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Goa’s serving UNESCO-listed, Euro-esque streets alongside hot, hot beaches. And frankly, we’re here for it. Revellers in the know will tell you the best parties left the region long ago. Yes, the wellness vibe far outweighs the hedonism in Goa. But you can still find a suitably buzzing nightlife spot, if you know where to look. And, really, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for your entire stay. Big cats stalk the wildlife reserves, exotic birds flit between the beach-front palms and sparkly trinkets nestle in the flea market finds.

Exploring Goa will always be well-rewarded, but you’d be forgiven for chancing upon a stellar beach and sticking to it. FOMO be damned. If you find your slice of Goa paradise, set up your beach towel and revel in it. Seafood’s served right on the beach, in places, and the dolphins come right to the shore. Goa’s that kind of place. Trek your tootsies off. Sloth on the sands. Either way, you’ll have an epic time. Of course, we’ll try our best to tempt you to the forts, rolling dunes, ancient ruins and curious nooks Goa does so well. But no-one will judge you if you opt for an air-con-cooled hour or two of heaven watching a Bollywood blockbuster instead.

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Spotlight on: wellness retreats in Goa

If you’re going to unwind your tense shoulders anywhere, make it Goa. Yoga retreats are Goa’s bread and butter, but there’s a growing crop of alternative wellness camps to dip your henna tattooed toes into too. We’ve omm’d and ahh’d our way through the lot to bring you everything from the best ayurvedic treatment in Goa to a spot where you can combine surf and yoga moves. And, of course, we highlight the best wellness retreats that might have slid under your zen radar. Namaste.

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Top 10 things to do in Goa

It’s no secret that beaches, parties and more than a little wellness action is on the menu in Goa. As attractive as that list is, we’ve got some things to do in Goa you’ll want to weave into your itinerary. Big cats, adrenaline surging rapid rides and a couple of intriguing places to visit in Goa are just the start. Read on and we’ll clue you in on how to get a custom wardrobe, where to find some Goan eats and drop some intel on one of India’s tallest waterfalls…

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The secrets of Goa’s beaches and bays

Picking out a beach in Goa isn’t easy. Numerous, idyllic and often palm-fringed, these sun-bleached, sandy temptresses are all vying for your attention. Some offer remote escapes where the noisiest residents are the fish eagles, others are hedonistic spots that’ll expect you to dance your toes across the sands into the night. Beach shacks serving the freshest seafood are relatively common, so you’ll always be well fed. Already feeling the FOMO? Don’t worry. We’ve got the intel on the best beaches in Goa – from the very specific to the all-rounders, there’s a beach for everyone.

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Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Goa

Making your way through the Goa restaurant scene could be tricky. All the headlines point to a region that’s highly focused on seafood and spices. And, yes, we’ve picked out a spot where you can, if you wish, indulge in both those taste sensations. But, there’s a world away from the coastal catch that’s well worth exploring. From the ‘mom and pop’ style cafe where the chapatis are handmade daily to ventures by big time restauranteurs looking to feed the influx of travellers that pass through Goa, you’ll not go hungry. Here are some of your options…