Colorful village of Assos in Kefalonia.


The Queen of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia (sometimes written as Cephalonia) is a shining emerald just off the Greek mainland, replete with stunning stretches of sandy shoreline, excellent, varied hiking trails, and idyllic fishing villages.
Like most of the Greek islands, Kefalonia has its fair share of historical treasures, from earthquake-ruined ancient towns to museums jam-packed with millennia-old artefacts. But what makes it a truly special island is the vibe. There’s something about its effortless beauty that just sets you at ease, and that feeling is well and truly embodied by the gregarious locals. The local tavernas that dot the island are a must-try, not just for their astounding cuisine but also for their welcoming atmospheres.
Making memories with new friends is all well and good for the long, warm evenings, but under the Kefalonian sun there’s too much to do to simply eat and drink the day away. You can wander through vibrant marketplaces; lounge on heavenly beaches; climb a forest-covered mountain and admire the beauty of the Ionian Sea from the top. Or you can drive from ancient ruin to even older ruin, taking in some of the best coastal views in the world along the way. Only one thing’s for sure: you won’t ever forget your trip to Kefalonia.

road by sea in kefalonia

Top 10 things to do in Kefalonia

Being the largest island in the Ionian Sea, it makes sense that there are countless things to do in Kefalonia. Whether you’re on a family holiday or escaping from everything and everyone, there’s dozens of attractions to visit, beaches to lounge on, and festivities to get stuck into. While you’re always sure for a good time on the island, there are some unmissable things to do in Kefalonia that need to make it onto your itinerary. Here are Orbzii’s top ten.

kayaks waiting at kefalonia beach

A guide to family holidays in Kefalonia

Kefalonia family holidays are among the best if you’re looking for child-friendly trips abroad, thanks to the Ionian island’s plethora of attractions, stunning scenery, and numerous amenities. If you’re searching for the perfect place to whisk the family away to, then look no further: our guide to Kefalonia family holidays will tell you everything you need to know.

amazing view from kefalonia restaurant

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Kefalonia 

Greek people love good food, good wine, and good friends, so it’s no surprise that eating out in Kefalonia is one of the major pleasures of a trip to this Ionian island. Although most places serve up traditional Greek fare, the high numbers of international visitors to the landmass means there’s plenty of top-quality international cuisine on offer too. With that said, most would agree the best restaurants in Kefalonia are generally where you can order mountains of feta, indulge in crispy spanakopita, and sip on local wines. If you’re ready to eat your way around this slice of paradise then look no further: here’s Orbzii’s ultimate guide to breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Kefalonia.

boat sailing on kefalonia sea

Boat tripping in Kefalonia 

Getting out onto the serene, aquamarine waters surrounding Kefalonia is the perfect way to really switch off. The sea around the island is also teeming with vibrant marine life, and throughout most of the year is calm and warm enough to dive right in. Plus, the best way to see the lush, mountainous landmass in all its glory is with a Kefalonia boat trip. If you’re keen to sail your way to an unforgettable experience, then read ahead for our guide to boat tripping in Kefalonia.

view of one of the best beaches in kefalonia

Secrets of Kefalonia’s beaches and bays 

Kefalonia beaches are among some of the most varied and idyllic in the world. There are massive sections of sandy shoreline that are perfect for reading a thriller while sipping on a beer, hidden coves where the intrepid can explore caves and other secret treasures, and paradisical bays where you can enjoy fresh seafood while staring out onto the sparkling sea. While a list of the best beaches in Kefalonia will vary depending on who you ask, there’s no doubt that some stand out even among the embarrassment of seaside riches that this island has to offer.