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There isn’t much that beats driving into Clark County at dusk and seeing the effervescent sparkles of the strip burst into life over the horizon, but, of course, the enterprising bunch in the city of sin have managed to top that experience with the magic of helicopter rides over Las Vegas. There are many companies that offer once in a lifetime Las Vegas helicopter tours, and unlike a lot of helicopter rides over famous locations, these are totally worth it. Not only do you get a glamorous view of the entertainment capital of the world, but with many of the packages you get food, drink, and activities included. The rides are a unique opportunity and the Grand Canyon extensions are a must do for anybody who’s always been interested in the seven natural wonders of the world. We’ve done the research on the best companies, so you don’t have to. So, take a look at our guide to helicopter trips over Las Vegas.


Maverick Tours

Maverick are one of the best companies for helicopter tours in Las Vegas, offering a ride over the strip for as cheap as USD 75. You can enjoy a glass of complimentary champagne before the flight to settle your nerves, and flights run both at day and during the night, with the latter a more aesthetically pleasing experience. You’ll see iconic locations like Caesars Palace, historic Downtown Vegas, and the sports stadiums that house the local franchises. The exhilarating experience takes around fifteen minutes, but the memories will last a lifetime.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, Maverick also offer Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon so you can see the majesty of this natural wonder in all its glory. The trip route also includes flying over the Hoover Dam, as well as getting to experience the impressive beauty of Lake Mead and the Mojave Desert. As you reach the Grand Canyon and the ground drops away, you’ll be awed by just how huge it is. You then get to land just under one kilometre beneath the rim and only three hundred feet above the surging Colorado River. These flights start from USD 449, but you can take part in a sunset flight for an additional USD 50. The trip lasts around 4 hours, and includes a free limousine pick up if you’re within five miles of the strip. There’s also the option to add a stroll across the Skywalk, where you can get to grips with just how deep the canyon is.

All Maverick flights depart from the Las Vegas Strip terminal, and Maverick have the added benefit of having a private landing pad at the canyon, where you’ll be given light snacks and champagne.

Sundance Helicopters

Sundance are another reputable company offering helicopter rides over Las Vegas. Their city nightlife tour runs from USD 165, and there are numerous upgrades to the Las Vegas helicopter tours they offer, including the phenomenal Red Rock & Cognac tour. This is quite dear at USD 5995 (for up to six people) but will be an unbeatable experience: the trip includes a personally engraved bottle of LOUIS XIII by Rémy Martin, served with LOUS XIII silver service, as well as a private helicopter tour to Red Rock Canyon.


Sundance also do Grand Canyon tours, and if you want to really make the most of the trip you can sign up to the Grand Voyager tour. This takes you to the Canyon and offers you the chance to do the Skywalk, but also includes a scenic riverboat ride and a delightful lunch overlooking the rim of the Canyon. There’s also plenty of opportunity to explore Grand Canyon West, where you can learn about the history of the indigenous owners of the land, the Hualapai. The intrepid can add rafting down the Colorado River to the itinerary too, and you’ll be given equipment and an instructor who knows the local rapids to ensure a safe and fun time.

All flights depart from a runway that’s adjacent to McCarran International Airport. Limo pick up is included, and in the pre-flight lounge you’re served complimentary champagne. They’ll also take a pre-flight photograph, so you have a snapshot of the memory forever. Like the Maverick flights, the strip rides last around fifteen minutes, and the Grand Canyon ride is around four hours long.

There are several rules for both operators, and because of the inherent risks involved in helicopter rides over Las Vegas these must be strictly adhered to. Guests weighing over a certain amount may be charged extra; the amount depends on the type of helicopter you’re being taken up in, but the average weight at which this kicks in is 300 pounds (around 137 KG). Like on a regular plane, you need to put your phone in airplane mode, and there is no flash photography allowed inside the helicopter. Moreover, bags aren’t permitted on helicopters, but both companies offer complimentary lockers for your belongings, which are incredibly safe and secure. As mentioned, both companies offer a limo service, but this is shared with other riders. Private limos (and private Las Vegas helicopter rides) can be requested for that special touch, if that’s what you’re after.

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