Fountain in a park with town hall building in background in Ciutadella on sunny summer day, Menorca island, Spain


Menorca’s an unassuming sort of place, quietly languishing off the coast of Spain in a state of mostly unspoiled splendour. So distracted are we by the aerial dancers in Ibiza or the promise of pristine beaches in Majorca, travellers tend to pass Menorca, and its charms, by. Book a stay here though, and you’ll find out just what you’re missing.

The wild northern coast really is remote and unfettered by the kind of amenities most beachgoers demand. A haven for wildlife – and wildlife watchers, these shorelines show why UNESCO casually labelled the entire island a biosphere reserve. Inland, things stay pretty unkempt. Wetlands, rural pastures and hikeable slopes do little to lure in the masses. Brilliant news for those among us who love nothing more than having a hillock or sand dune all to ourselves.

In the south, the marinas are well-stocked with places to tuck into local fare with a glittering view. Ancient settlements are ideal places to wonder just why megaliths were so popular on this island. Mooch through the night markets, mingle in the plazas and let’s try and keep Menorca our little secret. Once everyone discovers how quaintly charming it is, we’ll have to share those sand dunes.

urban exploring at an abandoned building in menorca

Top 9 things to do in Menorca

Menorca’s many attractions sneak up on you. Billed as the Balearics’ sleepy cousin to party-strewn Ibiza, this island can look a little light on adventure. That’s until you start to compile a list of things to do in Menorca and realise there’s a whole menu of fun, exploring and history just waiting to be discovered. Hidden party caves, ancient megaliths, hand-carved mazes and great swathes of island wilderness are all up for grabs. Of course, you could also just sit back with the island’s favourite drink and contemplate the view. It’s THAT sort of island. Easy going, with a sense of adventure.

Cala Turqueta named as the best beach in menorca

Secrets of Menorca’s beaches and bays

The very best beaches in Menorca immerse you immediately into castaway island vibes. Gently crashing waves wash away the stresses of everyday life. Pine scents drift down from the nearby woodlands and all is well. Rugged, and occasionally tricky to get to, these beaches are always worth hunting down. Of course, not everyone’s looking for a solo stroll across abandoned sands. Happily, there are coastal spots to suit all types. Facilities, swish spots for lunch, coves to surf in and beaches for snorkelling. In Menorca, there’s always chance to take the clothing optional route too, if you’re in the mood. Here’s a few pointers, to get you started…

dinner with sea view at menorca restaurant

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Menorca

The best restaurants in Menorca keep things simple. Ocean scenes. Minimalist decor. And the freshest produce. When the sun’s shining – as it so often is, you’ll not be seeking out restaurants that have plumped for lush, cosy interiors. Here, you slink into the cooling shade of an ocean-side terrace and prepare to have your seafood served by the KG. There are, of course, places that focus on something other than Menorca’s fruits de mer, but they, at times, seem few and far between. We’ve handpicked a little of everything to make sure your Menorcan menu never gets old.

live music at menorca bar

After dark: A guide to Menorca’s nightlife

Not every Balearic island likes to party hard. Menorca’s nightlife is a laid back antidote to the hedonism that Ibiza does so well. But that’s not to say this gorgeous little island doesn’t know how to entertain its guests. It just does things a little differently. You’ll still find cocktail bars, chiringuitos, beach clubs and live music, but they all serve relaxation alongside every drink. One even has a zen garden. Fly in, kick back and expect to be up until 2am, except here, you’ll likely be chatting with some locals about the latest acoustic gig you just caught in the market square…

sunset at cliffside bar in menorca

A couple’s guide to Menorca

In most minds, romantic getaways should tick a few boxes. Sunsets, stargazing, hidden beach coves and a little added luxury. Happily, Menorca has all that and more. Mix in a little island history, chic and intimate dining spaces, vineyards to explore and classic Menorcan attractions, and this Balearic beauty starts to look like the perfect loved-up escape. We’ve given you a few hints on the best places to go in Menorca for couples. So, follow our lead, use the intel as inspo or create your own magical week on the island together.