Famed by the indigenous Maori for its fertile land and excellent access to resources, Auckland is considered by many to be the cultural and economic capital of New Zealand, despite not being the nation’s actual capital. Located on an isthmus (a narrow bridge of earth connecting two larger landmasses) it cuts through the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It’s not just the nearby water that’s a natural marvel, either: there’s newly formed volcanoes, lush rainforests that harks back to prehistory, and some stunning shoreline all just a short drive from downtown, where skyscrapers rise into the air.
There really is something for everyone here: the combination of the conveniences of a big city and the surrounding, unbeatable natural beauty means city-break lovers and wild campers can both be satisfied, as can everyone in between. All you need to do is decide what kind of Auckland trip floats your boat.

dolphin and whale watching in auckland

10 things to do in Auckland 

Like any major city, there are plenty of things to do in Auckland – so much so that you might need a little guidance as to what’s worth visiting and what isn’t. Luckily for you, we at Orbzii have followed the tourist trails and gone off the beaten path to discover the very best of the city, as well as finding out what you can give a miss given the time constraints of a holiday. If you’re looking for a bunch of great ideas for your trip, read ahead for our guide for the best 10 things to do in Auckland.

people digging personal hot springs at Hot Water Beach in Auckland

The secrets of Auckland’s beaches and bays

Sandwiched between two great bodies of water, it’s no surprise that the Auckland area has some astoundingly beautiful beaches in its vicinity. The city limits stretch to cover all kinds of sandy outcrops, from popular golden bays that are always full of sunbathers to more secluded spots that need a little bit of effort to get to. With that said, even the most exotic beaches can be visited on day trips. Whether you’re with the family and want to escape the bustle of the main city, or just fancy lounging under the sun with a terrible book for a few hours, read ahead for our guide to the best Auckland beaches and bays.

cocktail bar in auckland

After dark: The ultimate guide to Auckland’s nightlife

Like any thriving city, Auckland truly comes alive at night. Restaurants, bars, and clubs all open their doors to throngs of revellers, and while some of these spots are bog-standard, there’s a tonne of great little (and big) venues that are must-visits for anybody keen to explore the nightlife scene here. If you’re visiting the city and want to party, then read ahead for our Auckland nightlife guide.

modern indian food in auckland

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Auckland

One of the best things about Auckland is its cosmopolitan nature, and nowhere is this displayed better than the great food and drink on offer in New Zealand’s largest city. Tallying up the best restaurants in Auckland would take hours, but while there’s a consistently high quality of eateries dotting the city, we believe there are some places that stand out even in this culinary wonderland. Here’s Orbzii’s guide to the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Auckland.

hiking path at waitakere national park in auckland

The best of Auckland’s day hikes 

Given its wonderful geographical location, nestled between sand, sea, and mountains, it’s no surprise that Auckland is home to a number of unforgettable walks. In fact, the sheer number of day hikes near Auckland means it can be a bit of a stress trying to figure out what the best ones for you are. While most are easily accessible and not too strenuous, some of the walks will make you forget you’re less than an hour from the bustling centre of a global city. If you’re keen to see the best of Auckland by foot then read ahead for our guide to the best day hikes in Auckland.