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Is Ibiza vegan friendly? In short, it depends on your willingness to head to omni-restaurants. Happy to dine alongside veggies and flexitarians? You’re in for a treat. There are also some solid, 100% vegan restaurants in Ibiza – leaving you free to dine without ethical qualms. Beyond Burger fans, rejoice! The world-famous, plant-based patty has made it to the party isle. Purists and the health conscious needn’t worry, Ibiza is chock-full of yogis, health food gurus and wellness addicts. You’ll never be more than a brisk walk away from a detox smoothie.

Read on for a vegan tour of Ibiza’s gourmet offerings, quick fix bites and vegan brunches. Oh and if you do choose to dine in an omni-establishment, it never hurts to triple check that something really is vegan – or to phone ahead to ask for a vegan dish that’s ‘off menu’.

Vegan brunches in Ibiza

Let’s not kid ourselves, few among us will be up in time for breakfast. So unless you’ve booked yourself into one of Ibiza’s wellness retreats, you’ll be hankering for a solid vegan brunch from around 11am onwards. If you’re really lucky, you’ll have one of the five branches of Passion just a brief stroll away. No one wants a lengthy hire car journey just to snuffle out a decent vegan cafe. No one.

Passion Cafe
Instagram @passioncafe

Passion Cafe (Omni)

If we could, we’d just list Passion for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we’d definitely recommend trying all three courses here, but rules are rules and we had to pick one, so brunch it is. Why? The. Vegan. Croissants. Scan the mouth-watering menu and you’ll also spy vegan pancakes (topped with avo, chocolate sauce and toasted macadamia, since you asked) and the holiest of vegan grails… avocado toast. Served FIVE different ways. An extensive latte menu tips things into ‘can’t decide’ territory and the rambling smoothie list certainly doesn’t help matters. At this point, it’s worth noting that they deliver. Balcony brunch anyone? Signed, sealed…

Honest Bar (Vegan)

Ok, so that lengthy car journey we talked about? Well, sometimes being vegan in Ibiza does mean going the extra mile. This particular extra mile results in vegan croissants covered in chocolate sauce. Delicious! Honest Bar is a humble vegan cafe, with a small, but perfectly balanced menu. Pastries aside, health-conscious types will fare well here. Raw foods, energy balls and detox smoothies take centre stage at breakfast.

Honest Bar Ibiza
Instagram @Moossalads

Moos (Omni)

Recommending a restaurant called Moos to vegans seems a little… off brand, but three of their four brekkie items are plant-based, so we’ll ignore the unfortunate moniker for now. Oh, and they deliver healthy salads, bowls and sides across the island between 6-8pm. They’ll even bring your food to the beach. Legends.

Vegan lunch in Ibiza

If you leave the beach for lunch, can you really call yourself a sun worshipper? Possibly not. But when your heart desires plant-based brilliance, leave you must. Hot-footing it to the nearest hummus and crackers isn’t going to cut it. Thankfully, Ibiza has some superb vegan restaurants to ethically tickle your taste buds. Take yourself off to a white-washed Ibizan village for plant-based gastronomy or keep things fried and filthy with a Beyond Burger. We’ll not judge if you do.

Vegan Point
Instagram @vegan_point_ibiza

Vegan Point (Vegan)

For a small vegan cafe, Vegan Point really goes the extra mile. Everything from light bites to belly-busting burgers are up for grabs. Yes, you could try the Beyond Burger here – but that’s best saved for emergencies elsewhere. These guys know their vegan food flavours. The quesadillas are big business – but leave room for the ever-changing menu of all-vegan cheesecakes.

The Giri  (Omni)

If you find yourself at a loose end in San Juan around lunchtime, drop by The Giri. Actually, no. Book a table and make a day of it. Pull up an alfresco chair in the garden which, by the way, stocks over 50 species of plants – all destined to star in the cafes flavoursome dishes. Surrounded by the crops, you’ll be lunching in the grounds of a 300-year-old townhouse, with a dash of birdsong on the side. Their vegetable ceviche is a delicate delight you’ll not find elsewhere.

The Giri
Instagram @thegiri_ibiza
Instagram @ibizaaiyanna

Aiyanna (Omni)

Certain vegans among us – you know who you are, will travel almost any distance for a Beyond Burger. Aiyanna’s in San Carlos happen to have them – along with a couple of vegan starters and mains. Eco-aspirational, Aiyanna’s also harvest organic produce from their own garden, host beachside yoga classes and have a Caribbean-esque aesthetic to die for. There’s just one caveat. Fruit. Salad. For dessert! Luckily, there’s a lightly baked banana – caramelised in liqueur – to distract from that minor lapse of judgement.

