Cape Town paragliders

A Thrillseeker’s Guide to Cape Town

Few cities in the world are as awash with opportunities for adventure as Cape Town. Offshore waters are shark-filled, the seals are always up for a scamper in the kelp with you and you’re not short on mountainous peaks to conquer, clamber on or jump off. And we haven’t even talked about the views from above. Paragliding and skydiving trips in Cape Town come fully loaded with some of the best views you’ll find. And, on your flight to the floor, you may notice some vast, pristine and tempting sand dunes. Of course, there’s adventure to be found there too. Board, sled, quad or dune buggy your way through them. Your method of transport doesn’t matter – just get there.

Paragliding in Tenerife

Seeking thrills in Tenerife

Whether you’re a full on thrill seeker or just looking for something a little more than a fly and flop
fortnight, Tenerife’s laid on some top notch activities for you. From a quick whizz around a very
impressive go kart track to a gluteus maximus clenching paraglide over valleys and forests, this
Canary Island is an adrenaline boosting nook in the Atlantic that ’ s well worth your time. Options
are numerous, so naturally we’ve done some of the heavy lifting in terms of research, reading and
deliberating. Combing the island we ’ ve laid out our best finds below. Hop on a quad, shin up a
boulder, set a personal best on the track or soar through the air. Of course, how you get your
Tenerife kicks is up to you. But it would be a shame to miss out on some of these while rifling
through your poolside page turner…


Bohemian to its core and a mecca for both beer lovers and architecture geeks, Prague is steeped in history, yet remains an incredibly modern city. There’s everything from ancient castles to chic bars within the city limits, as well as all the amenities you’d expect from a thriving metropolitan centre. Getting from A to B in the city is a breeze, as it has one of the expansive and reliable public transport networks in Europe, even with the historic centre of the city being a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Vegan Food in Tenerife

Eating vegan in Tenerife

Just a few years ago, eating vegan food in Tenerife involved rummaging around in the nearest Lidl
to bolster the chips and salad you’d been making do with. Now, the island’s home to over a dozen
exclusively vegan restaurants and Tenerife is shaping up to be vegan friendly. Omni restaurants
have opened up their tills to the vegan Euro, and while the falafel reigns supreme as the go to
option – at least it is an option.

Windsurfing in tenerife

Water sports in Tenerife

For many, the hotel pool is as wet as it gets on a trip to Tenerife. Shame really. There ’ s an
action-packed menu of sea-based thrills to be had on this volcanic beauty. Watersport novices
can dip just a bit more than a toe in the water with some snorkelling in the balmy shallows. Not to
be taken lightly, the sea life you ’ ll see is on a par with some of the world ’ s top marine spots. Ramp
things up a bit and you can kayak, jet ski or scuba dive among turtles, surf or windsurf on
competition grade waves and the dolphins are pretty numerous in these waters too. Dive in, you ’ ll
not regret it.

Pit-stops in Paris: A 24 hour itinerary

You’ve got one day in Paris. How are you going to spend it? Well… you could fill a shopper with as much cheese and wine as you can muster and head to one of the many glorious parks. But, heavenly as that would be, your inner explorer would practically explode from Parisian FOMO. Naturally, we’ve got more than a recommendation or two for 24 hours in Paris. We’ve combined food stops, must see landmarks and a handful of unexpected items to keep you on your travel toes. After all, if you’ve only got a few hours spare, you’ll want your Paris 1 day itinerary to be memorable.


Wine and cheese in Paris? Yes please!

Before you’ve even got your feet on French soil, your mind will be dancing through vineyards and wondering just how much space in your suitcase a wheel of cheese will occupy. Yes, it may seem a tad cliche, but Paris really is the city in which to indulge your wine and cheese paired fantasies. Wine and cheese tasting in Paris takes on many forms. Classes walk you through everything from aromas and ages to vintages and varieties. Wine bars of course focus on their cellars – but they’ve also got light bites and hearty cheese boards to tempt you into staying a while. Fromageries are well-stocked, dairy-crammed cheese palaces. In short, Paris is a wine and cheese lovers heaven. We’ve picked out some stellar spots – but by all means follow your nose. It’ll likely serve you well.

The best places to eat in Disneyland Paris

Whether you’ve plumped for one of the Disneyland Paris meal plans or are keeping your options open, you’re going to want to be clued in to the best restaurants. In Disneyland Paris, eateries range from the familiar fast food names – we’re talking Starbucks and McDonalds – to Disney themed buffets, table service fine dining and food truck treats. In short, a mind boggling amount of choice. Expect theme park prices – but perhaps don’t expect the gourmet standards you’ll find in nearby Paris. We’ve tipped you off to the cheapest character meals, the best snacks and an all day guide to the best places to eat in Disneyland Paris. If we had one tip? Book as many restaurants as you can before you go, or you could end up spending a lot of time finding somewhere to eat.

cycle alone paris

The best bike tours in Paris

Do you dream of wheeling through chic streets, treating everyone you see to a jolly ‘bonjour’? Perhaps there’s a fresh baguette or two in your panniers and a historic monument swinging into view? Gallic bliss. And, well, Paris is THE city to make any two-wheeled dreams come true. Bike rental in Paris is a viable option, with Vélibs (more on those later) and bike hire companies strewn across the capital. But if you’re not au fait with the city’s best bits and where to find them, a Paris bike tour is your best bet. Yes, you’ll burn off a few calories, but coffee, cheese and croissant stops will keep your holiday indulgence meter nicely topped up. And, if peddling your way from Parisian sight to sight still sounds a little too strenuous, there’s always a Segway tour of Paris to take the strain off your weary legs.


A market lover’s guide to Paris

Anywhere in the world, a stroll around some suitably stellar stalls is a feast for the senses. In Paris markets, you’re almost in danger of sensory overload. Vibrant fruits, ripe cheeses, baked goods and wafts of succulent rotisserie chicken all battle for your attention. The company’s not bad either. Jovial sellers, artisan producers, Parisians stocking the fridge and, depending on the locale – an upmarket crowd looking for unusual eats. Join them at some of the street markets we’ve picked out for you. With over 80 markets in Paris, it’s always handy to have a few pointers…