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A long weekend in Split 

Split’s a sizeable city, with historic sights, coastal strolls and all the usual weekend break essentials. And, as tempting as it might be to see absolutely everything, you can pare it back enough to feel satisfied that you’ve ‘done’ Split without cramming too many iconic spots into your itinerary. Whether you’ve two days in Split or a long weekend, our guide to the city gets you to Split’s best bits – and allows a little time in between for the best city break activity of all, exploring. 

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After dark: A guide to nightlife in Split

Bars and clubs in Split are an essential part of any stay in this city. Backpackers join stag and hen dos in search for the cheapest shots in the city, while a more eclectic crowd scan the space for a quirky spot to sup small batch liqueurs. Which goes to show there’s a space and vibe for everyone in Split. The best time of year to go? Summer. Terrace doors are flung open, beach parties start at sundown and carry on until the sun’s up and, elsewhere, you can salsa under the stars in a Roman palace…

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Split

In Split, and Croatia, restaurants are increasingly moving their menus to more generic pastures. Which, for foodies, is something of a shame. Of course, there are still places to dine upon the traditional flavours, but tracking them down can be a little tricky. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rifle through Split’s restaurant offerings for the best of both worlds. Naturally, we’ve looked into the much-lauded top 10 places to eat in Split, but we’ve also cast our net a little wider. It would be a shame to miss out on an overlooked gem…

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Things to do in Split 

It’s all well and good booking a return ticket to Split, but what the devil are you going to do when you get there? Once you’ve ticked off the city break essentials, we’re thinking a segway tour and a browse of the shelves in the local grocery stores, it’s time to get down to the real must see attractions in Split. Naturally, we’ve pointed you towards the most popular attractions, but we’ve also added in a couple of Split’s more unusual sights for good measure.

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A wine lover’s tour of Split

Even if you know your demi-secs from your cuvées, wineries in Split have some surprises for you. It’s not a stretch to say that you’ll try wines in Croatia the like of which you’ve never tasted before. Ancient grape varietals and thousands of years of wine making have largely been kept in country – until recently. So approach wine tours in Split with a palate ready for something new. And, if you’re only a casual wine drinker, you’ll be happy to know, not every wine experience comes fully loaded with a full rundown of barrel ageing, vine growing and vineyard history.

Split coast


Much fuss is made of Split’s terracotta roof tops. Largely only seen from a couple of the city’s vantage points, there’s more to this city than some carefully coordinated roofing. Diocletian’s Palace will always take centre stage, and it’s remarkable that the Roman Emperor’s digs are still wowing us thousands of years on. The Riva Promenade is undeniably the spot for a leisurely brunch and a muse over the yacht-strewn harbour, but time and time again you’ll find yourself back within those Roman walls. Largely because so much of Split’s everyday life takes place there. Which, if we’re all honest with ourselves, is what we really want to see on a holiday to Split.

Yes, the bizarre sights in the walls of Froggyland are an interesting distraction, but when you’re done gawping at taxidermied frogs, you’ll be yearning for reality. Not least to wipe the sight of frogs playing tennis from your mind. When you’re done tracking Split’s quirky and notable spots, there’s a wealth of hiking and biking options. Just to the west of the city, Marjan Park delivers on forest trails without leaving town. And if, for you, no holiday is complete without some coastal exploits, Split’s town beaches won’t disappoint.

Gaia Cable Car Ride in Porto


Take a look at Orbzii’s Porto travel guide to discover the best of the city. Download the app to Dream, Plan & Book your next trip. 

Can we interest you in a Big Mac in possibly the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world? A strange opener to a Porto travel guide, but if you’re planning to visit this gorgeous city, it pays to be abreast of the sights. And, yes you can really grab a happy meal in an art deco styled, chandelier-adorned Maccys. You can also shop for your next page turner in an eye-wateringly stunning bookshop. Though, the stained glass ceiling of Porto’s Livraria Lello proves so popular with Harry Potter fans, there’s now a ticket system just to browse the shelves. This, of course, is all before we’ve had chance to wow you with tales from Porto’s soft sanded shoreline. In short, this is a city where beautiful sights abound.

And, the travel joy doesn’t stop there. This is a city that takes its food seriously. Much more seriously than any fast food outlet could, no matter how luxe it may be. Traditional recipes are found at every turn, more often not paired with the local, and historic tipple. Port might not be your go to drink order when you arrive, but you’ll find yourself musing the merits of a port cocktail long after you leave.

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After dark: A guide to nightlife in Porto 

When we say Porto’s nightlife is eclectic, we really mean it. Porto bars can be found in everything from former churches and courthouses to simple roof terraces with amazing views. And, while most of Porto’s nightlife takes place downtown, if you happen to find yourself on the coast, you’ll do well to check out the beach bars and beach clubs staying open long into the night. A little champagne under the stars never hurts, does it? For the chicest venues, a wander around the Foz do Douro puts you at the heart of Porto’s upscale nightlife scene.

drinking port with view of porto

A wine and port lover’s guide to Porto

Second only to France’s champagne region (in terms of history and provenance) Porto is a wine lover’s haven. Porto wine flows freely in the city’s restaurants, wineries fling open their doors for tastings and tours and the Duoro Valley wine region’s right on your doorstep. The birthplace of port is as awash with history as is it is full-bodied vintages. We’ve taken a look at the best places to buy port in Porto, where the port tours take you and handpicked the best wineries in Porto for you. All that’s left for you to do? Raise a glass or two during your stay in the city. 

Porto Zenith Restaurant

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Porto

It doesn’t matter whether Michelin stars or quick and tasty bites get your mouth watering. In Porto, food options are bountiful. And, they do stray into quirky on occasion too. The travel essentials are, of course, there as well. Sea views, breakfasts that fulfil your entire daily calorie allowance and spots you’ll long to return to long after you’ve left. We’ve given the Porto food scene a taste check and picked out dining destinations you’ll want to have on your radar…