Aerial coastal view of Albufeira area, Algarve, Portugal


A gem that shines brightly on Portugal’s southern coast, Albufeira might have once been a sleepy fishing village, but now it’s the premier Algarve destination if you’re looking for fun in the sun. With glorious beaches, luscious holiday homes to luxuriate in, and activities to keep people of all ages happy, you won’t be wanting for anything during your trip here. While it has a well-deserved reputation as a party spot, you can also easily find some serenity between the lively beach bars and varied evening entertainment, so no matter what your ideal holiday is, Albufeira will deliver.

Albufeira’s Old Town is one of the most charming in the region, with its popular yet intimate bars and restaurants staying open late into the evening, perfect for romantic occasions and peaceful dinners alike. The Strip is a livelier proposition, with bars and clubs open until the sun starts to creep back over the horizon. And that’s just the social side of the town; Praia dos Pescadores beach yawns lazily out along the coast and is the perfect place to recuperate under a rejuvenating sun. Then there’s the thrilling waterparks, the vibrant marina, and hundreds of day trips for shoppers, culture vultures, and nature lovers to indulge in. Albufeira really does have it all.

views of Castle of Paderne

Top 10 things to do in Albufeira

You don’t get to be the premier destination in the Algarve without catering to every kind of holidaymaker, which is why there are so many things to do in Albufeira. Whether you’re a thrill seeker, an animal lover, or a beach bum, you’ll find the ideal activity that turns your getaway into a dream holiday. Of course, with so much to see and do on the sparkling Portuguese coast, you might find yourself with choice fatigue. Instead of fretting about an itinerary, take a look at our top ten things to do in Albufeira, so you can focus on making memories that you’ll be talking about long after you return home.

golf resort in lagos algarve

Tee off on Albufeira’s best golf courses

The Algarve has long been known as an unparalleled golfing destination, and the perfectly located beach town of Albufeira is an ideal base for those looking to wander the fairways (or more likely rough) on their Portuguese holiday. In this wonderful region there are world class courses alongside hidden gems, and plenty of places to practice so you can make the most of the excellent weather. If you’re keen on checking out what courses this stunning region has to offer, then read ahead for Orbzii’s guide to playing golf in Albufeira.

seafood restaurant albufeira

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Albufeira 

Thanks to its reputation as a tourist destination, Albufeira is blessed with a range of restaurants and eateries that serve up everything from haute cuisine to a gut-busting Full English. Whether you’re wandering through the narrow streets in search of the best restaurants in Albufeira Old Town, or strolling along the seafront looking for a dinner spot, you can be sure of a high quality meal with unparalleled service.

top views of Praia da Coelha albufeira

The secrets of Albufeira’s best beaches and bays

While the wonderful town of Albufeira has plenty else going for it, there’s no doubt its main attractions are the incredible beaches that surround this coastal destination. There are shorelines for those who don’t want to hear anything but the waves, and for those who need easy access to amenities as they’re travelling with kids or dependents. And, of course, in true Albufeira style there are plenty of spots to start the party early, with music, drinks, and plenty of fun to be had on the sand. If you’re keen to make sure your beach escape is up to scratch, then read ahead for our guide to the best beaches and bays in Albufeira.

nightclub party at club vida in Albufeira

After dark: A guide to Albufeira’s nightlife

Albufeira has come a long way since the world was introduced to its serene beauty, morphing from a sleepy fishing village into one of Europe’s top nightlife destinations. There’s a real buzz in the town, especially in the peak tourist months when the bars and clubs come alive, and revellers are partying until the early hours. Even if you’re more of a classy cocktail person than someone who hits the dancefloor until the sun comes up, you’re still spoilt for choice when it comes to Albufeira nightlife options.

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China


In Beijing, think big. Which basically means, a few days in this city isn’t going to cut it. Though, let’s face it, two week holidays to Beijing will also leave you wishing you could have tacked another fortnight on to your stay. One more hoisin-slicked Peking duck pancake, a little longer to muse over the symbolism in the Forbidden City or just a few days to take in the historic significance of a city that’s seen dynasties come and go. With the fires of FOMO fully stoked in your nomadic soul, you’ll be wondering what else Beijing has to offer. In short – everything. In this city, there’s little you can’t see, hear, eat, drink and do. From days exploring ancient temples to gravity-defying futuristic architecture, the landscape sets the scene for the daily delights that play out on Beijing’s cosmopolitan streets. Expect to chance upon clusters of Tai Chi practitioners, yangko dancers and queues at the best noodle bars. But it all sits alongside more familiar city experiences. Bottomless brunches in this city are decadent – to say the least. But you can grab bellinis and eggs benny for brekkie almost anywhere. Swap those for the irresistible, spice-fuelled folds of jianbing for a real taste of Beijing.

riding ice bikes in beijing

Top 10 things to do in Beijing

Some of the things to do in Beijing barely need mentioning. Seeing Tiananmen Square, hopping on a bullet train, roaming the Summer Palaces and squeezing in a spot of Tai Chi before walking the Great Wall. And then there’s the things to do in Beijing that take a bit of snuffling out. Finding the best place to try jianbing, learning to ride an ice bike and sliding down the Great Wall might not be on the top of your list, but perhaps they should be?

chapel of sound beijing

A guide to Beijing’s most famous buildings and architecture

Beijing’s famous buildings sit at polar opposites of the time and design spectrum. From ancient temples to modern marvels, a stroll through this city is an architect’s dream. The Temple of Heaven is Beijing’s historic showstopper, with the classic Chinese gables that symbolises the country’s ancient architecture. Though, since the Olympics, the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube have had the all-important airtime to become Beijing’s new iconic beauties.