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Sharm el-Sheikh is a touristic wonderland, meaning there’s an endless slew of activities to indulge in and experiences to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you prefer digging your toes into soft, bone-white sand, or hiking through the Sinai Mountain range while spotting rare wildlife and being wowed by panoramic views, the sparkling city by the sea has it all. If anything, it can even be a bit overwhelming to decide how to spend your time. If you’re planning on visiting but still deliberating on your itinerary, and want to make sure you choose well, then read ahead for Orbzii’s guide to things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh. 

Scuba Dive or Snorkel in the Red Sea

The Red Sea laps calmly at Sharm el-Sheikh’s shores, but this body of water isn’t just ideal for a fun splash around. It’s home to some of the most unique and vibrant marine life in the world, including rare fish species and bright coral to marvel at. As a result, it has some of the best diving infrastructure in the entire world, whether you’re a new fan of the sport or a seasoned wearer of wet suits. Try your hand at getting qualified as a diver, or if you don’t want to commit to the lessons and test, then rent a snorkel and get swimming. You won’t regret it. 

people snorkelling in the red sea
quad biking sharm el sheikh desert

Desert Safari Day Tours

Despite Sharm el-Sheikh being home to lush grassland and a stunning array of marine life, the surrounding desert offers a vastly different terrain. Sparse, wild, yet teeming with life, the best (and only safe) way to explore the sand-lands around the city is with a safari. Explore amazing sites like the coloured canyons and valleys of the Sinai, and watch as majestic birds of prey hunt in this vast, arid land. Tours vary in all sorts of ways: you can have a day tour or go stargazing at night, or you can rent buggies or be whisked away in a 4×4. 

And it’s not just natural highlights either: Saint Catherine’s Monastery is right in the heart of the desert, sandwiched between three peaks, and is said to be where Moses spoke to God. Exploring the sand surrounding the city is a Sharm el-Sheikh must, and well worth leaving the tranquil surroundings of your resort for. 

Glass boat tours of the Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve

The Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve is a shimmering gem in the city’s already incredible collection of things to do. Located in the Red Sea just off Sharm el-Sheikh, it encompasses two islands, and is almost 345km2 of open water filled with shipwrecks, coral, and stunning marine life. The land portion contains a mangrove forest and plenty of idyllic shoreline, but the real magic is in the waves. Take a glass boat tour of this reserve to get a glimpse into the natural wonders of the Egyptian coast, all while enjoying snacks and refreshments, and with a well-informed, friendly tour guide giving you the lowdown on what makes this reserve so special. 

glass bottom boat ras mohamed nature reserve
shops in naama bay

Wander through Naama Bay

No area encapsulates the amazing range of things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh as well as Naama Bay. With beaches, shopping, water parks, and plenty else to explore during the day, at night there are a core of outstanding restaurants, bars, and clubs to spend the dark hours in. A lot of the resorts that call the city home are in or around this area, and you can usually get day passes to the best of what they have to offer, including pools and water slides. However, there’s also the chance to try your hand at water sports, or just lounging by the sea. No matter what you want to do on your trip here, you’ll find it in Naama Bay. 

Stand in Awe at the Heavenly Cathedral

Although Egypt has long been a Muslim-majority country, it has a long history of Christianity too, especially relating to the Coptic Faith. The marvellous, ornate, imposing Heavenly Cathedral is a testament to this heritage, and an architectural highlight that would impress even the most ardent church hopper. The edifice towers over its surroundings, but as impressive as it is, it’s the interior that really wows. With hundreds of gorgeous frescoes and paintings, as well as shining light fixtures and beautiful mouldings, entering here is as awe-inspiring as anything in Vatican City. A must for anyone who wants to see otherworldly architecture.  

interior of heavenly cathedral sharm el sheikh
visiting Jabal Musa

Follow Moses up Jabal Mousa

Widely considered to be the Biblical Mount Sinai, Jabal Mousa is right next to Egypt’s highest peak, and offers two famous trails to the top. The shallower route is a bit longer but can be done with camels too. However, if you’re an experienced hiker then the steeper route of 3,750 steps – known sometime as the Steps of Penance – is worth the extra effort. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to summit, not only because of the miraculous views but also because the sun is incredibly strong during the day, making a climb much more dangerous. Regardless of when you do the trek, a hike up here remains one of the best things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh.  

Explore the Godly Beauty of Al Mustafa Mosque

Al Mustafa Mosque is a striking structure that gleams like a mirage under the Sharm el-Sheikh sun. A fairly new creation, it was finished in 2008 and can accommodate 3000 worshipers. There are two huge minarets stabbing into the sky, and at night the building is lit up like a beacon. Inside is no less gorgeous, with ornate artwork and impressive stonework. Free to enter, and easy to wander around, it’s cool halls are the perfect place to sightsee in the middle of the scorching Sharm el-Sheikh days. 

visiting Al Mustafa Mosque
sharm el sheikh beach

Relax on the Beach

While we at Orbzii are always keen to point out that this diamond by the Red Sea offers plenty more than just idyllic beaches and calm, warm seas, it’s simply impossible to write a list of the best things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh and not mention the vast stretches of gorgeous, soft sand. There’s a beach for everyone here, whether you’re looking to make friends while preparing for the night ahead, or keen to search for some serenity away from the bustle of the main parts of town. Regardless of where and why you want to dig your toes into the sand, there’s no better place to do it than on the shores of the Red Sea as it meets Sharm el-Sheikh. 

Need some tips on the best places to eat in Sharmel-Sheikh? Look no further.  

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