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Berlin has a well-earned reputation as a forward-thinking city when it comes to social and environmental issues, and that cultural influence has had a huge impact on the food and drinks industry in the German capital. While Germans are famous for their wursts and other meaty goods, there are now scores of excellent vegan restaurants in Berlin that produce all the gluttony and heartiness of traditional German food (among other cuisines), without any of the animal exploitation.  

Even if you’re an omnivore you should think about paying some of these places a visit. While you might not come out a lentil-loving convert, you’ll certainly expand your view of what vegan food is, and just how tasty it can be. If you’re looking to try some innovative, animal-free food, or vegan staples done right, then read ahead for our guide to a vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Berlin. 


Breakfast & Brunch

Ataya Caffe

Mediterranean-inspired cuisine is the name of the game here, but if you prefer your breakfast or brunch to be hearty and filling, then you’ll still have plenty to get excited about at this great little spot. With that said, the blend of African and Italian dishes feels like it might not work when you first hear about it, but after a bite or two of whatever you order you’ll see just how much the combination makes sense. 

Brunch is technically only served on the weekend, but the breakfast menu is big enough that you won’t miss out if you can only make it during the week. When you add the warm, friendly service and homely, laid-back atmosphere of Ataya, it’s easy to see why it’s a firm favourite among vegans and omnivores alike. Although the cooked food is top notch, we’d recommend saving some room for one of the vegan cakes, which are some of the best we’ve ever tasted. 

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Plant Base

This vegan café is about so much more than the food, but frankly even without the social work they do it’s worth visiting. Open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, Plant Base is also home to a bookstore and hosts several events, usually pertaining to environmentalism and the ethics of food. With that said, they’re not didactic or preachy when it comes to veganism; their entire philosophy is that we should all be eating more plants regardless of our preferences, and it’s hard to argue with that. 

The café mostly does sweet treats and smaller dishes, but there are some great savoury things to try. The scrambled tofu on sourdough is a filling revelation, and the tapas boards are perfect for a relaxed, sharing breakfast. The coffee is also wonderfully brewed, with the flavours gently teased out by excellent baristas. 


Mana (Schoneberg)

Mana is without a doubt one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin. Now with a second location in Moabit, we still think the original is the best, mostly because of the décor and wonderful terrace where you can enjoy your meal in the Berlin sun (when it comes out, of course).  

The menu is informed by whatever ingredients are available, meaning fresh, German produce used for most of your meal. This also means that whenever you go, you’re bound to have a unique tasting experience. With that said, there are a couple of favourites that remain on the menu for most of the year, including the Black Bean Burger. This massive meal comes with wedges and the sort of stacked toppings that make food photographers nervous. Definitely one to visit if you’re keen to see how delicious plant-based food can be. 

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While we love German food, and what many vegan restaurants have done to incorporate aspects of this rich culinary tradition into plant-based meals, the joy of vegan Berlin restaurants is that many are inspired by pan-Asian cuisine and food from other parts of the world. Soy is one such place, taking the very best of Vietnamese flavours and ‘veganising’ them for your eating pleasure. 

Soy is different from many Vietnamese restaurants as it doesn’t just serve the standard pho or banh mi (although there are excellent versions of both on the menu). The veganised banh xeo is as good as meat-filled ones from Hanoi stalls at 3am, but the noodle dishes take the prizes here: healthy, flavourful, yet intensely filling, there’s nothing more you could want in a meal. Soy does get very busy, so try to book ahead or come during a less rushed time.  

Vegano Flavours

Berlin’s massive North African and Middle Eastern population means the standard of food from that region is second-to-none – after all, there’s a reason why so many German’s love donner kebabs and wursts. At Vegano Flavours, these Islamic-inspired favourites have been given a plant-based twist, but retain the flavourful, juicy, all-round delicious nature of their meaty cousins. 

The restaurant itself is light and airy, with plenty of room. There’s also a fantastic wine and beer list to wash everything down with. While we’d recommend pretty much everything on the menu (the vegan shawarma with pomegranate syrup is to die for) the Manakish (a kind of flatbread that some people call an Arabic pizza) is freshly baked in house, and it shows. Order one to share and you won’t regret it. 

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Ga Ya Ya (Mitte)

Now with two locations, this vegan pan-Asian restaurant is all about freshly made, high-class food. Without a doubt one of the most innovative vegan restaurants in Berlin, you can order a la carte or have an omakase type experience, where the chef curates a delightful series of dishes for you. 

The food veers between different cuisines and cultures, but each one is done incredibly well. The Pad Thai is much vaunted, as is the Malay laksa soup, and the artfully arranged bento dishes. Great presentation, great taste, and great value for money considering how good it all is, Ga Ya Ya should be on the must-visit list for every vegan (and meat-eater) who comes to Berlin. 

vegan pan-asian restaurant in berlin
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Some people think vegan food is all boring lentil soups served by scraggly-bearded environmentalists, but Kopps is anything but a slapdash communal meal type place. This vegan restaurant in Berlin is all about fine-dining, and while you can order a la carte, the ever-changing vegan tasting menu is what we’d recommend.  

It’s not just the food that’s phenomenal here. The service and general experience is second-to-none, matching that of any fine-dining restaurant in the city. The meals are inventive and the staff well-versed in the intricacies of the menu, so they can explain everything with ease and elevate your culinary experience. Kopps should be on any foody list of restaurants to dine at in Berlin. 

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