Duomo Cathedral Square, Milan, Italy.


Being fashion-forward and first to the hottest new trends attracts a certain crowd to Milan. To say they’re cosmopolitan, bustling and keen to snack on sushi would be a sweeping generalisation, but you’ll see why when you hit the streets. Asian gastro-influences have snuck into menus from brunch ’til midnight – this is a city that likes to eat late. And cocktails, craft beers and botanicals are edging out Italy’s Soave on the drinks menu. Though, so far, the galleries are clinging onto their masterpieces by the greats. You can, of course, hop on a walking tour of the city to take in works by the next generation of celebrated artists, though these tend to be spray painted rather than crafted from oils and watercolours.

Though, let’s not forget, Leonardo da Vinci’s most memorable piece was daubed on a wall rather than a canvas, so there’s something historic to be found in the murals too. Straying away from Milan’s art and food for a moment, though, really, why would you want to? Bring your deepest pockets for a revamp of your entire wardrobe. There’s a wealth of aperitivo options waiting to revive you, if not your wallet, when the shops close.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Shop til you drop in Milan

Can you visit one of the world’s major fashion hubs without doing a little shopping? That’ll be a no from us. Milan’s shopping centres take the shopping experience up a notch or two with huge, historic and architectural shopping arcades, department stores that scale up ten storeys and award-winning outlet stores. Everything from haute couture to international brands can be found on these streets. And, if malls, big brand bargains and designer pieces don’t fill you with retail joy, there’s an excellent recycled and vintage scene to stroll among too.

pizza restaurant milan

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Milan 

You’d expect Milan restaurants to come with a blend of style and sophistication baked in. We are, after all, mingling with European fashionistas, business magnates and urban go-getters in this city. What you’d likely not expect is a wok full of chilli spiced sea bream at brunch, sushi to sit alongside Italian classics or a live game (based on a Netflix hit) to liven up dinner a little. All bets are firmly off in this art-laden metropolis that serves up anything but the expected. Except when it comes to pizza. Milan takes this noble foodstuff seriously indeed.

milan canal

A sightseeing tour of Milan

Milan’s cathedral is the starting point for most, if not all sightseeing tours. And, of course, we’ve listed it here. But this city has more than just its glorious duomo to feast your eyes upon. Milan’s opera house and museums allow you to really dig deep into the city’s culture. Though sculpture, of all kinds, can be found across the city – from the financial district to parks and castle walls. Artistry of a different kind plays out in Milan’s football stadium every weekend and a stroll along the Naviglio Grande is the place to reflect on it all.

secret bar in milan

After dark: A guide to nightlife in Milan

In Milan, bars in every district are waiting to tempt you. From the early evening aperitivo to late, late nights on the dance floor in the city’s hottest clubs, there’s a Milan nightlife scene for everyone. Hidden cocktail joints are perfect for those looking for something a little … different. Bars stocked with over 100 gins cater to distillery aficionados looking for a botanical they’ve yet to try. And simple cafes and craft beer joints offer a middle ground for anyone hoping to drink with the local Milanese crowd on a casual evening out.

opera house milan

Top 10 things to do in Milan

We don’t need to tell you to add Duomo di Milano to your things to do in Milan list. You’ll already have your top ten all picked out. Instead, we’ll clue you in to what to do in Milan when you’ve ticked off your must sees. You’ll need to know where to grab the best pizza for an on-brand Milanese refuel between sights, which cafe was designed by Wes Andersen and which day it’s best to drop in on the bustling banks of the Naviglio Grande Canal.