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Majorcas kind of a big deal. Yes, its famous for its party scene that sits side by side with family holidays. Its beaches are a coastal joy to be reckoned with. And its a craggy island riddled with intriguing caves.

But theres one attraction that reigns supreme above all – Cycling in Majorca.

Coast routes that snake high up into the mountain ranges, shade dappled pine-forest and rugged cliffs are all accessible thanks to plenty of smooth, smooth tarmac. All you have to do is put the leg work in. 

Famous cyclists train here. Leisure riders come for the views and intermediate and advanced riders flock here for the challenge set by world-renowned riders.

Theres also a cycling easter egg’ to be found iSineu. The central town is home to a velodrome you can whizz around.

Thats if you can manage a few laps after taking on the formidable Cap de Formentor. Up for the cycling in Majorca challenge?

Weve got everything from sightseeing on two wheels in Palma to Majorcas most difficult cycling route covered.

Whether you are a cycling newbies or an experienced cyclist, let’s discover the most unmissable routes for cycling in Majorca.

Beginners, leisure cyclists and families

Palma - Off Road Route

One of the best bits about this Palma to Arenal leisure ride is thats entirely off road.

If youre not specifically booked your trip for cycling in Majorca or to challenge your thighs on the Cap de Formentor, weve got more great news.

This scenic 15km ride is mostly flat, swings by some of Palmas top sights and gets you to more than a few beaches.

The catch? Its not a circular loop. Thats the only compromise on this one. Head to Palmas marina and join the cycle path. Itll lead you all the way to Arenal – and back again. 

Orbzii tip: If youre staying in Arenal for a while to explore, make sure you head to the south of the town. Here youll find Las Sirenas by the marina. Seafood platters and some tempting desserts make this THE place for a lunch stop. 

majorca marina

Try one of Majorca’s easier climbs…

Lluc to Pollenca

If youre new to cycling and want to step things up from a cycle path mooch, this is your route. It takes in one of the easiest climbs when it comes to cycling in Majorca – the Coll de sa Batalla.

8km of views, pine-tree forests and a few switchbacks to give you a taste of Majorcas notorious hairpins.

You can try the climb in isolation – just set off from Caimari and when youve climbed to Lluc, youve made it.

For an even more testing ride, the loop you can do from Caimari puts you more towards intermediate level. Cycle east from Lluc to Pollenca, then drop south along the MA-2200 until you reach Cami Vell de Pollenca.

Cycle south, past the Campanet Caves and meet up with the MA-2131 until you reach Selva. Hop on the MA-2130 north and youre back in Caimari. 


Cap de Formentor

In most cycling circles, if you mention Majorca, it wont be long until Cap de Formentor takes centre stage.

When it comes to cycling in Majorca, though formidable – its not the most difficult climb on the island.

Its fame has been somewhat boosted by the muchrepeated rumour that Sir Bradley Wiggins himself has set a record time on the Cap.

But, really, this road doesnt need a celebrity endorsement to boost its rankings.

36km ride along craggy, cliff-edge roads, with glimpses of the coast and pine forest, makes the Cap de Formentor essential cycling in Majorca.

It has everything a cyclist that is cycling in Majorca could wish for. Views, viewpoint stop offs – a nice way to take the burn out of the climb – and a kilometre of climbing thatll really test you.

The route? Start in Port de Pollenca and cycle towards to El Mirador de Sa Creueta viewpoint.

Then its on to Formentor beach, past Cala Figuera cove and then on to the climb to reach Cap de Formentor lighthouse. This isnt a loop route, so youll retrace your path home. 

cycling in Majorca 5 unmissable routes

Orbzii tips: This one takes you through a 300m tunnel, so dont forget to pack some lights!

Its almost a rite of passage to stop off at the lighthouse for a coffee. But it doesnt open until midmorning – and is priced towards the tourist-trap end of the market. Bring supplies. 


majorca puig major

Take on Majorca’s toughest cycling route…

Before you grab your helmet and bike, well just reiterate that this loop is definitely for advanced riders looking for adventure when it comes to cycling in Majorca only.

Mapped out to include the islands biggest climbs over a gruelling 138km ride, this will challenge even the most experienced cyclists. But its so, SO worth it. 

You start again in Port de Pollenca and cycle towards Alaro. Youll see the foreboding summits of Coll dOrient on route.

Take it all in – its the scene for your first climb. It comes with a nice descent too. Think open fields, and mountain peaks. Theres not too much time for contemplation before the next climb. 

Luckily, Coll dHonor comes with cooling shade from the pine forest. It’s one of the steepest schleps when it comes to cycling in Majorca.

Youll need it as youll be tackling up to an 8.5% gradient via some taxing hairpins.

Your reward is a swift descent to Bunyola. Those hairpins are just as sharp on the way down, so keep your concentration up.

That done, were climbing Col dSóller now. Nothing too taxing – but were back to those switchbacks – a whopping 61 to tackle.

Once youre in Sollerits a good place for a breather before the next major climb: Col de Puig Major. On the way up the long 6% gradient climb – rest assured the lake views at the top make it worthwhile. From here, its a downhill breeze through Lluc and back to Port de Pollenca. 

Bike hire in Majorca

Rather than cart all your gear to Majorca, you can hire bikes on the island. Ok, so thats a pretty standard sweeping statement. 

But, were not talking heavy, leisure bikes for a coastal pedal.

There are several companies loaning out high-spec bikes for you to conquer Majorcas cycling routes. Use it as a chance to try some gear youre considering buying – or try to replicate your at-home set-up.

Either way, its better than your precious ride running the baggage handling gauntlet. 

We really like the team at Mallorca Bike Hire.

Theres a great range – including bikes for women and children.

They also supply e-bikes, city bikes and mountain bikes – which really widens your options.

Best of all, they deliver to your accommodation. Bikes come with a saddle bag and spare tube – plus pump and tyre levers.

You can also hire locks and lights, meaning you really only need to bring your water bottle and cycling gear.

Costs vary by bike type, but a Cannondale SuperSix Ultegra Di2 Disc costs £70 for 1 day. £130 for 2 days and £30 per day for each subsequent day after that. 

majorca bike hire
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Max out Majorca on two wheels…

majorca cycling1

If youve got a limited time on the island, but really want to rack up some miles on the road, consider Mallorca Cycle Shuttle.

Theyll pick up you, and your bike, and take you to the starting points of some of the best cycling in Majorca.

All you have to do is cycle home. No more loop routes, doubling back or cycling some lower-quality trails.

Theres also a bike rescue service – if you break down, theyll get you back to your accommodation, a repair shop or your bike hire company.  

Weve just scratched the surface of cycling in Majorca routes. The best way to experience it? 

Cycle the routes and explore. With the Orbzii app, you can quickly and easily plan and book the ultimate Majorca trip in minutes.