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Game of Thrones IS one of the biggest TV shows in recent times. Not only has it received a myriad of accolades for acting, direction and production, it’s also inspired millions of ‘Thronies’ all over the world to follow in the footsteps of their favourite Game of Thrones’ characters in stunning filming locations like Seville, Dubrovnik, Malta, Split, Iceland and more.

Did you also know that the pretty mediaeval city of Girona in the northeastern region of Catalonia makes up a large part of Game of Thrones? The fantasy behemoth was filmed in several locations right in the city of Girona. 

From the King’s Landing’s religious centre to the grimy streets of Braavos, The Game of Thrones Girona locations are spread throughout this city. If you want to relive your favourite scenes and get a glimpse of the real-life Westeros and Essos, then why not take a look at our ultimate Game of Thrones Girona travel guide to help inspire your next trip. 


Game of Thrones Girona

Double teaming all the way, when it comes to some of the filming locations of Game of Thrones Girona doubles as both the Free City of Essos and Braavos. Some of the filming locations were used in the series to represent parts of King’s Landing and Oldtown as well.


Previously the Croatian city of Split had been used for Braavos, whilst previous scenes set in King’s Landing had been filmed in both Malta and subsequently Dubrovnik.


In Season 6 of Game of Thrones, Girona and the cobbled streets of the city’s old town were transformed into the Free City of Essos, where Arya Stark was living and being hunted by the Waif. There are many twists and turns along the way and in dramatic scenes, Ayra suffers from both temporary blindness and barbarous beatings from the malicious Waif.


The backdrop to these dramatic scenes is the beautiful sprawling passages of the city’s Mediaeval Quarter. When it comes to Game of Thrones, Girona is the gift that keeps on giving and as the city is so compact, it’s really easy to explore all of the Game of Thrones Girona locations in just one day.

game of thrones
Girona cathedral aerial view

Girona Cathedral

Historically, the capital of Westeros was predominantly filmed in the picturesque Croatian city of Dubrovnik, but in series 6 of Game of Thrones Girona Cathedral doubled up as the Great Sept of Baelor, the largest building in King’s Landing.


In the show, the cathedral was the setting for some of the most iconic scenes which includes the destruction of the Sept when Cersei Lannister set it alight and it was totally destroyed.


Luckily, in real life Girona Cathedral is still standing and that particular scene made use of that old cinematic favourite – CGI to depict the building’s destruction.

The cathedral of Girona is one of Girona’s most recognisable buildings, but it can only be reached by climbing the 91 stone steps, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes and pace yourself. This gargantuan building dominates the skyline of the old town and has the widest Gothic nave in the world.

Girona Arab baths

One of the prevalent themes in season six of Game of Thrones is the hunting of Arya Stark by the Waif. You may remember the iconic chase scene through the city of Girona which culminates in a terrifying climax. No #spoileralert here, but let’s just say it’ll get your heart racing! 

The baths are located in the heart of old Girona, between the Church of Sant Feliu, the city wall and the imposing cathedral. Make sure you pay a visit to the rooftop and you’ll enjoy some incredible views which includes the stone domed skylight.

Arabic baths in Girona
Arya sits on the streets of Girona

Bishop José Cartañà Street

In the first episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, Girona’s very own Bishop Josep Cartañà Street is the focal point of where protagonist Arya Stark is seen begging and wandering through the streets of Braavos. 


One of the scenes was filmed in front of the gardens behind the Cathedral in Bishop Josep Cartañà Street. Take a stroll and admire the architecture and you can even channel your inner Arya if you so desire by recreating the scene when Arya begs for alms on the steps.

Braavos Bridge - Galligants Bridge

In episode 7 of the sixth series of Game of Thrones, Girona’s Galligants Bridge is a key landmark. Arya is observing a sculpture in the distance and contemplating her situation after booking her passage home. The Titan of Braavos, a 400 foot tall fortress statue that guards the harbour at the entrance to the port of Braavos can be seen on the bridge over the Riu Galligants. She is then subsequently stabbed by a forlorn seemingly young girl who intriguingly has an old woman’s face.


When you visit ‘real life’, you will notice that the background is somewhat different to what is seen on the show. As the bridge doesn’t have a particularly scenic view, the producers added in some CGI, but you can still really capture the feel for this Game of Thrones Girona landmark.

A bridge in Girona, near Galligants
Street steps of Girona market region

Ferran el Catòlic Street and Archaeological Walk

Do you remember the scenes set in Braavos Port Market? In this episode Arya is walking through the market of Braavos looking for safe passage so that she is able to leave the city. 


If you are looking to truly get a sense of your Game of Thrones Girona experience, make sure you carve out some time to visit the Archaeological Walk of Girona which is where the market is located. Scenes were also filmed in Rei Ferran el Catòlic Street, which is just in front of the entrance to the Arabian Baths.

Super fans of Game of Thrones can impress their fellow ‘Thronies’ by holding on to this particular little nugget of information. This street is named after Rei Ferran el Catòlics which is a must if you visit Girona. Head on over to the Old town, take a stroll from the and running from the Archaeological Walk over to the Cathedral Square. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Church of Sant Lluc along the way.

Whether ‘Winter is coming’, or you are looking for a summer sojourn in Girona Game of Thrones style, then it’s time to book your Game of Thrones trip today. Hit that download button now, so you can Dream, Plan and Book all in one handy travel app.