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For the wanderluster who wants everything at their doorstep but isn’t so keen on spending hours travelling from location to location, there’s no better destination than Vancouver. The Canadian city has an abundance of rare wildlife, some of the most gorgeous mountain scenery and hiking trails on earth, and a thriving cultural scene that can go toe to toe with anything in the Old World. And that’s not mentioning the world class skiing facilities just ninety minutes away.

The great thing about the city is it so seamlessly blends everything you could want, while maintaining a high standard of, well, everything. It’s why you can eat at a world class restaurant on the same day you go whale spotting, or spend an afternoon taking in a serene hiking route and the evening strolling around thriving, historic Gastown. It’s also one of the only cities in the Western world where over half of the residents aren’t native English speakers (hence the varied culinary offerings). Vancouver is a city of extremes, definitely, but one that does them all so well you’ll be wondering why anybody ever leaves.

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Our favourite wine tours in Florence

Wannabe sommeliers, Florence’s best vineyards have been busy producing wines that are bound to bowl you over. Whether you go it alone and hop on a local bus to a vineyard, take a wine tasting tour of Florence or just drop in to an enoteca (wine bar) for a tipple, you’ll not go far wrong. Yes, tours are made all the better with the help of an expert, but we’ve picked out some budget-friendly options if you already know your aggressive reds from your fruity whites.

florence restaurant

Spotlight on: Michelin Restaurants in Florence 

Tasting menus, signature dishes and fine dining. What more do you need? In Florence, you’re going to want your perfectly presented plates within ambling distance of the Santa Croce. And, for the most part, you’re in luck. We’ve mulled over the best Michelin menus from restaurants in Florence to point you towards the city’s stellar dining spots.

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Cooking classes in Florence

Put simply, any self-respecting foodie simply can’t visit Florence without booking a cooking class. And though there’s a considerable number of pasta and gelato making classes in Florence, other Italian delicacies are available. Take a vegan cooking class, spend a week in the city’s top culinary academy or invite a couple of chefs round to your holiday pad to whip up a banquet.