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If we were to make a sweeping statement about Kos nightlife, it would probably include the word lively. But, liberally doling out travel platitudes isn’t our thing. Yes, there’s a tendency for nights around Kos harbour to sway towards the dance and club scene, but if your Kos itinerary is shaping up to be a chilled fortnight on this Greek beauty? Don’t worry. There are sophisticated spots to sip elegantly on a sugar encrusted glass too. Pubs, clubs, bars and chic cocktail nooks can all be found.

The best part? We’ve rounded up a few of the best for your perusal. 

The best clubs in Kos

Despite the island’s party-hard reputation, you won’t find any super clubs on Kos. That said, there are many party venues that bring club vibes and somehow manage to straddle the line between a club and bar. Expect dancing on the tables, dancing in the streets – and in Kardamena, there’s even a dance floor for you to strut your stuff on. 

Camel Bar

It’s fair to say, Camel Bar is a Kos nightlife destination for young people. One of the most famous clubs on Bar Street, often attracting a very specific crowd. Dutch visitors looking to drink and dance the night away come here in their thousands over the course of a summer. Definitely a loud and proud disco bar, where the party carries on late into the night. A big part of the Kos clubbing scene, though we wouldn’t perhaps rank it among the best Kos clubs. 

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West Bar

Another Bar Street club looking to claim the most popular Kos club title, is West Bar. Part bar, part club – it doesn’t really matter what you class it as, it’s got music, dancing, drinks and a great atmosphere. 

Glug your drinks from a fishbowl, have a crack at the beer pong and enjoy a slight Scandi vibe to the night. You’ll find it at the heart of Bar Street – where the quality of bars and clubs really does range. West Bar is pure fun and doesn’t pretend to be anything more.  


You’d be forgiven for thinking that on the island of Kos, all nightlife begins and ends in Kos Town. Not so. If you’re staying on the south of the island, Kardamena’s got a fairly sizeable rep too. In terms of clubs, it has to be Downtown. Decent DJs, and a small but workable dance floor puts this definitely into club territory – as opposed to the Bar Street bars that bring the club vibe, but never quite get into true club status.

Downtown is a world away from anything Ibiza can muster, but on an island with few clubs to choose from? We pick this one. 


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The best bars in Kos

Yes, things do get a little wild on Bar Street. But don’t judge Kos nightlife by that one stretch of bars alone. If we could describe the bar scene here in one word? Eclectic. Chilled out beer gardens, music filled pubs and sophisticated cocktail bars all coexist in the Kos nightlife ecosystem.  

Zero Cafe Bar

If shots and fish bowls really aren’t for you, Zero Cafe Bar could be your craft ale haven. This alternative option bar is located in the popular Kos Harbour area, near to Kos nightlife staples such as Camel Bar and West Bar. But expect a very different vibe here. Take to the garden for a chilled vibe and the chance to taste your way through the local craft beer scene.

Greek ales feature heavily – but there are a few tasty imports too. All the usual suspects, such as ciders, lagers and spirits feature in the well-stocked bar. They also have a small cocktail menu, if you do happen to fancy switching things up a little. 

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Stone Roses Bar

If you’re in Kardamena and the heady heights of Downtown’s dancefloor are a little too much, drop into the Stone Roses Bar. We’re going to start with the basics here. Because, especially on Kos, it’s all too easy for them to be skipped in favour of fishbowls and shots.

Here, you’ve got friendly staff, a solid drinks menu – and perhaps the rarest of gems – clean bathrooms. Add in great music, a rec room that’s just as likely to appeal to adults as it is kids – and this bar ticks all the boxes. If that’s not enough, there’s a top notch gyro kiosk a few minutes stroll away… 


If the raucous all-out partying in Bar Street leaves you looking for something more sophisticated, head straight for H2O. This bar and restaurant sits within the Kos Aktis Art Hotel – but really, we see it as more of a cocktail bar. Yes, you can get a bite to eat, but it didn’t quite make our pick of the best restaurants in Kos. The cocktail menu looks small – but it’s deceiving.

It’s peppered with the classics – alongside some hidden bartender’s specials. The bar also does a nice line in mocktails and soft drinks. The wine list is extensive and there’s even the opportunity to sample a local beer. What really makes this place is the ambience and the views. Sophistication served in a perfectly chilled city centre setting. 

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Events and parties

If you’re putting together your Kos itinerary and think it’s lacking a certain something – you might have missed off one of the island’s legendary parties. From annual shindigs to monthly events – there’s one big party waiting to welcome all. All you have to do to be in on the action? Time your visit just right… 


Every year, some of Kos’ biggest nightlife players get together to organise Summerstar. The event? Five weekly electronic music parties that land during Kos’ peak summer season. International DJs jet in, EDM fans flock from all over Europe and the party rages on for almost 24 hours.

Expect foam, laser lights, confetti canons and every ingredient you’ll need to make this a day and night to remember. Once you know this summer essential is backed by non other than Camel Bar, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s to come. 

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Full Moon Party

Once a month the Mylos Beach bar hosts its legendary Full Moon Parties. Where, for one day a month, Lambi Beach becomes the go-to destination for Kos’ biggest beach party. Ordinarily Mylos Beach Bar is a laid back spot to enjoy a cocktail – and perhaps dinner – on the sands. But the beach parties keep the beach dancing until dawn. Though things never really match the energy at Summerstar, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Toning things down a notch allows for a more diverse crowd to join in the fun.

Expect a few famous names from the DJ and live music scene to pitch up. 

Orbzii tip: Lambi Beach is one of the best beaches in Kos. By all means drop by the Mylos Beach Bar at night – but do make sure to nip back in the day time too. Packed with facilities, it’s hard to pick other beaches over this one. And if the beach and water life is your thing, be sure to check out our diving in Kos guide.

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