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When even a town’s traffic lights look exotic, you know you’re in for a travel treat. Krabi town’s road furniture may be the least of your concern, but the majestic monkeys, eagles, otters and elephants atop the lights really do add a certain something to the urban environment. Not least because it’ll pique your interest as to what else is in store. Stay urban and you’ll find yourself immersed in the lively stalls of a night market, booking a long-tail to a far off island or wandering to the town beach to swim, sleep or explore in the sun. Krabi’s mangrove forests are wildlife and flora-packed adventure playgrounds, and the jungle happens to hold water features of almost every kind. Rivers, waterfalls and hot springs might be already on your radar – but impossibly blue mineral springs will raise an eyebrow on even the most travelled faces.

Go coastal, and Krabi’s rugged beauty really starts to impress. Climbers cling to limestone cliffs to take on their nooks and ledges, while backpackers find laidback bars nestled in the palms to share travel adventures with like-minded souls. When the Poi dancers light the night sky with rhythmic fire, you realise Krabi’s magic. Everyone finds their spot here. And it’s magical.

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Krabi vs Phuket: Which is best?

If you’re 20 Chrome tabs deep into your Krabi or Phuket holiday research, you could be struggling with a bit of tropical paradise FOMO. And, to be fair, it’s a close call at times. Immersing yourself in the palm-draped beach bars and laidback vibes of Krabi could see you missing the frenetic party nights Phuket is famed for. Krabi’s island hopping vs Phuket’s eclectic shopping… You get the picture. And, with a three and half hour ferry ride separating the two, flitting between each one isn’t an option for most. We’ve laid out the best of each region to help you sort the Krabi wonders from the Phuket facilities…

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The secrets of Krabi’s beaches and bays

As with any sand-strewn, sun-blessed location, the best beaches in Krabi are open to interpretation. Lively and atmospheric beaches might strike fear into the heart of hikers and wildlife seekers, while calm and quiet sands will repel crowd seekers looking for a place to mingle. Naturally, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sort the sand from the shingle and pick out spots where everyone can find their spot to contemplate life from their beach mat.

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Eating green in Krabi: The best vegan and vegetarian food 

If you’re in the market for some plant-based food in Krabi, we bring good news. The area’s no stranger to veggie and vegan travellers, with many omni restaurants opening up their menus to include those all-important V and VG symbols. That said, strictly vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Krabi are in short supply. Drop in to support those that are flying the plant-based flag. And, while you will have to pick through the menu, take a look at our omni recommendations for a place to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Our top 11 things to do in Krabi

Visiting Krabi? You’ll no doubt be in the market for some things to do during your stay. Pleasingly, activities in Krabi stretch far beyond the region’s admittedly gorgeous beaches. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourites, but we could write an itinerary that could keep you in Krabi for weeks, without exhausting your nomadic enthusiasm for exploring. Do help yourself to a few tips from the list below, but feel free to go off on a tangent, explore in a long-tail or zip off on a scooter.

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A guide to island hopping from Krabi 

When you touch down in a place that’s within easy reach of around 200 islands, it pays to allow a little time for island hopping. And while we’d recommend you get to as many archipelagos and outcrops as possible, 200 is probably a stretch. So we’ve handpicked the best places in Krabi for island hopping. Whether you’re looking for facility-packed stop offs, laid back beach life or a dive spot you’ll never forget, Krabi island sightseeing trips more than deliver.