wild swimming lake district

Wild swimming in the Lake District 

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Lake District without a dip in some wild waters, whether it be the more secluded, deeper Crummock Water, or a more famous spot like Derwent. If you’re keen to take the plunge into wild swimming on your trip, then check out our guide to the best Lake District swimming.

vegetarian cafe lake district

Our favourite vegetarian restaurants in the Lake District 

The Lake District is known for incredible local produce and hearty, delicious meals that are meant to fuel a farmer traipsing up and down hills all day, which makes some people think it’s a terrible spot for vegans and vegetarians. While that might have been the case once upon a time, there are now a tonne of modern eateries and venues that cater to the ever-growing herbivore population all over the Lake District, whether that be for a full-on, sit-down, fancy meal, or a light snack to keep you going when you’re halfway up a massive slope.

mountain bike trail lake district

Spotlight on: cycling in the Lake District

Cycling in the Lake District is one of the best ways you can spend your time in this little slice of Cumbrian heaven. The Lake District National Park has dozens of different routes suitable for all kind of two-wheeled vehicles, from mountain bikes to sportier frames and road bikes. If you’re keen to pedal through Girzedale Forest or around South Lake, read our guide on the best of cycling in the Lake District.

modern art gallery london

An art lover’s guide to the best galleries in London

Contemporary art galleries in London crop up in everything from shipping containers to revamped public loos. Are they the best locations to take in the London art scene? Possibly not. While we’re all for a quirky venue, the city’s big galleries remain the best places to see the must-see masterpieces from all genres. So yes, we’ve peppered our list with a couple of familiar names, but we’ve also got a few lesser known galleries for you to muse over brush strokes in.

oval market london

A guide to hidden markets in London

It’s fair to say that London’s market scene is thriving. But when you’re tired of Spitalfields, seen all the stalls at Borough Market and grown weary of the tourists at in Camden, where’s left to browse? Happily, craft markets in London aren’t in short supply. Flea markets, antique markets, and yes, even vegan markets are yours for the mooching among. We’ve rounded up our favourite hidden gems.

coffee roaster london

London’s best coffee roasters

The secret to finding the best speciality coffee in London? Go straight to the source. In this city? That means tracking down the finest roasters who are quietly grinding beans in the basement to quench your caffeine needs. We’ve sampled the brews, sipped the flat whites and lugged home bags of beans to filter out your best options.

london park

A green-fingered guide to gardens in London

For a city with a rep for being a concrete jungle, London really does pack in those green spaces and gardens. From the ever bountiful – and garden-strewn – Richmond Park, to tucked-away community gardens crammed with greenery and volunteers, there’s a garden for all horticultural types in London. Well-manicured spaces seem to always be crowd pleasers, but there are rooftops, urban secrets and indoor rainforests to uncover too.


Before you even set foot in London, you’re familiar with much of it. Star of the big (and small) screen, this city has been celebrated by directors for decades. So where to start your sightseeing? Do you pick off the palaces, parliament and parks – or are you heading straight to Oxford Street to get your shop on? The West End and O2 will be calling music and theatre fans. And then there’s the Thames. Stroll along it, sail it in a WW11 amphibious vehicle or eat your dinner on it via a late night cruise. In London, your options aren’t just endless, they come with the chance to experience something unique, quirky and, occasionally, downright daring.

As you’d expect from a global business heavyweight, life here is fast-paced and a smidge commercial. Though, there are enough vintage venues that provide respite from the dizzying wealth being traded on Canary Wharf. Drop by at lunchtime to see how traders like to lunch. Swing by Mayfair to do some celeb spotting or find your own little corner of London that feels just *you*. Trust us, it’s there. And finding it? The best part of visiting London.