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If you’re in the market for some plant-based food in Krabi, we bring good news. The area’s no stranger to veggie and vegan travellers, with many omni restaurants opening up their menus to include those all-important V and VG symbols. That said, strictly vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Krabi are in short supply. Drop in to support those that are flying the plant-based flag. And, while you will have to pick through the menu, take a look at our omni recommendations for a place to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Cafe 8.98 - Omni

Let’s start the day with an omni menu that’ll please all in your travel brood. Cafe 8.98’s industrial coffee shop vibe is backed by a tried and trusted range of international crowd pleasers. Think smoothies, coffee, juices and eggs served every which way. At first glance, vegans are limited to bowls. Smoothie bowls, porridge bowls and salad bowls. Which, isn’t bad, given there was a time when all you could hope for was a smoothie at best. A little dig through the menu does offer up the chance to create your own vegan brekkie, providing the kitchen’s willing. Vegetarians needn’t trifle with any of the dishes here. The Shakshuka’s a high point in a sea of egg options and options really ramp up when you hit the pastries and cakes section of the menu. 

vegan breakfast krabi
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Orbzii tip: We’ve listed Cafe 8.98 as a solid breakfast buy, but lunch wouldn’t be a bad shout either. And, if you’re mooching around Krabi, it pays to know there’s two locations to choose from. 

vegetarian breakfast krabi
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Lion and Shark - Omni

Shin up Lion and Shark’s step ladder and you’ll find yourself in a heavenly, but tucked away breakfast bar. If your Krabi island sightseeing has left you weary, don’t worry, there is a back door if the ladder looks too much. Once you’re in, expect low slung tables with floor cushions as seating, chilled vibes and a somewhat laidback approach to service. No matter, because you’re not here to settle in and see what the morning brings. At Lion and Shark it could be an impromptu guitar solo or a hour’s people watching from your vantage point. On the food front, despite the small menu, there are vegan and veggie options. This is THE spot to start your day with a tropical smoothie bowl or banana Nutella toast. Coffees come with soy milk options and most dishes come with their fair share of chia seeds. 


Hongming Vegetarian - Vegan

Despite the confusing title, Hongming Vegetarian is a fully vegan restaurant. Krabi is a little short on exclusively plant-based destinations, so it pays to swing by this one at least once. And, you may well be pleased with your findings. This restaurant does go in a little heavy on the fake meats, but the authentic Thai food is a tasty and cheap option at lunch. Expect to pay around 40 baht for a plate of rice – with two curries or toppings. Free extras include salad and water, though by now you’ll know to be wary of salads on your travels. Another food tip, be wary of the spice levels here. If you like your curries mild, do take time to whip out your Thai phrase book and ask for anything you order to be mai ped – not spicy. 

krabi vegan restaurant
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Orbzii tip: If you like your food hot – as opposed to lukewarm – or even cold, do get here early. All the dishes are first come first served too, so a late lunch here could see the menu sold out or languishing in cold dishes. 

vegan food krabi
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Buzz Organic - Omni

Yes, we’re sending you to another omni restaurant, but Buzz Organic’s blend of organic, light bites hit the spot when you’re looking for a pit stop on your tour of the best beaches in Krabi. The small menu of vegan salads, meze and wraps is shored up nicely with a daily specials board. One of the highlights at Buzz will undoubtedly be the vegan cake and ice cream. Insta-worthy, the beautiful colours in the ice creams do come with a flavour medley that might mess with your mind. If there’s anywhere you’re going to dabble with a rose, beetroot and basil mix, it’s here. Tastebud teasers aside, the cold pressed juices, wheatgrass shots and fruit crushes will keep you on track with any Krabi health and wellness goals. 

Orbzii tip: Veggies, try the Raw cacao brownie smoothie. It’s hard to believe there’s no added sugar in this delicious drink. Vegans, don’t miss the vegan breakfast here. Quinoa might seem a stretch pre-11am but somehow, it just works. 


Govinda’s - Vegetarian/Vegan

Govinda’s is the go-to place for Thai food in Krabi. The menu does have a mix of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Though, depending on the day you visit, the delicious recipes can sway more in the vegan direction. No matter, because everything you’ll eat here is flavour-packed and, well, a little eclectic. Your choices range from a pick from an a la carte menu or a medley of meals from the buffet. On the menu, Thai and Indian food does remain the highlight, but we can’t help but love the addition of an international section. Vegan pizza, burgers and spaghetti bolognese might be a welcome sight if you’re eating here a few times on your Krabi stay. With vegan restaurants in Krabi being thin on the ground, perhaps it’s just a savvy business move? 

krabi vegetarian restaurant
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krabi vegan food

Krabi weekend night market

It’s well worth a stroll of the stalls at this bustling market if you’ve exhausted your veggie options – or just fancy a change. Expect plenty of Thai street food options, though you will have to do some digging to find veggie meals. Most of the vendors speak some English, but asking for the food to be ‘kin jay’ ensures it’s vegetarian. Failing that, there’s always plenty of fresh local fruit, snacks, smoothies and juices to tide you over while you browse the souvenir and craft stalls or watch the entertainment unfold on the nearby stage. 

Now we’ve got your Krabi dining sorted, you can make the most of your stay in this bustling coastal town. Not planned your whole stay just yet? Download the Orbzii app today, to plan and book your Krabi trip.