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Los Angeles

Los Angeles isn’t a city you can sum up in a paragraph or two. Home to Hollywood stars, tech giants and go-getters looking to make it big, this city might not sleep – but it’s awash with dreams. You’ll be expecting a heavily caffeinated and wellness-fuelled couple of weeks then? Not necessarily. Disneyland sprinkles its unique brand of sugar-coated fun over LA, spawning a crop of theme parks trying to outdo each other in the coaster and junk food stakes, but it’s not all about the Mickey Mouse ears in Cali.

From one set of fairytale worlds to another – Hollywood’s influence looms large. Studios and guest lists all at once try to reel you in or ensure you’re kept away. Luckily, there’s a very welcoming nightlife that caters to just about every niche imaginable. Fancy downing shots in a Beetlejuice-themed bar? You’re in the right city. Shoppers, karaoke fans, golfers, foodies, cinephiles – LA is your mecca. And, that in itself is a thrill ride unmatched in the parks. Need a little downtime? Los Angeles has some cracking canyons and parks to run through. And the beaches? In a city obsessed with aesthetics, you’d better brace yourself for some stunning sands.

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Top 7 things to do in Los Angeles

Picking out just seven things to do in Los Angeles was tough going. Even when you curate out the slightly meh and the oh so obvious, you’re still left with a hotlist that runs into the triple digits. So, we’ll admit to being a smidge crafty. We’ve stuffed our seven picks with more than a few extras to fuel your LA lust. This is a city where you can do just about anything, eat everything, see everyone and find a lifetime worth of experiences around every corner. So do romp through this guide for some inspo. But the best way to work out what to do in Los Angeles? Explore your travel socks off.

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A guide to Los Angeles’ best theme parks

As the home to the original Walt Disney World – Los Angeles isn’t short of a rollercoaster or two. Even the water parks get in on the action thanks to hydromagnetic technology. Yes, Walt’s first park hits all the right notes for a fun family day out, but it’s always going to appeal more to younger visitors. For families travelling with tweens and up, Universal Studios is the Los Angeles answer to your holiday boredom prayers. Elsewhere? There are theme parks taking a rather different route to appeal to your sense of adventure…

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Shop til you drop in Los Angeles

Have you ever REALLY shopped if you haven’t been to the Grove Mall in Los Angeles? Possibly not. It throws every fear you ever had about malls out the window and ushers in a shopping experience that urban planners the world over could take a note or two from. Of course, Rodeo Drive is the ultimate street for the Los Angeles shopping experience we’ve seen on the big screen. But you knew that already. So we’ve handpicked some Los Angeles shopping essentials for you, including a few famous brands that get name-dropped across US pop culture. You know you’re just a little bit curious to see what they have in store…

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After dark: A guide to nightlife in Los Angeles

Pinning down the hottest bars in Los Angeles is trickier than the speediest game of whack-a-mole. Just as one sultry joint pops up on the A-list map, another quirky, hyped and ever-so fancy after-dark haunt springs up to take its place. Good news then for those that like their Los Angeles nightlife a little shaken AND stirred. Bad news for those of us trying to pick THE place to hangout during a visit to the city. Best advice? Drop into the LA nightlife stalwarts that have stayed the distance…

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Breakfast lunch & dinner in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ restaurants are NOT holding back, are they? For all the stereotypical images of LA’s calorie-lite meals, wheatgrass shots and endless salads, this city sure likes to EAT. Picking just a handful of addresses from the best restaurants in Los Angeles is bound to overlook some serious contenders. Best then, to think of our Los Angeles food rundown as tastebud-tempting inspo. A little snack to muse on during the plane ride. A day or two’s table bookings to really get you into your foodie stride. Go global, go for those extra sides and, if you can find it, order a Mexican Coke, over a US one. The devil’s in the details in this city.

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Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way, shall we? The Big 5 is what most of us are all looking for when we tip-tap Kenya into our browsers. And, we’ll not get in your way. Awe-inspiring, emotive, captivating. A holiday to Kenya would be almost empty without those big, big sightings. But that does rather belittle the magic of watching a herd of zebra graze or a pack of hyenas pick over an abandoned meal. The wildlife to see in this country borders on the ridiculous. So please. Do check out the 90 other mammals that trot nimbly between the hills and plains. And the 500+ species of bird are worth a look. As is the marine life, if you find yourself on the coast.

And, to be frank, you really should try to get there. For decades, there’s been a steady stream of visitors to Kenya’s beaches. And yet, few sought fit to notify travellers in the UK of just how marvellous those beaches are. Consider this YOUR notification. Ignore it at your travel peril. Hiking, hot-air ballooning, horse-riding, boating on lakes. All champion options on any trip – in Kenya, it’s just another way to spot the wildlife.

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Top 10 things to do in Kenya

It may come as a surprise, but there are things to do in Kenya that don’t involve animals. Though, admittedly, some of the best activities are a smidge wildlife-centric. We’ve picked out ten of Kenya’s best bits for a little inspo that goes beyond bumping across the plains in a 4×4 in search of wildebeest. We’re getting you closer to Kenya’s animals – in THE best way. Steering you towards cultural highlights and suggesting you hike a trail or two…

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The ultimate Kenya safari guide

A Kenya safari is right up there on everyone’s travel must do list. But with the Big 5 prowling the savannahs, dry and rainy seasons to navigate and over 40 national parks to choose from, booking it can be a bit bewildering. Which is where we come in. Sharing our intel on what to expect, where and when to safari and a few options you might not have though of, we’re making booking your Kenya safari holidays that little bit easier…

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8 facts about Kenya you probably didn’t know

Kenya facts come at you hard and fast the minute you step off the plane. The focus is usually on wildlife stats, weather seasons, migration paths and everything you might want to know if you’re in the market for a safari. All worthy contenders but there’s also room for some fun facts about Kenya, that take you away from the bumpy 4×4 worn tracks. We’ve rounded up some interesting facts that you’re unlikely to have snuffled out before. Though, even we couldn’t resist adding in a fact or two about Kenya’s animal kingdom.