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What to say about Muay Thai? The national sport of Thailand is as brutal as it is beautiful, and its practitioners will be the first tell you there’s nothing more addictive than the rush of a fight. To be an excellent fighter, you need control, speed, and the ability to never give up; something that doesn’t quite gel with the vibe of most Thai holidays, but lofty aims, nonetheless.  

However, if you’re keen on attaining the eye of the tiger and getting more involved in the sport during your Phuket break there are ample opportunities to do so. From singular sessions at Muay Thai gyms to full on, monthlong camps, there’s plenty of chances to see why so many people love Muay Thai. 

Muay Thai gyms in Phuket

There are a whole host of different Muay Thai specialist gyms in Phuket. Some offer single beginner sessions for tourists, whereas others are for serious practitioners only. We’ve collated a few of the best below. 

Rattachai Muay Thai

Rattachai Muay Thai is staffed by a stable of former fighters. The owner and operator has racked up over three hundred fights in his time, and has been coaching for over a decade, so you know the quality and knowledge is there.  

Located just a short drive from Phuket Old Town, they’re open seven days a week and offer a mixture of individual and group classes, so regardless of level you’ll find something in this Muay Thai gym in Phuket. 

Drop-in rates are also incredibly reasonable. One group class is 400 Baht (GBP 10), or you can get two sessions in one day for 600 Baht (GBP 15). A private session (one hour) is 700 Baht (GBP 17.50). If you’re keen on a two-week boot camp, this is also available for 32,700 Baht (GBP 810), which includes two group sessions per day, 2 private sessions, a private room at nearby The One Cozy Resort, breakfast, a day trip to Racha and Coral Islands, and airport transfers. 

Phuket rattachaimuaythai
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Dragon Muay Thai

Open six days a week and home to a group of trainers with more than two thousand fights between themDragon Muay Thai isn’t as famous among expats and tourists than some other Muay Thai gyms in Phuket, but certainly has everything you would want. It’s also just a short hop from Chalong pier and Phuket Old Town, so easy to get to. 

Aside from the high-class equipment and top quality teaching, they also manage to keep prices relatively low, with a morning or afternoon group session available for just 300 Baht (GBP 7.50), and two sessions in one day a very reasonable 500 Baht (GBP 12.50). If you’re in town for a week, you can buy a package that gives you two sessions per day (over six days, as they close on Sundays) for just 2,500 Baht (GBP 62.50).  

Phuket Top Team

If you’re keen on practicing Muay Thai in Phuket with state-of-the-art facilities designed specifically for this sport, then Phuket Top Team is the gym for you.  

Home to three rings, a pro MMA room, strength and conditioning areas, 18 private rooms, and over 1,000 sqm of matted area to practice on, Phuket Top Team is truly one of the best Muay Thai gyms in Phuket.  

The focus here is on competition, but they do offer beginner sessions too, so anybody can have a go. Phuket Top Team also isn’t just focused on Muay Thai; they have a number of MMA fighters and coaches, which lends the gym a more international flavour. 

Instagram @phukettopteam

They offer full day training for 600 Baht (GBP 15), or 500 Baht (GBP 12.50) for just one session. You can get a week of full day training for 3,600 Baht (GBP 60) too, if you want to visit every day of your break. Single private sessions are available for 700 Baht (GBP 17.50). 

Muay Thai Camps in Phuket

If you’ve fallen in love with the sport or are simply a fighter looking to get to the next level in the home of Muay Thai, then a camp may be a better option than simply joining a few gym sessions. Phuket has a plethora of Muay Thai camps, each of them with their own pros and cons.  

Revolution Phuket

Formerly known as Sitsongpeenon Phuket and just 400m away from the idyllic Bangtao beach (and only a half hour drive from Phuket Old Town), this Muay Thai camp in Phuket is not just well stocked with high end equipment, but is home to excellent trainerssome beautiful accommodation, and a couple of house pets to boot.  

Revolution Phuket trainers have hundreds of fights between them, as well as championship belts and experience in many other types of combat. 

Their bootcamp consists of 2 training sessions per day and accommodation pricing and is split into tiers. The “Fighters” deal costs 20,000 Baht (GBP 500) for 28 days. The “Champions’ Room” is 28,000 Baht (GBP 700) for 28 days, but also includes an upgraded room with WiFi and air conditioning. 

Insagram @revolution.gym_phuket

You can also do additional strength and conditioning classes for 400 Baht (GBP 10) each, or 2,900 Baht (GBP 72.50) for the month. Meal plans are also available, but at an additional cost; these can be enquired about via email. 

Instagram @tigermuaythai

Tiger Muay Thai

Without a doubt home to one of the best Muay Thai camps in Phuket, Tiger Muay Thai is a fighting institution and possibly the most famous gym on the island. Located right in the heart of Chalong, the camp offers hard yet fun training for fighters of all levels. 

Their success has been documented by various film makers and travel shows, and for good reason: it’s just a great gym, albeit one that can be a little busy. Although the training is top quality, if you’re looking for a real learning experience then the private lessons are probably a must here, as group sessions are usually at the max capacity of four students to one trainer because of the high demand. 

Although they do have single sessions available to purchase for 500 Baht (GBP 12.50), the one-month boot camp which gives you access to all classes during the month and use of the weight room costs 12,400 Baht (GBP 310), although this is just for training. 

Accommodation is an additional 16,000 Baht (GBP 400) for a standard room, and 22,000 Baht (GBP 550) for a deluxe. You can also add an additional 10x private lessons for 6,500 Baht (GBP 162.50).  

Sumalee Boxing Gym

An underrated gem considering it is home to one of the best Muay Thai camps in Phuket, Sumalee Boxing Gym is a bit more unique as it combines Muay Thai and yoga. 

Located on the East coast near Phang Nga Bay but a little more secluded and serene than the others, if you’re looking for a holistic training experience, then this is your spot. The gym is unrivalled when it comes to equipment, and there are a lot of promising and established Muay Thai fighters who train here.  

All bootcamp packages include 2 group training sessions from Monday to Saturday, a free t shirt, use of the pool and gym studio, daily breakfast, one private session a day, beginner’s pack of equipment, and fresh fruit and water available at all times.  

Facebook @SumaleeBoxingGym

Prices for these packages are only available on request. You can also book training and accommodation separately: it’s 13,000 Baht for a 28-day package which includes 2 group sessions per day and use of the pool, and an additional 28,798 Baht (GBP 714) for a standard room for that same time-period. 

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