Top view of Islet of Vila Franca do Campo


Nothing can prepare your eyes for the lush green lands they will feast on in the Azores. Every island has a miradouro (viewpoint) that competes with the other for full on, unabashed wild and wonderful, nature in all its glory. Basically, it borders on the obscene. How on earth can a place can look so beautiful? The answer lies in the volcanoes. On the oldest islands, the fertile soils have carpeted jagged mountain tops with greenery and centuries of flora and funghi have taken over. It’s a big deal and your holiday to the Azores will be all the richer for it. Away from the craters? Well it’s hard to ever be away from the power of the magma chambers under the islands. The heat warms the sea in places to perfect temperatures, creates a wild spa or provides a toasty spot to cook a stew in the ground.

Sure, there are some historic buildings, centuries old churches and a few marinas to potter around in. But you’ll likely find yourself called back to the wild. Every. single. time. Blue whales spend spring here. And why wouldn’t they? American migrating birds stop in on the islands for a rest. We’d suggest you do the same. Just do anything BUT rest. There’s too much you’d miss out on.

diver swimming with shark in the azores

A guide to diving in the Azores

If there’s one destination in the world that’ll see your flippers flung in the suitcase sharpish, it’s the Azores. Diving here puts you in world-class waters with much to see. And yes, the marine life is diverse, beautiful and bountiful, but there’s more to scuba diving than ticking off your pelagic wish list. The wrecks, caves and reefs will tempt you into the water in the Azores – but it’s the unique spots most divers will be desperate to weigh anchor in. Clock up those dive times to get your PADI skills up to scratch for the seamounts. And, if you’ve not got time for that? There’s always the volcanic crater to snorkel or scuba in…

waterfalls and lake on flores island in the azores

A guide to island hopping in the Azores

In the Azores, island hopping opens up a world of volcanic experiences, stunning lake views and underground antics you’d otherwise miss if you simply stayed on São Miguel. Though, with nine islands to choose from, plotting an island hopping route around the Azores could induce a fair amount of FOMO. We’ve broken down the best islands to hop to, how to hop and what to see. There really are none that we’d recommend swerving altogether, but some are a little more tempting than others. All it really comes down to? How you like your island adventures served…

view of bridge over the thermal lake in furnas, the azores

Top 9 things to do in the Azores

At the top of the list of things to do in the Azores, there should only be one word. Look. The scenery is enough to make even the most travel savvy among us shed a little tear of globe-trotting joy. Nine volcanic islands make for quite the playground. But the Azores isn’t happy with just having gorgeous landscapes. There are stellar experiences to be had at every turn. Swim with dolphins, sample the pineapple liqueur and get your PADI cert before you visit. You won’t regret it.

sperm whale jumping in azores

Whale watching in the Azores

Looking for a whale watching paradise? You’ll find it in the Azores. Migratory species spend their summers here, year-round residents frolic in the bays and there’s a beautiful backdrop of volcanic islands and marine birds. Whale watching tour operators are ramping up their eco-credentials, lending a helping hand with crucial research and piling up top notch packages for you to pick and choose from. The item everyone wants to tick off their bucket list? Seeing a blue whale in the Azores. While you’re looking for the big one, there’s a chance you see a whole lot more.

people swimming in the sea at beach in azores

Secrets of the Azores’ beaches and bays

Azores beaches aren’t just about sun, sand and sunbathing. There’s plenty of that on offer, but when you read about what these islands have in store? Your FOMO will keep you flitting from one coastline to the next, in search of the treasures hidden in the Azores. To save you stopping off at every strip of sand, we’ve rummaged through the rock pools to find the best Azores beaches for you to enjoy.