Special Mention: Ve Cafe – (Vegetarian)

Bowls. The current vegan dish-du-jour can be … uninspiring? But at Ve Cafe the bowls come with a sea view, a chance to people watch – and even a smidgen of cooling shade. Elevating the humble vegan cafe to something a little extra – this perhaps isn’t a ‘must visit’ venue, but if you happen to be in Santa Eulalia, pop in. We’re smitten with their vegan take on chocolate mousse.

Ve Cafe
Instagram @vecafeibiza

Vegan dinners in Ibiza

If ever there was a meal that could define your holiday, it’s dinner. Ambience, service, decor – all factor in towards those memorable nights. Will you still be talking about the ‘Dragon Bowl’ you’ll no doubt try at WildBeets in 10 years time? Quite possibly.  

If we had one tip for vegan dining in Ibiza? No matter where you are on your vegan journey, try something new. Sitting in your lounge and regretting never sampling the Hazelnut “Crema Catalana” at Can Domingo will haunt you for decades.

Instagram @wildbeets

WildBeets – (Vegan)

When a vegan eatery calls itself a botanical restaurant, you can be assured of one of two things: either you’re in for a tastebud dazzling night or you’ve stumbled across a venue consisting of pomp, ceremony and little else…

Well, brace those tastebuds, and head to WildBeets in Santa Gertrudis. Yes, you’ll spot activated walnuts on the menu, but don’t be put off. Not the cheapest meal in Ibiza, but it may well be the most imaginative, flavoursome and experimental.

Can Domingo – (Omni)

Move in sustainable circles for long enough and the phrase ‘onsite organic permaculture garden’ may well make you go weak at the knees… Can Domingo, step in, it’s time to woo us with your swoon-worthy eco-credentials.

The chefs here have sautéed their way even closer to our hearts by knowing exactly how to combine plump vegetables, ripe fruits and spicy herbs. The saucy minxes. Yours for €44 per person, it’s hard to say no to Can Domnigo’s vegan tasting menu.

Can Domingo
Instagram @candomingoibiza
Tapas Ibiza
Instagram @tapasibiza

Tapas Ibiza – (Omni)

Traditional Ibizan food tends towards the pescatarian or carnivorous, which poses a problem for vegan foodies looking for a taste of the isle. Happily, there’s a tapas option. Full of Spanish flavour, along with omni options for any of your travel party who haven’t yet seen the tasty, tasty vegan light. Half of the main menu here is either veggie or vegan, or can be made vegan with a tweak or two.

Special Mentions: Los Otros (Veggie) and Aubergine (Omni)

First up, Los Otros is a 100% vegetarian restaurant and while we love the sentiment, we just hope one day they’ll ditch the dairy and go vegan. That said, the owner writes veggie cookbooks and the chefs here know their plant-based cooking. Solid credentials for any foodie flexitarians in your party – or first steps for any vegan-curious among us. Their eco-friendly store is also worth a browse.

Next up, Aubergine. Definitely omni-but open to veganising their dishes. It’s always a little fraught asking for the cheese or egg to be left out of a dish, but we have faith in Aubergine’s vegan tantalising farm-to-table options.

Instagram @aubergineibiza

Vegan beach clubs?

If you’re planning to visit Ibiza’s beach clubs, but don’t want to sneak in your own snacks, we’ve got a couple of recommendations for you.

There isn’t a vegan beach club on the island – not yet anyway, but if there are any savvy vegan ‘entre’preneurs reading, give us a call…

Sunset Ashram beach club
Instagram @sunsetashram

Sunset Ashram

The clue is definitely in the name here. Pitch up for the sunset. Order the vegan sushi – or better still, the vegan thali. Your day will be set to the sounds provided by the resident DJ, things switch up for the sunset – with a diverse line up of musicians setting the chilled out scene.

O Beach

Being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on some of the island’s best pool parties. Though, your food options are limited here. Think vegan sushi and chips, yes really. No matter, you’re here for the anthemic Balearic beats, not bulgur wheat salads.

O beach club
Instagram @obeachibiza

That’s your holiday dining decided. All that’s left is to pack some vegan snacks in your suitcase (we rarely travel without them) and start dreaming, planning and booking your way to a seat in Ibiza’s best vegan restaurants. Funnily enough, we’ve got just the app for that…

Download Orbzii and get planning your Ibiza holiday today.