Beauport and St Brelade Bays, Jersey, U.K


There are very few cities that dominate their country in the way Sofia does. With nearly a fifth of the national population based in the sprawling capital, it’s unsurprising that Bulgaria’s biggest settlement is also home to the premiere cultural touchstones of the country. The city itself has nearly ten millennia of history running through its streets, thanks mostly to its location between the Black and Adriatic Seas which made it an excellent trading post from the Roman era onwards.
While the city is ancient, the culture is anything but. Sofia is home to a buzzing bar scene, chic restaurants, and is the artistic heart of Bulgaria. Demographics-wise it’s also a young city, so the fun carries on all night if you’re a big partier looking for somewhere to cut loose. It’s also got something for the intrepid types as it’s surrounded by mountains replete with wonderful hiking trails.

camping at jersey activity centre

Spotlight on: camping in Jersey

In Jersey, camping is rather limited. But before you scurry off to the nearest B&B or boutique hotel, it’s worth taking a peek into the rather swish options that are on offer. Yes, you can pitch your tent or park your caravan in lush green fields, but three of the four sites we’ve covered have a swimming pool. Now we’ve got you slinging your tent pegs in the car quick-sticks, we’ll just take a moment to add that there’s also the opportunity to do a little glamping in Jersey. Which all aligns rather nicely with the gastro scene, gorgeous golf courses and beautiful beaches.

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Breakfast, lunch & dinner in Jersey

The best restaurants in Jersey really should come with a health warning. Embracing the devil may care attitude to calories that’s often adopted by their French neighbours, food stops here are determined to widen your waistline before you leave. Good and hearty British grub is easy to track down, but there’s international flavours in the mix if you’ve eaten more Eton Mess than you’d care to admit to. Gallic influences stray into recipes here and there, but the best meals make use of local produce. Expect oysters, Jersey Royals and enough dairy to almost put you on the lactose intolerance spectrum.

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Tee off on Jersey’s best golf courses

Jersey golf courses really do make the most of their island location. A little too much at times. All the 18 hole tracks are right beside the sea – which means your links game really needs to be on point. There are parkland style holes to be found – along with 9 hole courses that will test your skills just as much as your patience. Handily, Golf, Jersey and holiday activities go hand-in-hand in some resorts. Which means you can trot off for a game while your travel companions are having just as much fun nearby.

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Secrets of Jersey’s beaches and bays

We’re not going to mess around, the best beaches in Jersey need to be seen, experienced, swam along and sunbathed on. No ifs, no buts. They are, without exception, coves carved from cliff-sides over millennia to create havens for surfers, sand lovers and inquisitive types who can’t resist clambering over rocks or wandering into a sea cave. By day, the sun-soaked waters cover underwater worlds well-stocked with marine life. At night, exposed sands reveal an island secret even the most knowledgeable locals have yet to discover. We’ve spilt the beans on Jersey’s beaches so you can pick out your favourite…

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Top 10 things to do in Jersey

Will you add ‘getting a tattoo in Nigel Mansell’s garage’ to your list of things to do in Jersey? Possibly not, depending on how inked you already are. But just knowing it’s possible adds a certain frisson to this cheeky little Channel Island. Add in SUP yoga sessions, rib rides to tropical-looking islands and chance encounters with an island legend and Jersey’s shaping up to be an adventure-ridden delight. Of course, there are more measured moments in our what to do in Jersey run down, but we all need a little balance here and there. Especially during that SUP yoga class…