run safaris from Lothiarica Beach. Novices can whizz across the waves after some tips on how to drive the jet skis – and, once youve mastered your ride, youll take a tour of the areas most pristine beaches. Stop offs include seal cave where youll hopefully spot some seals.

They also hint at the chance of seeing dolphins and turtles, though, of course, nothing is guaranteed. Jet ski hire starts at 110 per ski for 1 or 2 people. They also hire out Go Pros if you want to catch all the action on film – without risking your phone or camera!

Orbzii tip: Music lovers – keep your eyes on the coastal architecture. Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour owns a home in Pefki village. Visible from the water, its your chance to see how Gilmour spends his summers. 


It might be an easy sport for beginners to pick up, but if you want one thing for paddleboarding, its calm waters. Luckily theres a stretch of coastline in Rhodes called Stegna – where the waters are not only calm, but impressively clear. Youll also find the good folks at Paddle Paradise who rent out boards, run paddleboarding trips and can even provide you with a bespoke paddling experience.

Our pick of their options is the sunrise paddle trip. Swap 60 and 3 hours of your time for a morning paddling into the sun, exploring sea caves and spotting fish going about their business in the waters below. In Rhodes, paddle boarding may mean an early start – but trust us, its worth it. If youd rather go off alone, a paddleboard will set you back just 20 for an hours hire. 

rhodes paddle board
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Orbzii tipStegna also happens to be home to one of the best restaurants in Rhodes. Drop into Stegna Kozas for the freshest fish dishes youll find on the island. 

rhodes kite surf
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Beginner or pro, if you want to windsurf in Rhodes, set a north west course for Ixia. To say the wind conditions are perfect is an understatement. The water just clocks up the bonus points further. And, as if that werent enough, theres also a topnotch windsurfing club with all the gear – and experts – to get you out onto the water. Surfline Rhodes has a wellstocked cupboard of new Starboard and Severne kit to hire out, with wetsuits and accessories also ranking highly in the great gear stakes.

Summer winds waft across the seas daily – in just the right direction to make life easy for beginners. When the wind speed picks up, it also makes the ideal setup for advanced surfers looking to hone some sick moves. Costs start at just 27 for an hours windsurf hire – or, if you plan to be here for longer, 270 for a week. Prices are flexible with costs for hours, days or even weeks. 


All eyes tend to be on the coast when it comes to kayaking in Rhodes. And yes, taking to the sea in a kayak will be an adventure youll want to take on. Deserted beaches, wild rams, birds and goats just chilling by the rocks and blue sea hues youll wax lyrical about for days. But, theres also an inland artificial lake and adventure park to kayak in too.

And before you paddle as far as possible away from the artificial lake’ reference, stay a while. Its right at the heart of a protected nature reserve. As youd expect in Rhodes, there are monuments nearby to scamper to – and theres a thrilling zip line and archery to have a go at.  

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rhodes waterpark
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Water Parks

Have we really dropped a waterpark recommendation in on an in depth look at watersports in Rhodes? Yes – and youll soon see why. This is a beast of a park. The largest in Greece, Water Park Rhodes is home to all the water park classics. They are serving a lazy river, wavepool, kids pirate ship and many, many massive slides. It goes without saying that youll also not get any pesky sand in your eye here.

If beaches just arent your scene, this is a cracking option. One day tickets are 24 for adults and 16 for children aged 3-12. If you plan on spending more time at the park, two and three day tickets bring the cost down slightly.

Orbzii tip: If you havent got access to a hire car, the park operates two free bus shuttles. Hop aboard at Mandraki harbor or one of the pick up points in the south – including PefkoiKiotariKolymbia or Lindos. 

Looking to mix up your Rhodes activities on land AND sea? Weve got you covered with our Rhodes guide to land-based activities too. 

Youre all set for a thrilling trip to Rhodes. All thats left now is to get you there. Funnily enough, weve got an app for that. Plan and book your dream holiday to Rhodes on the Orbzii app.