Balos Beach in Crete


There are very few cities that dominate their country in the way Sofia does. With nearly a fifth of the national population based in the sprawling capital, it’s unsurprising that Bulgaria’s biggest settlement is also home to the premiere cultural touchstones of the country. The city itself has nearly ten millennia of history running through its streets, thanks mostly to its location between the Black and Adriatic Seas which made it an excellent trading post from the Roman era onwards.
While the city is ancient, the culture is anything but. Sofia is home to a buzzing bar scene, chic restaurants, and is the artistic heart of Bulgaria. Demographics-wise it’s also a young city, so the fun carries on all night if you’re a big partier looking for somewhere to cut loose. It’s also got something for the intrepid types as it’s surrounded by mountains replete with wonderful hiking trails.

people dancing at crete club

After dark: A guide to Crete’s nightlife

If you can be sure of one thing, Crete nightlife is never dull. Parties last the whole night long, DJs jet in to fill up dance floors and from sun set ’til dawn there’s a place to sip on a newly dreamt up cocktail. But there are also bars in Crete that cater to a slightly slower paced crowd. Globetrot your way around the world via extensive beer menus, get romantic in front of glittering views or let the day effortlessly slip into the night in an old town cafe bar. If you’re looking for a quick no nonsense rundown – party in Malia, chill in any of Crete’s quieter, sea front villages. For something in between? Rethymnon should do nicely.

breakfast cafe in crete

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Crete

How do you rate the best restaurants in Crete? Glittering coastal views, recipes that date back generations, healthy options for when your willpower just can’t say no? Crete’s restaurants have all that and more. And, while it’s fair to say that in Crete, food is a way of life, rather than fuel to keep you on the road to your next adventure, there’s a lot to be said for whiling away an hour or two over a lengthy lunch. We’ve brought together family tavernas, island institutions, Crete’s best coffee roastery and even a hotel restaurant you’ll want to pop in your Crete itinerary. Bon appetite!

person snorkelling at crete beach

Secrets of Crete’s beaches and bays

Whether you’re looking to track down a spot to enjoy away from the crowds – or just want to skip your way through the best beaches in Crete, a stellar sand recommendation always goes down well. And Crete’s beaches have far more to offer than you might expect. Diverse coastal havens on this island come with shady palms, pink-hued sands, remote and tricky to access gorgeousness and bays so picturesque the Crete tourism board just can’t stop plugging them at every chance they get. We’ve got the lowdown on the beaches to swim on, strip off in and sashay on.

diver exploring crete caves

The ultimate guide to diving in Crete

Mention diving in Crete and you’ll likely hear about the top-notch visibility. Yes, the waters are crystal clear in places, but what is there to look at? Plenty, as it turns out. Scuba diving in Crete takes you to underwater WWII fighters, caves filled with unlikely finds and shore dives that deliver on the holiday essential – a relaxing dive where there’s little to worry about. And, if you’re keen to feel the freedom of diving without heavy tanks and gear, snorkelling in Crete isn’t too shabby either…

dikteon cave in crete

Top 10 things to do in Crete

Banish any thoughts of lurking by your resort pool for a fortnight. There’s a got a lot to get through and our run down of things to do in Crete is just the start. Our inspo for exploring the island takes you to gardens borne from the ashes, a sunken war plane, a devastatingly gorgeous gorge and a haunted castle. Archaeology plays its part well in pepping up this beach-riddled idyll of a sun-soaked island. There’s so much here that you’ll never really need to ask the question, what is there to do in Crete.