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Kos restaurants don’t begin and end with charming Greek tavernas. They are still steadily serving up traditional Greek recipes, but the menus are looking a little more eclectic these days. Dinner in Kos can be anything from a hurried souvlaki before the clubs open to a delicate and ultimately decadent fine dining experience.  

And, Kos town restaurants aren’t always found perched on the coast’s edge. Here, it pays to venture inland for well-loved restaurants serving up much more than delicious food. Lovely staff and ambience goes a long way to improving just about any meal. That said, a sparkling view doesn’t hurt. 


The Cup

There’s a time for delicious food. And, occasionally, that time isn’t breakfast. This is coffee hour. And, if the Kos clubs have anything to do with it, make that coffee as strong as you dare. Yes, you can pick up a snack at The Cup – but the focus here is on the beans. And when you taste the coffee? You wouldnt want it any other way. Cold brew, espresso, latte, double espresso – they’ll serve it any which way you like. Perhaps even with a tasteful piece of latte art on top.

Menu-wise, you’re looking at ciabatta – with various fillings. Croissant – with various fillings. And the toast? Well, we think you can guess where we end up there. We do like a place that keeps things simple. And The Cup does just that. Perfect for mornings when you just need caffeine and carbs. 

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kos marina cafe
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Marina Cafe

Up with the larks and looking for a decadent breakfast overlooking the marina? Skip along to the cleverly titled Marina Cafe. Serving up smoked salmon scrambled eggs alongside a decent helping of aspirational living, this is the spot to dream a morning away imagining how you’d spend lottery winnings. If boats, masts and hulls don’t do it for you, it’s still worth popping in for breakfast.

The prices are reasonable – especially given the setting. Delicious food served al fresco is always a win. Though, be warned, the renegades here certainly do like to dabble with the Full English rules. Wilted rocket, and balsamic drizzled tomatoes with your bacon, eggs and toast? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. 

Orbzii tip: This makes a great spot to refuel after scuba diving in Kos’ clear waters. 



If we were doling out best restaurant on the island awards, Lofaki would take the trophy for best view. Choose a table wisely and youll be lunching overlooking Kos Town, the ocean and – on a clear day – Turkeys coastline. Happily, this hilltop gem also serves delicious traditional Greek cuisine – with a creative twist. The grilled shrimps with a zesty lemon vinaigrette was the stand out dish for us. Light and summery – it perfectly matched the mid day vibe. Our only criticism? Vegetarians might struggle to pick their way through the meat and seafoodladen menu. 

Orbzii tip: For a romantic dinner, the sunsets at Lofaki blend into a twinkling light peppered skyline. Do pop back if youve enjoyed lunch here. 

kos lofaki restaurant
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aiglikos kos


We can’t champion Aiglikos enough. We’ll get to the menu in moment, but first let’s talk money. All profits here are invested in creating new jobs for local women. It’s Kos’ first social cooperative and so far it’s going great. 

Although the online menu is made up of photos of the dishes, which would normally steer us awayAiglikos’ mission is to promote local gastronomy which means you’re essentially sitting down to some hearty, home-cooked fare and traditional recipes. We plumped for lunch, but breakfast looked tempting too. Pro-tip: try the pies.   


Broadway - inc vegan dishes

Were all quite familiar with Greek fare. So much so, that a moussaka could seem a bit meh. Not at Broadway. They have elevated way above Greek taverna status to become a fine dining must book. Bold, but fair we think. For a start, there is no moussaka. There is however a sumptuous lamb dish nicely accompanied with a celery root puree, black garlic and … greek coffee. Youll find it in the creative’ section of the menu.

The big plus of Broadway? The menu includes everyone. Which means vegans, veggies and gluten-free diners can all experience delicious food together. The very essential part of a standout dining experience is being able to share it. With so few vegan options on the island, it looks like Broadway could see a queue of plant-based eaters at their door.  

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Orbzii tip: If, along with veggies, vegans and dietary different people, youve got a fussy eater in your party, fear not. Broadway have a simple section that ditches the Greek fare and just slings the simple stuff. Think steak, burger and chips or a simple sea bass. 

kos nick fisherman

Nick the Fisherman

This is a Kos restaurant that needs no website, no Instagram and certainly no social media presence. As favoured by locals as it is tourists, Nick the Fisherman is certainly doing well for himself. So why go? Put simply, this place serves seafood simply. Just about every fresh catch you can imagine. From steamed mussels to grilled sea bass with a few garlic butter based prawn dishes in between.

Sides are merely salads, the decor’s suitably sea-themed and evenings descend into dancing after you’ve downed enough house wine. Nick’s opening hours – from lunchtime until the last guest leaves – makes it hard to choose between lunch or dinner here. But the shout is to just go. Dine at any time of day and you’ll eat well. 


Special Bakery

If you’ve gone all-in on the hotel breakfast buffet and just need a snack to see you through your Kos itinerary, drop in to the Special Bakery. Baked goods, sandwiches, ice creams, baklava, cakes, traditional Greek pastries – you name it, they bake it. Really, when you see their offerings of buttery, doughy goodness you might want to schedule a full meal or pick up a picnic to go here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

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Weve lined up some stellar holiday dining for you, so it only seems right that we point you towards the Orbzii app too. Pop it on your phone and you can plan and book the ultimate foodie escape to Kos