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Bars and clubs in Split are an essential part of any stay in this city. Backpackers join stag and hen dos in search for the cheapest shots in the city, while a more eclectic crowd scan the space for a quirky spot to sup small batch liqueurs. Which goes to show there’s a space and vibe for everyone in Split. The best time of year to go? Summer. Terrace doors are flung open, beach parties start at sundown and carry on until the sun’s up and, elsewhere, you can salsa under the stars in a Roman palace… 


Beach Clubs

Coastal clubs in Split might not be an obvious choice for evening drinks. But you’ll find everything here, from sunset cocktails to late night beach parties with stunning sea views. 

Gooshter Beach Club

Theres a chic and stylish beach club just a twenty minute drive from Split that deserves your attention. Gooshter Beach Club ticks all the interior design notes youre looking for. The rustic, woven fronds that shelter you from sun by day are perfectly lit by night to create a surprisingly cosy atmosphere. The clever stylings lift you from Eastern Europe and land you somewhere in the Caribbean, though the food menu hints at the Far East. No matter, youre likely here for the sunset vibes and sea views, which are stunning.  

people drinking at cosy beachside bar split
Instagram @gooshterbeachclub

Orbzii tip: As part of a 5 star hotel complex, nights here rarely get rowdy – not least because on most nights the club shuts at 7pm. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the doors stay open until 11pm. 

cocktail at beachside bar in split
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Taboo Beach Club

If spending a day on the comfy cabanas at Taboo Beach club isnt high on your list of things to do in Split, wed still suggest dropping by for sunset cocktails. As night falls, the party atmosphere starts to build, as milling crowds gather round the DJ booth. Live music, stunning aerial shows and a slice of luxe life elevate this beach club from some of the more hedonistic venues in the city, but as the night wears on, the mood often elevates to something approaching wild. 

Orbzii tip: Youll find many classic cocktails on the drinks menu here, but if youre in the market for something new, try the Dubrovnik Republic Gin. 



To find the best views in Split, you hike to this lofty vantage point in Marjan Park and pull up a chair at Vidilica. Strictly speaking, this is more restaurant than bar, but once youve looked out from their perfectly place terrace, you may well be tempted to linger here for hours. With the city and harbour stretched out below, the coffee, cocktails and wine almost pale into insignificance. Almost. The drinks here as priced accordingly for such a sought after venue, and its likely youll find better in the streets below. What you wont find, is a place where you can watch the sunset so beautifully over the city. Whether thats worth the climb up the steps and a few extra Kuna, is up to you. 

view above rooftop bar in split
Instagram @teraca_vidilica
people dancing outside bar in split
Instagram @lvxorcroatia


If you add one spot to an itinerary for a weekend in Split, make it Lvxor. Sitting right in the heart of the Peristil Square, you can tick off a multitude of Split must sees just by having a drink in this cafe bar historic. Said to be Split’s oldest cafe, the setting and nearby attractions obviously makes it popular with tourists. But it’s an experience. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re in the midst of a city break. Live music fills the vast stone palace every night, on Sundays salsa dancers encourage you to get up a shake your hips and, whenever you visit, a drink on the cushion-clad steps is memorable.  

The Daltonist

Narrowing down Splits bar scene to a few key picks could be tricky, if it werent for the good folks at The Daltonist. Theyve managed to perfectly blend the best of the citys cocktail, craft ale, whiskey and wine scene into one space. Whatever your tipple, it seems like the bar tenders here are experts in every hop, grape, grain or mixer. The spacious, stonebuilt bar keeps you feeling very Split-based – rather than in a generic drinking hole. There are many things that set this bar apart from the rest – but their house-label syrups and liqueurs probably top the list.

cocktail bar split
Instagram @thedaltonistcraftbar

Orbzii tip: The bars small plates menu might not make it into the top 10 places to eat in Split, but the dishes pair so well with their drinks list, itd be a shame not to try a snack or two. 



Since 2016, central Split has been dancing to the beat of Central, the Club. An eye-poppingly glitzy nightclub that comes with all the late night essentials. Two storeys set the stage for four bars, VIP lounges, VIP zones and an impressive dance floor. The club hosts international DJs and Croatian stars every night of the week – though the most praise is often reserved for the state-of-the-art sound system. From 12:30 until 6am you can dance your city break shoes off to club classics, hip hop, RnB and the latest dance chart hits. Acrobats and glitter canons add an Ibizan Superclub vibe to an already popular venue. 

dj with live musician in club in split
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people drinking in bar terrace in split
Facebook @AcademiaClubGhetto

Academia Ghetto Club

The old stone walls of the Academic Ghetto Club couldnt be any more different than the sleek and shiny clubbing mecca of Central. And thats possibly what will draw you in. Yes, its tiny and, yes, its more of a bar than a club. But you really wont top it in Split for live music and a distinctly edgy and bohemian vibe. This is the club that everyone who doesnt quite tick a box elsewhere comes to… Only to find there are dozens more just like them. Drop in, you never know what the night has in store here. 

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