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Sri Lanka

An island nation replete with awe-inspiring natural landscapes, endangered species, and some of the best food in the world, it’s no surprise that Sri Lanka makes its way onto so many people’s bucket lists. The landmass has been overlooked in the recent decades thanks to instability, but now in an era of relative peace the tourists are slowly coming back – and rightly so.
The display of flora and fauna is enough of a reason to visit, but there’s also thousands of years of culture running through the island, from the astounding religious history to its strategic location that made it a fascinating marriage of different people and ideas. A vital stop off in the Silk Road, now Sri Lanka is modernising, with a high rating on the Human Development Index and plenty of developing infrastructure so it’s even easier to explore this wonderful land.

buddha statue in mihintale in sri lanka

The cultures and traditions of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a true amalgam of different people and customs in every sense of the word, with a distinct, vibrant culture that encompasses everything from ancient religious practices to the rapid modernisation seen in Colombo and other cities as they move on from the devastation of a civil war. Trying to get to grips with the cultural makeup of the country would require an encyclopaedia’s worth of reading, but if you’re looking for a crash course we’re here to help.

aerial view of stunning Tangalle Beach in sri lanka

The secrets of Sri Lanka’s beaches and bays

As an island nation, Sri Lanka is home to some of the most glorious coastline any beach lover could hope for. The West and South of the island are considered the best places for a day at the seaside, but there are any number of paradisiacal spots you could choose to spend your time in all over the island. However, when it comes to Sri Lanka beaches there are some absolute favourites that cannot be missed. If you’re looking forward to lounging by the ocean and falling asleep to the sound of the waves lapping at the shore, then read ahead for our guide to the best beaches in Sri Lanka.