It’s beyond baffling that Lanzarote paints itself into a fly and flop corner. Yes, there are resorts across the island just waiting to pamper you into a fortnight of sun-soaked bliss. But really, where’s the fun in that? Especially when you find out what’s going on just beyond the hotel boundary. Food is being thermo-dynamically grilled by volcanic heat, surfers are tackling championship level waves and Europe’s largest underwater museum lies temptingly near on the coast. On some beaches, there’s a devil-may-care attitude to clothing – on others, divers are clad head to toe in dive gear in search of critically-endangered angel sharks. Luckily for them, Lanzarote is the shark’s favoured stomping grounds. Luckily for us, angel sharks don’t see us as anything more than a passerby in their underwater world. Which, in Lanzarote, is full of wrecks, walls and tunnels full of mesmerising sea creatures.

On land, the natural – and stunning, volcanic architecture has been masterfully made the most of by César Manrique. You’ll hear a lot about him during your stay – and it pays to track down some, if not all, of his work here. Whatever you do, explore. In Lanzarote you’ll find far more than you ever expected.

dinner in lanzarote with a sea view

Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Lanzarote

It’s a little too simple to say that the best restaurants in Lanzarote are the ones who cater to anything other than the steak n chips crowd. But there’s a lot to be said for tracking down the passionate chefs creating menus that are a little bit, well … different. In certain streets, the fryers are always in full swing. So, finding a granola bowl or chia pudding feels like more of a triumph than it should. Whatever your stance on chia seeds – we’re still on the fence – there’s a breakfast, lunch and dinner for every diner in Lanzarote. Here’s the pick of the bunch.

divers exploring underwater sculptures in lanzarote

Diving and snorkelling in Lanzarote

Sure, scuba diving in Lanzarote opens up a world of undersea adventures. But here, they do things just a little differently. Europe’s largest underwater museum has been ageing nicely. 300 eco-friendly sculptures have become a living reef that’s accessible to anyone game enough to slip into a wetsuit. Dive sites range from wrecks and lava tubes to walls, caves, reefs and more. Diving in Lanzarote is diverse, chock full of marine life and, happily, the waters are pretty warm too. Oh and if you can’t scuba, but want more than a snorkel, there’s some new tech on the island worth checking out that’s accessible to everyone.

people dancing in night club in lanzarote

After dark: a guide to Lanzarote’s nightlife

Stroll among the island’s Irish pubs, British boozers and neon lit beach front bars for too long and you may wonder if there’s a Lanzarote nightlife spot to suit you. Fear not. This island holds more than a few well kept secrets to woo you out after dark. Bathe in the dreamy sunset hues over cocktails, perch marina-side with seafood and fine wines or take a peek into a film star’s former home. Lanzarote bars are for more than just happy hours and a bit of the craic. The beauty in this island? Nights can be as eclectic and fun-filled as you like.

view of sea and boat at La Graciosa lanzarote

Secrets of Lanzarote’s best beaches and bays

Not everyone wants to roll out a beach towel and bake until sundown. So, rather than get overly involved in the sand grading of the island’s beaches, we’ve dug into what makes the best beaches in Lanzarote worthy of your time. After all, beaches are for surfing, snorkelling, diving, discovering and, occasionally, just ogling at the landscape or sunset. Of course, we’ve dropped in a couple of Lanzarote’s best beach all-rounders as well. Pick and choose, visit the lot or plump for whichever one seems like your absolute coastal heaven…

Cueva de Los Verdes in Lanzarote

Things to do in Lanzarote

Fair warning, discovering just how many Lanzarote attractions there are will ruffle the feathers of anyone hoping for a fortnight of poolside lounging. Volcanic adventures, architectural stunners, beaches with hidden Insta spots and underwater surprises are just a few of the things you’ll find on your ever growing ‘what to do in Lanzarote list’. Which does rather cut into your sunbathing and swimming time. Not to worry, there’s more than one item on our list of Lanzarote attractions where you can do both – and tick off a must see.