Wrap up for winter in Budapest

Desperate for a getaway, but not so desperate that you’re willing to sit on a plane for 12 hours for a little winter sun? We’re well aware of this conundrum. Luckily for you, though, it’s perfectly possible to have a complete change of scene a little closer to home.
When it comes to destinations which are particularly dreamy in chillier climes, Budapest scores very high on our list. Hungary’s beautiful and bohemian capital is impressive no matter the season, however there’s something extra special about seeing its iconic heritage sites, pretty parks and immense riverside on a crisp, clear winter’s day.


Prague vs Budapest

There are two cities which are pretty much on everyone’s Eastern European bucket lists (you know which two we’re talking about!). If you’ve only got the time or the budget to explore one though, you might be facing the impossible question: Prague or ​Budapest?
Both undoubtedly have their charms, whether that’s super photogenic architecture, jaw-dropping riverside views or awesome restaurants which won’t cost you an arm and a leg to eat in. They’re also prime ​stag do ​destinations thanks, mostly, to their affordability and lively activities lists (but don’t let that stop you from visiting either if you’re not in a rowdy group).

River cruising in Budapest

While you could choose to whizz around​ Budapest ​on a bike or hop on one of its vintage yellow trams, it’d be a shame to skip setting sail down the city’s mighty river.
The Danube – which cuts across no fewer than nine countries – runs right through the heart of the handsome Hungarian capital and forms the boundary of its two sides: Buda and Pest. The former is the domain of Castle Hill and its numerous Renaissance monuments, while the latter is where you’ll discover Budapest’s downtown district, its shabby-chic ruin pubs and the iconic Hungarian Parliament Building.


Stags on tour: The ultimate stag do in Budapest

So, your best mate is about to get hitched and you want to give him a really awesome send off. But where to go and what to do?
If a ​Budapest​ stag do has already been floated around by your group, you’re definitely on the right track. The Hungarian capital is a top suggestion for a lads’ holiday for a number of reasons, from its brilliant price point (you’ll have plenty of spare change for drinks) to its epic range of activities which’ll elevate any stag weekend.
Still not 100% sold on the idea? We’re sure you will be by the time you get to the end of this page…


Bohemian to its core and a mecca for both beer lovers and architecture geeks, Prague is steeped in history, yet remains an incredibly modern city. There’s everything from ancient castles to chic bars within the city limits, as well as all the amenities you’d expect from a thriving metropolitan centre. Getting from A to B in the city is a breeze, as it has one of the expansive and reliable public transport networks in Europe, even with the historic centre of the city being a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Three days in Prague

Cramming in a near millennia of history into a long weekend is a tough ask, but sometimes time constraints mean you have to do what you have to do. Luckily, Prague benefits from some of the best public transport in the world, as well as having a number of the more iconic sites all within walkable distance of each other, so taking everything in over a short period of time is more than plausible. In fact, we’re sure you can get the very best of history, culture, and fun in three days in Prague without feeling like you were too rushed. If you’re looking for the perfect Prague three-day itinerary, then hunt no further, because we have you covered.


Stags on tour: The ultimate stag do in Prague

Some things just work well together: rum and coke, mac and cheese, and Prague and stag dos. The ancient city has an ideal blend of cheap, raucous nights out and a plethora of fun, interesting activities that will make any pre-wedding blow out a memorable (or not so memorable) one. When you combine this with excellent beer and welcoming locals, you can see why a Prague stag is seen as the gold standard. If you’re about to tie the knot or planning a party as the best man, then read ahead; we’re giving you the run down on the best Prague stag do ideas.

A beer lover’s guide to Prague

If you’re a beer lover, then wandering around the streets of​ Prague ​will make you feel like a child in a sweet shop. When you combine the top-quality brews with the fact that the price of a beer in Prague can be as little as 60p, it’s easy to see why waking up with a sore head and a mystery kebab (or borscht) on the apartment floor isn’t an unusual occurrence in the Czech capital. Whether you’re a pils-nerd or prefer a darker brew, there’s some sort of hoppy goodness on the streets of Prague for you. Here, we give you some of the best tips to make sure you get to see the best of beer in Prague, even if you don’t remember it the next day.


Weird and Wonderful Prague

As a centre of culture for hundreds of years, ​Prague ​has seen its fair share of interesting installations, and that remains true to this day. There’s plenty of intriguing options to choose from when planning your perfect Prague itinerary, whether you’re morbidly curious, interested in kinks, or just want to see something memorable. Whilst some of these supposedly strange attractions are more concerned with style and shock factor over substance, there’s a tonne of other hidden gems that will satiate your need for weirdness. We’ve rounded up seven of the best below for your perusal.