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Few would consider packing their tees and towel for a Mauritius golf retreat. But, pop those golf accessories in your case and you could find yourself driving on some tropical and technical stunners. Too much? Multi-million dollar courses, backed by big names in the game, have sprung up around Mauritius since the 1990s. What we’re saying here is, Mauritius is definitely a golf holiday option.

Don’t want to play your way around all 9 golf courses in Mauritius? No problem. We’ve pitched the best options to you below, including some short games for the long hot days where you can’t face a full round. Trust us. Tearing yourself away from the sun lounger or hanging up your snorkel and flippers for a day or three will be worth it. 

Mauritius Golf Courses

Ile Aux Cerfs

Before you even tee off at Ile Aux Cerfs you’re in uncharted territory. Hopping aboard a boat to access the first hole is certainly novel and could easily put you firmly in holiday golf mode. Don’t let the tropical island vibe fool you. You’re in for 18 holes of tricky and taxing shots. Which certainly isn’t a bad thing. The course owes its playing style to Bernhard Langer who wanted a course that players will remember. And remember it you will. Whether it’s the island setting, playing through the mangroves, catching glimpses of the ocean or negotiating some craggy lava – there’s much to get your golfing brain thinking. Hole 11 stands out for all the right reasons – the beach views really are something. New to the game? The free, hour long daily golf clinics are a nice touch for beginners wanting to learn more. 

Orbzii Tip: Pack plenty of spare golf balls in your case – no matter your handicap you will need them. Your drives may be long – but if you don’t quite hit the fairway, you’ll not see your ball again. 

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Mauritius Gymkhana Club

Anyone with a passing interest in golf’s history will want to get their spikes on Gymkhana’s fairways. Thankfully you no longer need to be well connected to tee off. Once invitation only, this club is prestigious and still has a member list to match. Yes, it’s the oldest golf course in Mauritius, but the game’s changed a lot in the last 150 years. It’s immensely playable and languishing on the greens of one of the world’s oldest courses only adds to the experience. Technical in places and you’ll need to stay out of the sand. A par 68 that’s showing signs of age, but we’d look a little weedy around the fairways if we’d been knocking about since 1844. 

Belle Mare Plage

What’s your view on exclusivity? If you like your golf ‘residents only’ the Legend course at Constance Belle Mare Plage is for you – providing you’re staying at the hotel, of course. If you want your Mauritius golf a smidge more accessible, head to their still very upmarket Links track. Unlike other Mauritius golf courses (hello Ile Aux Cerfs) drivers who tend to hook or slice their way around the tees won’t be too harshly punished.

Though don’t think this is an easy play. You’ll be patting yourself on the back if you manage a par on the 14th. This 18 hole course is peppered with water hazards and has enough to keep holiday golfers and residents coming back for more. USPGA spec and the odd couple design partnership of Peter Alliss and Rodney Wright make it a hard course to say no to. 


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Mauritius Golf Experiences

Pitch and Putt

Holidays don’t always allow quite enough time for a full round. Never has that been more true here. Whether you’re diving in Mauritius or just exploring and taking in the island’s culture you may want to still squeeze in a quick game. And, yes, you could just play the first 9 at one of the courses we’ve mentioned so far.

But that’s a fast route to FOMO. Besides, your holiday companions may not be as gifted as you with a 3 wood. This is when a 9 hole pitch and putt course comes into its own. We like the central Dodo Club. You do still need a handicap to play – so definitely not a place to tear up the tees and greens. And you’ll not get any sea views. You will be playing a once very exclusive, albeit short, course with another 13 sports for non-golfers to choose from. 

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Mini Golf - With a difference

The Beachcomber has taken the term mini golf and applied it very literally to their 9 hole course. Their fairways and greens are a tiny replica of the back 9 at Mont Choisy. Accessible to everyone – handicaps be damned – though probably too small to make a special journey, this twee circuit is a classy spin on the windmill and crazy clown action mini golf so often delivers. Instead of plastic tat – expect your putting practice to be adorned with gently rustling palms and barbury figs. The floodlights beam into action at night, where we suspect a balmy round can only be enhanced by attempting play after a couple of suitably iced, and definitely punchy drinks. 

Get on the tropical fairways with the Orbzii app. We can’t help you look for those lost balls in the mangroves, but we’re ready to help you dream, book and plan your ultimate Mauritius golf trip.