View of the Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral in Sofia at night


There are very few cities that dominate their country in the way Sofia does. With nearly a fifth of the national population based in the sprawling capital, it’s unsurprising that Bulgaria’s biggest settlement is also home to the premiere cultural touchstones of the country. The city itself has nearly ten millennia of history running through its streets, thanks mostly to its location between the Black and Adriatic Seas which made it an excellent trading post from the Roman era onwards.
While the city is ancient, the culture is anything but. Sofia is home to a buzzing bar scene, chic restaurants, and is the artistic heart of Bulgaria. Demographics-wise it’s also a young city, so the fun carries on all night if you’re a big partier looking for somewhere to cut loose. It’s also got something for the intrepid types as it’s surrounded by mountains replete with wonderful hiking trails.

go kart racing in sofia

Stags on tour: the ultimate stag do in Sofia

Eastern Europe has long been a firm favourite for stags, and Sofia is another excellent city in the region to have your ‘last hurrah’. A Sofia stag do can have a little bit of everything, from adrenaline pumping physical activities to well-priced beer-tasting tours that somehow end up with a 4am, strobe-light finish. If you’re a best man looking for the perfect place to send off your groom or the lucky man himself looking for some cool ideas, then read ahead for our guide to the ultimate Sofia stag do.

dj playing at a club in sofia

After dark: A guide to nightlife in Sofia

Whether you’re a raver who loves a bit of drum and bass or prefer to scream out bubblegum pop classics, the Sofia nightlife scene has you covered. This vibrant city is known for its great parties, from late-night clubs to raves in the forests that surround the city, and big DJ sets in abandoned warehouses. Even if you’re more of a pub and bar kind of person, there’s more than enough choice so you won’t feel undersold – downtown, there’s a bar about every 100m. If you’re ready to party the night away in Bulgaria, then read ahead for our guide to Sofia nightlife.

traditional restaurant in Sofia

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Sofia

Like many Balkan countries, Bulgarian cuisine has all sorts of influences, from Middle Eastern to Italian to East Asian (the latter thanks to its history as a trading post). When you combine this with Sofia’s cosmopolitan nature and international pull, you get a wealth of excellent places to grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the city. Whether you’re loading up on carbs for a big day of sightseeing or celebrating something in the evening with a nice dinner, then read ahead for our guide to the best restaurants in Bulgaria, any time of the day.

national history museum in Sofia

Top 10 things to do in Sofia 

When it comes to things to do in Sofia, the list is truly endless. There’s been settlements in this region for millennia, so in terms of architecture, culture, and history, there aren’t many better places in the world for sightseeing and soaking in the past. When you combine this with Sofia’s young population and how rapidly its modernised since the early nineties, there really is something for everyone. If you’re trying to plan your Bulgarian holiday and want some tips then look no further: this is our list of the top ten things to do in Sofia.

View of the main facade of the Sofia History Museum

The ultimate guide to spending two days in Sofia 

A modern, thriving city with an ancient past, Sofia is an ideal weekend getaway for a number of reasons. From good public transport to a fairly walkable historic centre, and surrounding mountains and forests, there really isn’t much you can’t do in the vicinity of Bulgaria’s capital. If you only have 2 days in Sofia it might all seem a bit daunting, but we’ve queued and ambled and stared at as many attractions as we could, all to make sure we can bring you the ultimate guide for a weekend in Sofia.