For the wanderluster who wants everything at their doorstep but isn’t so keen on spending hours travelling from location to location, there’s no better destination than Vancouver. The Canadian city has an abundance of rare wildlife, some of the most gorgeous mountain scenery and hiking trails on earth, and a thriving cultural scene that can go toe to toe with anything in the Old World. And that’s not mentioning the world class skiing facilities just ninety minutes away.

The great thing about the city is it so seamlessly blends everything you could want, while maintaining a high standard of, well, everything. It’s why you can eat at a world class restaurant on the same day you go whale spotting, or spend an afternoon taking in a serene hiking route and the evening strolling around thriving, historic Gastown. It’s also one of the only cities in the Western world where over half of the residents aren’t native English speakers (hence the varied culinary offerings). Vancouver is a city of extremes, definitely, but one that does them all so well you’ll be wondering why anybody ever leaves.

Munich itinerary

3 Days in Munich

We’ve got a more than eclectic Munich weekend guide all lined up for you. Pick out some top attractions, mix in some quirky gems, dabble with a bit of dark tourism and you’ll be fine. There’s plenty of room for nomadic wandering too.

indoor skydiving munich

Stags on tour: A guide to a Munich stag do

Bavarian beer, bar crawls, beer gardens… A cracking start to a Munich stag do. But, stick to the well-trodden path and your stag night in Munich could become very one note. Luckily, Munich has a diverse entertainment and activity scene. Of course, we’ve handpicked some beer-based experiences to get your stag itinerary underway. But we’ve also dropped in some activities to mix things up, keep your stag group on their toes and deliver a very Munich-centric weekend.

skiing munich

Hit the slopes on the best ski resorts near Munich

Ski resorts near Munich aren’t in short supply. You can be on the slopes in around an hour’s drive from the city centre. Though, could you really describe the BEST ski resorts as being close to Munich? That all depends on how you feel about a 2.5 hour road trip. The smaller resorts close to the city might be fine for a quick gambol on the piste, but for a top notch ski trip we’d recommend making the extra effort. Why? Well, we’ve handily broken things down for you. What to expect, exactly where the best resorts are and crucially, just how tree-lined the slopes are. 

retiro park madrid

Get fit in the best gyms in Madrid

Whether you’re a visitor looking to boost your heartrate and keep your toned shape, or just fancy a bit of physical exertion in the middle of a holiday filled mostly with wine and tapas, then you’re in luck. Here’s our guide to the best ways to get – and keep – fit in Madrid!

madrid best clubs

After dark: Nightlife in Madrid

Madrid is a vibrant, fun-loving, bustling place at any hour of the day, but at night-time the city really comes alive. The nightlife here is legendary, with everything from cool, hipster bars tucked away in ancient alcoves to gigantic super-clubs that rival anything on the continent.