Pikes retreat

Recover: Wellness retreats in Ibiza

For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. And lo, as Ibiza filled its isle with hedonism and intoxicating cocktail jugs, the wellness retreats sprang forth. Much needed on an island awash with temptation. That said, you must choose wisely. Ibiza retreats range from deeply cleansing journeys to thinly veiled attempts to disguise a party week by applying some yoga to it.

Amsterdam Canal


The city of canals, coffee shops, and the Red-Light district, there’s no time of year when an Amsterdam holiday isn’t worthwhile, whether it’s parading as a winter wonderland or a springtime surprise. Despite the laissez faire attitude to pastimes that other countries have traditionally looked down upon, it’s fair to say the most rebellious thing about Amsterdam is more than just not looking both ways when crossing a bike lane. The aforementioned bicycles seem to make up the lifeblood of the city, and it doesn’t make much sense to get around between the historical sights, parks, and bars any other way (unless, of course, you’ve indulged in a little too much fun, at which point a brisk walk or a taxi ride is the best option).

Cotton beach club

Ibiza’s best beach clubs: do it right

For the uninitiated, picking out the best beach clubs in Ibiza could be a treacherous pursuit. If only it were as simple as popping online, seeing one you like the look of and pitching up. Sure, those day beds look plump – but will they be surrounded by a raucous crowd, a very lively saxophonist or a chilled, yet mature, clientele looking to lounge in silence? Delete as appropriate, depending on your worst nightmare or ideal company.

Amsterdam Food

Three courses, one city: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Amsterdam

The sheer amount of pedalling tourists partake in when visiting Amsterdam, whether it be on a bicycle or a canal boat, means most visitors build up quite the appetite in the Dutch capital. And, if you’re taking it easy, there’s an amazing food scene here that’s worthy of a snoop around for even the most high-end foodie. No matter what you want to eat, whether it be as Dutch as tulips or an international affair, you’ll find excellent establishments throughout the city that cater to your desires. The large number of restaurants, cafes and eateries can be daunting, but we’ve rounded up some of the best.

Vegan in Amsterdam

Eating Vegan in Amsterdam

Going green in the Dutch capital is a longstanding tradition among visitors, but the recent proliferation of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam takes it to a whole new level. Like much of the Western world, plant-based eating has been enjoying a boom in the city in recent years, and the food scene has adapted on an impressive scale. Vegan Amsterdam no longer refers to specialist health shops or boring rice and beans; there’s a whole world of cruelty free delights at your fingertips. Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.


Inked in Amsterdam’s best tattoo shops

Amsterdam is renowned for its tattoo culture, with world famous artists drawn to the Dutch capital because of the great inking scene. If you’ve always wanted some artwork done, or just want to memorialise your trip to the Venice of the North, then there are plenty of options for you in the city. However, there are several unscrupulous studios and artists who are more than willing to take tourist money without offering the service you’d expect for something so personal and permanent. Which is why we’ve filled in the blanks to find the best tattoo shops in Amsterdam, so you’re left with something to be proud of rather than something to regret (please note, most of these parlours will not take walk in appointments, and the ones that do will likely be very busy).

Stags on tour: The ultimate stag do in Amsterdam

A long-time favourite destination for pre-wedding parties, Amsterdam’s blend of quirkiness, fun, and freedom makes it an ideal spot to let loose for one last time. There are plenty of Amsterdam stag ideas, ranging from the commonplace to the absurd, but no matter whether you’re looking for something a little risqué or activities you can bring your grandad along to, you’re sure to find it here. Stags, best men, and those just along for the ride: strap in and take note, because we’re here to tell you about the best stag do ideas in Amsterdam.


Weird and wonderful Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for having quite a laissez faire attitude to, well, most things, and this openness towards the weird and wonderful extends to many of their tourist attractions. Of course, the city isn’t the only place in the world to have a Red-light district or other adult entertainment widely on offer, but there’s definitely a reason it’s seen as such a mecca for the freaky, interesting, and downright bizarre. If you’re keen for something a little different than cycling around parks and strolling down canals, then look no further: we’re here to show you some of the most unusual things to do in Amsterdam.

Rome Cityscape


Look, we understand a visit to Rome necessitates running the gauntlet of ancient sites and tourist hotspots. After all, visiting the Italian capital can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to take in the birthplace of Western culture and civilisation, but Rome is also a living, breathing city with enough attractions and hidden gems to rival anywhere. You can (and should) wander around the Colosseum and throw pennies into the Trevi fountain, but if you’re willing to look past the traditional and venture into the unknown, you’ll find something that speaks to you in a way nothing else has, whether that be a delectable meal, a stunning view, or even the virulent passion of a Lazio Roma game.

Balli Sunset


Stunning sunsets, active volcanoes, and beach parties galore: Bali isn’t a massive island, but it feels like you can do anything in the world here. Although it’s been a holiday hotspot for a couple of decades, the Indonesian island still has enough of the undiscovered for the more intrepid among its millions of visitors. But that’s not all, beach lovers have miles of coastline to lounge on, ranging from the white sands of Kuta to the black landscapes of Echo beach. And then there’s the opportunity to drive through jungles, rice fields, and mountain passes all in one car journey. Bali is as wonderous as it is fun, with enough potential for adventure for even the most ardent of thrill seekers.