wine cellar in Dubrovnik

A wine lover’s guide to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s wine scene? Brimming with rare treats – but mostly kept under wraps. Not because it’s not fit for UK palates – but bottles rarely stray beyond Croatia. Vineyards produce enough to keep the tipple on local tables – but there’s not quite enough for global domination. Which is a long-winded way of saying, you should really indulge in some wine tasting in Dubrovnik.

dubrovnik korcula

The best of Dubrovnik boat trips 

Some people visit Dubrovnik and never find their way to the Adriatic. Shame really. Just a short boat ride away there are uninhabited islands, snorkelling hot spots, underwater caves and nature reserves just chillaxing in the Croatian sun. Some are so close you could almost swim there. Almost.

Cycling in Tenerife

Tenerife on two wheels: The ultimate cyclist’s guide

If news that Tour De France cyclists rate Tenerife ’ s steep gradients as a top training ground gets
you slipping your lycra in your suitcase sharpish, you ’ ll want to check out the routes below first.
With no real flat sections of tarmac, Tenerife cycling will test your fitness and endurance – even on
the beginner routes. That said, we have got a scenic ride for beginners – that ’ s got enough of a
test in it to lure advanced riders considering a ‘ rest ’ day. And we ’ ve looked at ways for you to
tackle Teide – and tackle it you must. It ’ s all about the climbs. And if those hills were good enough
to tempt Sir Wiggins and Team Sky, they’re bound to tempt you.

Lisbon Belem Tower

Three days in Lisbon

Is three days in Lisbon enough? Well, to meet and marry a Portuguese spouse, probably not. To get a decent feel for the city, see a lot of its sights and have a ruddy good city break, absolutely. With its sunny weather (and a helpful breeze in summer), great food, picture-perfect streets and a whole host of unique attractions, Lisbon is prime long weekend material at any time of the year. 

Lisbon aquarium

Lisbon with kids

Lisbon with kids – is it doable? You betcha! Not only is Portugal’s capital happily affordable, it has a warm but breezy climate and plenty of things to do for all ages. Sure, it’s a city full of hills, but there are plenty of kid-friendly ways of getting around – a few of them are even fun. Whether you’re stopping by for a weekend or planning a longer holiday, here’s our guide to planning a memorable family break in sunny Lisbon. 

mauritius flic

Where to stay in Mauritius

What’s your holiday style? Not your ideal holiday persona – the one that’s up at 6 in the gym and only taking fruit from the breakfast buffet. No … to know where to stay in Mauritius, you’ll need to be well acquainted with the real holiday you. On this island, there’s a place for windsurfers, hikers, beach lovers, scuba divers and luxury resort lovers.