Hagia Sophia Museum & Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul


Don’t judge us for telling you to ‘travel back in time’ on Krakow’s streets. This is a city where you can easily go back to its medieval roots for a weekend – and work forward from there. Feast on pork knuckles soaked in ale in a beer hall. Wander the cobbles into a sailing tavern – albeit far from shore. Or head underground to see where Krakow’s traders used to sell their wares. The fact the below ground attraction comes with futuristic holograms and laser shows might tempt even the most history-phobic among us to take a peek.

Away from the history? Well, it’s actually tricky to move away from it at all. In THE best way. The most futuristic building in Krakow is the contemporary art museum, but even they are digging back into the decades to curate Polish art’s history. Embrace this city’s past, even the worst of it. Take a stroll through the now romantic streets of the Kazimierz to see how the former Jewish quarter has regenerated from the horrors of WWII. Or head out of Krakow – just for a while – to see the artistic endeavours in the area’s salt mine. You’ll not look at a chandelier in the same way again. Stepping back in time needn’t be boring and fusty, and Krakow proves that time and again.

Traditional Turkish Hammam

A guide to a Turkish Hammam experience

If you’re looking to discover some of the best traditions of Turkey in Istanbul, the city has you covered. A traditional Hammam, or Turkish Bath, is one of the most relaxing and culturally relevant things to tick off the bucket list when visiting Turkey, and Istanbul is probably the best place to indulge. There are a wide variety of styles and buildings, but generally, they all do the same thing, and you’ll definitely come out squeaky clean. If you’re keen to start your ablutions, or just want to try something new, then read ahead for our guide to the best Hammams in Istanbul.

view of the coast of princes island near istanbul

Top 5 things to do in Istanbul 

So many chapters of history have unfolded in Istanbul that it’s almost impossible to list the most important cultural and historical sites in the city. And that’s just for people interested in that sort of thing: beach lovers, foodies, and the intrepid will also have tonnes of other Istanbul tourist attractions they want to visit while holidaying in this gorgeous city, meaning any trip here is likely to be jam-packed.

fine dining istanbul

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Istanbul

With a long history as a centre of hospitality, it’s no surprise Istanbul has a thriving culinary scene. The largest city in Turkey is home to everything from white-clothed, Michelin starred restaurants that require booking a month in advance, to tiny stalls in residential neighbourhoods that will serve the best baklava you’ve ever tasted. If there was ever a city to eat and drink your way around, it’s this one.

Shopping in the Grand Bazar in Istanbul

The ultimate guide to shopping in Istanbul 

Shopping in Istanbul is an experience in itself. The city is the fashion and economic capital of Turkey, and as such there are tonnes of different places to indulge in a bit of retail therapy, from modern malls to the centuries-old Grand Bazaar in the Fatih district. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to splash your hard-earned holiday cash, then you’re in luck. If you’re a thriftier shopper then you’re covered too: there are plenty of deals available to scoop up in this magnificent city. You just need to know where to look.

Morning view of Amalfi cityscape on coast line of mediterranean sea, Italy


Salty sea air, lemon-scented breezes and a coastline of pastel-hued homes teetering right on the sea edge. The stuff of fairytales, the Amalfi Coast would be ever so relaxing – if it weren’t for the electrifying thrill of seeing it all from the hairpin bends that weave you along this glorious stretch of Italian ocean front. This is the location to live the A-list life – right alongside the very A-listers you may, or may not, aspire to emulate. Snack on mussels in a beach front restaurant accessible only by boat or island hop to streets filled with couture, diamonds and accessories vendors. Head into the hills and you can learn to cook from a chef that once rustled up a plate of pasta for Humphrey Bogart. We mention the hills, because the terraced lemon groves are all too overlooked. In between the citrus trees lie family estates growing grapes you’ll not find elsewhere – and farm-to-table organic growers bringing the food miles down to zero.

Yes, the coral-coloured homes and UNESCO listed streets on the coast are stunning, but you’ll want to hop in a boat occasionally too. Helm your own motorboat or charter a catamaran to see the cliffs from the coast. You’ll be all the more enamoured with possibly one of the most romantic places on earth.

restaurant with sea view amalfi coast

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on the Amalfi Coast

It’s tempting to make a bee line for the Amalfi Coast restaurants that come with a view of that much photographed coastline. But nip inland for a meal or two and you’ll be treated to valley views that take in the region’s mountains and trees. Zero food mile meals might be a rarity elsewhere. In the best restaurants on the Amalfi Coast? It’s almost unthinkable not to be growing a little something on the surrounding land. Which all sounds a little too wholesome and organic for those of us with a sweet tooth. Fear not, there’s an award-winning pastry chef filling an unreasonably large chiller with Italian pastries that’ll make you beam.

honeymoon beach amalfi coast

Honeymooning on the Amalfi Coast

Newlyweds, you could book your Amalfi Coast honeymoon in almost any spot on this coastline and find yourself in a sea of Italian romance, a whirlwind of gourmet eats and opportunities for hand-in-hand strolls. But the best Amalfi Coast honeymoons come with a little research, a little local intel and some handpicked places to elevate your trip a notch or two above an ordinary stay. We’ve picked out some Amalfi Coast gems for your honeymoon inspo…

one of the best towns on the amalfi coast

The A-Z of the Amalfi Coast’s best towns

Don’t get swept up in the crowds flocking to the larger Amalfi Coast towns. Yes, they’re some of the best in the business when it comes to sea views and chic cobbled streets – but they all have smaller, equally charming equivalents just a short drive – or boat trip, away. We’ve handpicked the Amalfi Coast’s best places for Italian architecture, fishing history, gourmet eats and hilltop places to swerve the crowds.